Alexander Guschin

Visiting lecturer at HSE, Lecturer at MIPT


Alexander Guschin is a Lecturer at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He began his journey in data science by participating in Kaggle competitions with fellow students. His highest overall rank at Kaggle is 5th. Now Alexander teaches practical courses in competitive Data Science and works as Data Analyst in Yandex.

Top positions in international data analysis competitions.

12th/1528 teams on Driver Telematics Analysis - Using telematic data to identify a driver signature,

12th/375 teams on Tradeshift Text Classification - Classifying text blocks in documents,

11th/1972 teams on Data Science Bowl 2017 - Identifying lung cancer with computed tomography,

10th/203 teams on Learning Social Circles in Networks - Modeling friend memberships to multiple circles,

4th/130 teams on From Fog Nets to Neural Nets,

3rd/2226 teams on Springleaf Marketing Response - Determining whether to send a direct mail piece to a customer,

2nd/104 teams on Countable Care - Modeling women’s health care decisions,

2nd/3514 teams on Otto Group Product Classification Challenge - Classifying products into the correct category,

1st/673 teams on Flavours of Physics - Identifying a rare decay phenomenon,

1st/1047 teams on Walmart Recruiting: Trip Type Classification - Using market basket analysis to classify shopping trips,

1st/143 teams in MIPT team on DataScienceGame 2016,