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The primary topics in this part of the specialization are: data structures (heaps, balanced search trees, hash tables, bloom filters), graph primitives (applications of breadth-first and depth-first search, connectivity, shortest paths), and their applications (ranging from deduplication to social network analysis)....



Dec 01, 2019

It was an awesome experience to learn from such a teacher. Now I have a much clear view of the graph algorithms. I have enjoyed this course. Thanks to Stanford for offering this course.


Oct 16, 2018

Interesting problems and explanations. But mathematical analysis is going off of my mind. It has very good explanation. Not sure, whether I can carry forward that knowledge or not.

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von sysucx

Jan 24, 2017

very good course! but I think this specialization focus on mathematical analysis, we need to practice more

von Bogdan K

Jun 29, 2017

Stanford, 5 stars!

von Victor C

May 28, 2017

The course is exceptional, but it could use some touchups. For instance, some of the programming problems are ill-described and you implement what is not "asked" for. Use the forums do get actual detail that should have been included. On the other hand, that's what "real world" problems are like; except they are even worse; even the question is not asked... In that sense it presents a real mystery which requires pre-programming thinking that is in itself a long wrought skill.

von Yisheng Y

Dec 01, 2016


von Minyue D

May 24, 2017

Really love this course! Really informative and nice homework assignment!

von Yifan Z

Feb 09, 2018

Very useful course

von Hanyu C

Nov 12, 2017

Focused on principles and motivations behind algorithms. You might forget an algorithm you learned, but you will definitely be able to come up with one quickly after this course.

von Tong L

Dec 17, 2017

very nice!! excellent professor! excellent courses!!!

von Brande G

Jul 03, 2018

Excellent Course. The professor has a certain way to explain difficult things and makes them look easy to us, students.

von Anil K M

Dec 25, 2017

One of the most important courses in the specialization.

von Astefanoaie N S

Dec 14, 2016

Nice course and exams problems. I recommend this course if you want to understand the basics of graphs, trees and heaps.

von Ankit A

Nov 08, 2016

This is great course and amazing refresher!!!

von Rafael E

Jun 23, 2018

Another amazing algorithms course!

von Vladimir K

Nov 03, 2017

Outstanding course! High quality of presentations and topics! Tim Roughgarden is fantastic dude!

von Shiv K

Jul 22, 2017

Really taught me a lot. Rather well-explained, except proof of Dijkstra's - Wikipedia explains it better and faster. But good walkthroughs of how algorithms work, because it helps you to visualise and understand properly. Interesting assignments, although it would be useful to have test cases provided because, especially for week 1 and 4, it takes a ridiculously long time to run the program, and it would be wasted time if you turn out to get the wrong answer. Test cases would help you be more sure that your code is right before you attempt to run it on the humongous file. I had to use PyPy to speed the programs up because I use Python which is generally slow. Advice: for week 1 and 4, use C or C++ or some other fast language. Or Cython if you can get it to work.

von Sviatoslav S

Dec 31, 2016

I really enjoyed it. Perfect balance of practice and theory together with clear explanations. I also appreciate the mentors efforts that always answer any questions and try to help. Thank you Tim, Vassilis, and Arjit.

von 李紹弘

Jul 04, 2018

Very well-explained lectures!

von haifang z

Jan 03, 2017

This course let me feel algorithms is not hard as I thought. It is worth to learn

von Khan M A

Jul 16, 2017

Very Nice Course

von Piyush S

Apr 13, 2018

I think this was the best course of the specialization. Stacks, queues, heaps, search trees, hash tables etc. are data structures everyone should know; when to use and their raison d'etre as he says.. and to that end this course is very effective. This course also has a very nice flow. And of course, Prof. Tim Roughgarden is simply awesome. I wish I got a chance to be in his offline classroom.

von Zhida Z

Jul 29, 2017

Wonderful class and knowledge!

von Jamie J S

Feb 03, 2017

I learned a lot lot lot, no more to say. Fantastic.

von Shuxiao C

Feb 17, 2018

Great intro to alg course

von ryan

Sep 25, 2017


von vacous

Dec 30, 2017

Very solid contents, hope the programming assignments can be more challenging