Vernetzung-Kurse und -Spezialisierungen vermitteln u.a. Netzwerkadministration, -architektur, -infrastruktur und Fehlerbehebung. Fassen Sie Fuß in der IT-Branche, indem Sie anwendbare Networking-Fähigkeiten erwerben.

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  • A computer network is an interconnection of multiple devices that send and receive data to each other using network protocols. Devices in a network typically include computers, mobile devices, hard drives and other storage media, peripheral devices like printers and scanners, and the routers, switches, bridges, and hubs that tie them all together.

    These devices may be connected according to different network topologies that describe the pattern of their organization, such as daisy chain, mesh, or tree. Another important characteristic of a network is whether it is a private, closed network or whether it connects to the internet.