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You've learned the basic algorithms now and are ready to step into the area of more complex problems and algorithms to solve them. Advanced algorithms build upon basic ones and use new ideas. We will start with networks flows which are used in more typical applications such as optimal matchings, finding disjoint paths and flight scheduling as well as more surprising ones like image segmentation in computer vision. We then proceed to linear programming with applications in optimizing budget allocation, portfolio optimization, finding the cheapest diet satisfying all requirements and many others. Next we discuss inherently hard problems for which no exact good solutions are known (and not likely to be found) and how to solve them in practice. We finish with a soft introduction to streaming algorithms that are heavily used in Big Data processing. Such algorithms are usually designed to be able to process huge datasets without being able even to store a dataset. Do you have technical problems? Write to us:



Jan 04, 2018

As usual, complex arguments explained in simple terms!\n\nSome problems are really tough! (e.g. there's a problem from Google Code Jam).\n\nThank you for this course!


Aug 26, 2019

Very Very Challenging Course , it test your patience and rewards is extremely satisfying. Lot of learning on a complicated subject of NP-Hard problems.

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von Chin J C

Nov 06, 2018

really hard

von Raunak N

Jul 31, 2018

this course gave me hell of a time

von Joseph G N

Sep 02, 2018

An incredible course,the exercises were very interesting

von Dmitrii S

May 22, 2019

I very enjoyed this course! Theoretic informatics - is my favorite field of study. All the professors are the best. Dreaming to enroll in your Ph.D. program. Thank you very much

von Yinchung C

May 15, 2019

This is a very challenging course in the specialization. I learned a lot form going through the programming assignments!

von Priyansh B

May 31, 2019

Was fun learning advanced stuff and implementing algorithms.

von Akash k y

Jun 10, 2019

Best course

von Hidetake T

Aug 15, 2019

This course is very difficult. Possible to pass programming assignments only after finishing previous courses.

von Ayran T O

Sep 12, 2019

Very difficult but challenging!

von Tamilarasu S

Apr 10, 2018

Very well made course with challenging algorithm problems.

von Quynh V

Sep 15, 2019

I am not good in this course. But I'm always try the best! Awesome course, thank you so much!

von Chitrang S

Aug 26, 2019

Very Very Challenging Course , it test your patience and rewards is extremely satisfying. Lot of learning on a complicated subject of NP-Hard problems.


Mar 14, 2019


von Xi Y

Feb 16, 2017


von Anton R

Mar 02, 2019

Liked this course, at least there are courses for advanced level.

von Surbhi M

Dec 14, 2019

This course is wonderful.I am really feel like I have all knowledge of adsa

von Tamas S

Jun 08, 2019

Very good collection of advanced topics, even useful for the 6th course in the specialization!

von D V S S R

Mar 16, 2019

nice and some difficult

von Vasily V

Apr 27, 2018

Excellent course. One star less just because there are not very clean test cases for one particular problem among programming assignments

von Pham K H

Jan 03, 2018

Good assignments, however the lectures (especially linear programing) are too short. The lecturers explained the algorithm in a way that only experts in the subject could understand. I didn't understand the lectures at all until i studied from other sources. Not recommended for beginner.

von Timothy M

Jun 05, 2017

Learned a lot. great material. Tough homework

I appreciated that the grader demanded good implementations but I think it would have been good to have a little guidance as to how to get there.

von Fabrice L

Apr 05, 2018

A lot of material covered in this course. The assignments are more challenging than in the previous courses of the specialization.

It is overall a great final and a very complete specialization.

Thank for putting together all this work.

von Ak@sh

Jun 20, 2017

Good course!

von Teguh S

Nov 29, 2016

The problems are really challenging, thank you! However, the instructor is not very active in the discussion forum, which is a pity when you really need help and get stucked in the problem set.

von Alexander M

Jun 29, 2017