Online Resources for Teachers: Onwards and Upwards

Online Resources for Teachers: Onwards and Upwards

Recommendations from an EFL/ESL Teacher

These courses have been hand-picked for their ability to inspire excellent teaching.

Here’s why Maryam recommends these courses.

Learning How to Learn for Youth is the “youth” version of the most popular MOOC of all time. You may be interested in taking this course and recommending it to your students. Everyone will benefit from studying the keys to becoming a successful learner.

The Teacher’s Social and Emotional Learning walks you through the fundamentals of the SEL programs. You'll examine your sense of wonder and reverence for teaching. It makes you think profoundly about decisive teaching concepts such as grit and growth mindset.

Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Web 2.0 Tools highlights the importance of Web 2.0 tools in educational contexts. You’ll learn various ways of engaging students effectively with the new technology.

Copyright for Educators & Librarians makes you familiar with copyright ownership through useful examples. It discusses both online and in-class scenarios with a focus on U.S. copyright law.

Introduction to Psychology covers a number of key psychological theories and findings on the structure of language, language processing, cognition, attention, social emotions, etc.

Have you ever wondered how to give psychological first aid to a student, colleague, or other member of your community? Psychological First Aid teaches you how to do it effectively with the help of the RAPID model.

Achieving Your Optimal Performance gives you valuable insights into your career development journey. You'll learn how to apply models of self-discovery, and you’ll develop your own optimal performance action plan.

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