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  • Health literacy isn’t just for doctors going to medical school. Health is an extraordinarily complex topic, including not only the treatment of illness for individuals but also the links between individual wellness and society. This includes the availability of health services, safety of the built environment, emissions of pollution and toxins, and other factors. Improving the wellness of people and the communities in which they live is thus the work of professionals across a variety of fields, including medicine, public policy, engineering and design, social science, safety research, and more.

    For this and other reasons, health is a major growth industry, with a wide range of job opportunities. Some major factors driving growth in health jobs are rising life expectancy and incomes in countries around the world. This increases demand and expectations for quality healthcare. And as we gain more and more data on the connections between lifestyle choices, external factors, and health outcomes, new opportunities are emerging at the intersection of healthcare and technology - or “healthtech” - to come up with innovative new approaches to improving wellness.