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This online course covers basic algorithmic techniques and ideas for computational problems arising frequently in practical applications: sorting and searching, divide and conquer, greedy algorithms, dynamic programming. We will learn a lot of theory: how to sort data and how it helps for searching; how to break a large problem into pieces and solve them recursively; when it makes sense to proceed greedily; how dynamic programming is used in genomic studies. You will practice solving computational problems, designing new algorithms, and implementing solutions efficiently (so that they run in less than a second)....



19. Jan. 2021

The course was really amazing which provided deep knowledge from basic to advance that how algorithms works and how to design algorithms. Thanks to all the expert teachers who taught in this course.


19. Jan. 2017

I liked the fact that the algorithms are not just the introductory searching and sorting algorithms. The assignments are fairly difficult (I have decent scripting experience), but not impossibly so.

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von Ayush G 4 B E E

25. Juli 2021

One of the best basic algorithmic courses out there. The assignments cover the topics thoroughly and require you to have a good knowledge of the topics. The professors are brilliant and the course is meticulously planned.

von Mithilesh K

9. Aug. 2020

After completing this course. Now I feel that I am ready to solve or give a try for any level of problems on an online coding platform. I thanks all the professors who made this course much easier for me than I thought.

von Dwaipayan M

27. Juni 2020

This is an extremely good course and the questions on the assignments were really good to test everything taught in the course lectures. Anyone who is willing to master the basics of algorithms should take up this course.

von Apoorv S

28. Juli 2020

This course had some really challenging problems. Algorithms were not taught very well in my college but this course helped me a lot in improving my algorithmic problem solving skills. It was a great learning experience!

von Tieliang G

20. Apr. 2022

My first course on Coursera. The experience is really not bad! Teachers explained every thing in detail and all the assignments are well-designed enough to help us truly understand how to implement a certain algorithm.

von Mohsin R

19. Sep. 2021

Very well designed course. Keep up the good work team Coursera, UC San Diego and HSE. Best of luck for future endeavors! Looking forward to more advanced MOOCs from your team in related topics. Best wishes from my side.

von Zahra A K

6. Nov. 2020

I truly enjoyed every second of learning this course. All the topics were perfect and I really enjoyed solving the assignments. I cannot wait to start the next course in the Algorithms and Data Structure Specialization.

von Alexandra S

16. Juli 2017

With the step-by-step lessons and clarity of the lectures, this course challenged me while giving me the necessary tools to learn creative algorithms techniques. It was wonderfully taught and I am excited to learn more.

von Shaoyang X

24. Apr. 2022

Coursera has many good courses, but mostly for introductory level, this one is advanced in terms of content yet taught intuitively. Sometimes the lecturers got an accent, but it seems they know really well in the area.

von Vinay R N

23. Juli 2020

This course helped me to gain a good grasp of the underlying ideas of various common algorithmic techniques. A very good planned out curriculum helps you to understand and implement the ideas to various other problems.

von Evrard F

22. Aug. 2021

I want to pass the specialization as fast as possible to improve my resume as I don't have a degree. I'm used to platforms like codewar and leetcode. The tests are not that simple, I'm really learning something here.

von Kevin M

27. Mai 2020

This is an excellent course. I went from knowing about algorithms to knowing algorithms and how to implement them, simple as that. Highly recommended for anyone looking to gain a foothold in the world of algorithms.

von L. D N M

14. Jan. 2018

It's not easy, but this is a great introduction to algorithms and data structures. I'm definitely going to follow more courses in this specialization. Thanks to the folks who put this course together and supported it!

von Aman S

21. Sep. 2017

this is one of the best course for the computer science student and anyone who want to make program quickly and efficiently. Basically its a step to become professional programer.

Thank you for providing this course .

von R K G

10. Mai 2020

Content quality HIGH, Methodology and discussions of concept very PROFESSIONAL.Programming assessments too Good! Also, the transparency to the failed cases helps to solve certain corner cases in a number of problems!

von Adrian D

30. Dez. 2021

For someone with only limited programming experience (and in MATLAB only), this course was an excellent started on how to use Python, the language I chose, to accomplish some very interesting computational problems.

von SAI P

15. Nov. 2018

I loved this course because overall the course content was good.Since grader output was not giving much clues on the failure helped me lot in stress testing the code my myself. Lot of clues in the discussion forum.

von Praveen k

18. Aug. 2018

well its amazing...

1) the thing that I like most is the way tutors were telling the way how to solve the problem .

2) STRESS TEST : I didnt know this , how to test our program and how to debug it.

great work coursera

von Pradeep K

10. Feb. 2018

It was my first experience to learn in so detail.

Like, how to make a simple algorithm so robust and reliable.

How to think and find corner cases in your simple looking algorithm also.

Hope to learn more in next week

von Sadia K

30. März 2020

I like algorithm toolbox course a lot ,all concepts starting from basic why algorithm to advanced concepts like dynamic programming are clearly explained. All assignments and mcqs test are up to date and helpul .

von edenwang

3. Mai 2019

I graduated from Computer Science. And I learned not so well in Algorithmic. But through the course, I have a better understanding of common algorithms. Teachers of this course are really great. Thank you a lot.

von Amog C

2. Apr. 2019

The content is top notch. Assignments are very helpful. If you are able to solve the problems by yourself, you will learn a lot. The problem that i faced is, some content is very complex, not easy to understand.

von Le P

13. Apr. 2020

Good presentation materials and thorough topic discussions. Programming assignments are interesting, and challenge your topic knowledge and coding skills. Overall a good class. I highly recommend this course.

von Yingduo T

3. Apr. 2020

This course is very helpful! I've gained the basics of algorithm design and the three major topics discussed int detail. It would be better if there are more examples for each topic are discussed in the videos.

von Muhamed S

2. Mai 2020

The course gives a very deep understanding of algorithms. The instructors taught the course in a very interesting way. The assignments were pretty challenging which brings out the algorithmic thinking in you.