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In this course you will learn how to quickly and easily get started with Artificial Intelligence using IBM Watson. You will understand how Watson works, become familiar with its use cases and real life client examples, and be introduced to several of Watson AI services from IBM that enable anyone to easily apply AI and build smart apps. You will also work with several Watson services to demonstrate AI in action. This course does not require any programming or computer science expertise and is designed for anyone whether you have a technical background or not....


18. März 2020

This course is essential for everyone who really enjoys IT AI innovations, programming, improve own make-decision skills, challenging and troubleshooting. Thank you for your great hard work.

10. März 2020

Such a useful information to get more familiar and know more about Watson Services. I am so delighted that I am getting more familiar with this services in order to improve our businesses.

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von Gulnara K

21. Juli 2019

The promotional style was not very constructive (many videos were more like advertisements for IBM)

In other courses, there were testing questions embedded in the video and that was helpful to focus on the important elements. But this course has not included them.

von David T

11. Aug. 2019

This felt more like an IBM Advertisement than a course. This course could be a one pager on the different services that are offered. No one will likely remember what is offered, the names of the offerings are likely to change going forward, and the offerings themselves will change.

von Deepesh A

30. Juli 2019

Seems more like an advertisement of IBM Watson. Hardly learnt anything new

von Brice L

26. Okt. 2019

This class is a big promotion for IBM Watson! You will not learn any operational skills...

It stays still intersting to know what Watson can do and how it is applied in the real world. However I find the class a bit disappointing.

von Wendy H

22. Mai 2020

Very promotional

von Affan A

25. Aug. 2019

Amazing Course. This helped not only learn about what IBM Watson has to offer but its applications and how AI is transforming businesses and making them more effective and efficient.

von Kristof R

27. Apr. 2021

Week 1 felt like watching 1-2h of ads about IBM Watson.

I'd wish there was a little more education and a lot less saying how great this product is.

von Mark M

10. Aug. 2019

This is a great way to get familiar with the Watson suite of APIs and learn more about the real-world applications of AI thought fascinating case studies. There is a little overlap with the previous course Introduction to Artificial Intelligence but it is a good review of important concepts.

von Mumtaz U

15. Nov. 2019

I liked it, but I felt towards the beginning of the course it was an advertisement for IBM, like every module would just talk about the different softwares provided by IBM AI, it did not tell me how the AI does it, just how I could use it for my company, which is worthless because I do not work. I wanted to learn the techniques and models used by the AI, the process of how it is done and not the solutions adopted by companies around. It just felt like IBM was advertising their solutions, I wanted to learn from a technical viewpoint

von Pamela W

9. Apr. 2020

This course is largely an IBM Marketing video for Watson. If your goal is to become more familiar with IBM Watson and its offerings, it does a good job of presenting the information in a structured way and offering use cases as well as hands-on labs for using some of the tools. It is geared towards users looking to bring AI tools into their existing processes and/or making individuals aware of opportunities. If you are working towards learning AI to become a technical practitioner, you will not find this course useful.

von Shubham S

17. Feb. 2021

Seems like an advertisement for Watson. No doubt it is a good tool, but this platform (Coursera) is to impart knowledge not for infomercials. There are other platforms like Youtube where most of the videos in this course belong. There should be more hands on exercise rather than the existing content.

von Timur U

19. März 2020

This course is essential for everyone who really enjoys IT AI innovations, programming, improve own make-decision skills, challenging and troubleshooting. Thank you for your great hard work.

von Samira G

11. März 2020

Such a useful information to get more familiar and know more about Watson Services. I am so delighted that I am getting more familiar with this services in order to improve our businesses.

von Bernard D V

26. März 2020

Sure, it's very focused on IBM and Watson Services. But it is impressive, well explained and with a lot of good stories. Excellent course in order to approach AI

von Dilrabo B

10. Aug. 2019

Great course! Thanks everyone who created this course!

von Fei W

9. Aug. 2019


von Seth G

30. Aug. 2019

A little too much Watson/Hype throughout the course. I felt as if I was the subject/target of a marketing program. The use of the tools was simplistic. Too much focus on business application than understanding how to program for ai.

von adam J

6. Feb. 2021

So far, it's very much a kind of indoctrination into how good IBM Watson is. It's basically just marketing for them but you get a certificate (which makes it very very effective marketing)

von Mahesh Y

23. Mai 2020

There are enough exercises to keep you engaged but more concept/vision focused. This part of the Course is for learning the business applications and variety of services available within Watson - ideal for understanding what sort of impact AI can have on your organisation. Provides adequate understanding for business leaders to set objectives and realistic, achievable goals for their organisations. AI is a journey, where following the 5 Step Process to Implementation - taught here - provides sustainable competitive advantage and insights never imagined. Strongly recommend 100% !

von Tyson J C

24. Nov. 2019

Don't get me wrong, the first course was very eye-opening with the possibilities of what and how you can implement AI in a real use case scenario. The second course expanded on this professional track and did an excellent job with providing a simple, yet profound way to use the Watson resources and access the power of what is possible. Loved it!! I'm definitely considering more AI courses with IBM now to learn towards my career in finance.

von Aakash S

2. Mai 2020

This Course was very good and Informative for those who want to really work in this field or have to use any of the products by IBM to scale their Business. This Course was integrated with use cases to help learners understand the usefulness of this product and how we can use them to solve some of the complex problems. Lastly, the was too informative, and Hand on Lab helped to implement products.


27. Apr. 2020

Good Day ,

I sincerely thank Coursera and IBM for this opportunity .

I am extremely grateful .

Thanks and Warm Regards.ABHIJIT SENGUPTAKolkata , IndiaWebsite : www.pactolianconsulting.comE - Mail : abhijit@pactolianconsulting.comPortfolio URL : : abhijit.sengupta357Ph. : +91 33 25907110Cell : +91 9163863607



25. Apr. 2020

This course provides detailed insight into the IBM Watson portfolio. Considering the wide array of AI products included in the portfolio, it's essential to know them and their areas of expertise plus the hands on lab goes a long way in familiarizing with the IBM Watson Studio which makes it a fulfilling learning experience.

von Luis G A B

17. Okt. 2019

Excelente, Muchas gracias por la información, en este curso aprendí las diferentes características sobre el uso de Watson, sus herramientas y como funcionan por medio de casos prácticos.

Voy a por el tercer curso y todo el certificado profesional, muy interesante, didáctico y los vídeos son geniales.

von Ayan R C

8. Jan. 2020

This is a short and basic course that everyone with and without programming skills can go through to upskill the latest AI technology that uses IBM Watson. It is a wonderful training course recommended for all who would like to know about Artificial Intelligence that uses IBM Watson. Thank you.