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Bewertung und Feedback des Lernenden für Geschäftskennzahlen für datengesteuerte Unternehmen von Duke University

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Über den Kurs

In this course, you will learn best practices for how to use data analytics to make any company more competitive and more profitable. You will be able to recognize the most critical business metrics and distinguish them from mere data. You’ll get a clear picture of the vital but different roles business analysts, business data analysts, and data scientists each play in various types of companies. And you’ll know exactly what skills are required to be hired for, and succeed at, these high-demand jobs. Finally, you will be able to use a checklist provided in the course to score any company on how effectively it is embracing big data culture. Digital companies like Amazon, Uber and Airbnb are transforming entire industries through their creative use of big data. You’ll understand why these companies are so disruptive and how they use data-analytics techniques to out-compete traditional companies....



2. Nov. 2018

really good bases for business metric if you already have a background you are going to enjoy and refresh you memory and if you don't have previous experiences is really easy to understand the concept


11. Juni 2020

It is a business centred course that will help you understand the most important metrics. It includes comprehensive glossaries and lectures that will help you in the process and a lot of case studies.

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von Olena P

20. März 2017

It was new and good expirience for me. However, I expect to see more alculations and practical tasks. To calculate smthn, to make some conclusion from it. To analize results.

von Will S

23. Nov. 2015

Helpful course with strong instruction but limited practical application versus other similar courses focused on more topical application of specific tools and functions.


30. Nov. 2019

It was an informative fundamental course that is best for basic learners. Some easier real-life case studies should add in this course.

Thank You, Sir, for this learning.

von Hugo B

21. Feb. 2017

Interesting course but I would have appreciated some exercises with more data to analyse (maybe more practical case). I don't understand the correlation with Aribnb ...

von Sanuj P

14. Mai 2020

The course was very relevant and is a great start for entrepreneurs. The sessions were interactive with a lot of examples, case studies, quizzes supporting the theory.

von Deleted A

23. Sep. 2019

the lectures was so clear and cover core points behind amazing noise isolation .. for me i've began to like duke courses if it will keep the same quality as this one..

von Álvaro O

21. Apr. 2019

Great course overall. Week 3 is a bit harder than the other 2, and the contents are introduced without much detail, in my opinion. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this course.

von Hannah T

24. Mai 2019

Overall a good course, but the notes could use some serious editing- spelling errors galore, and incomplete sentences which made it hard to review before assessments.

von Diana D R

2. Apr. 2018

Very nice course. Las part about financial services was a bit confusing , maybe some more detailed slides would help to understand how different ratio are calculated.


14. Nov. 2016

Good professors but you will not learn a lot, since it is more or less an introduction for the other courses of the specialization. Good if is not used as standalone.

von Brian R

22. Dez. 2015

Good overview into Business Metrics. Had some focus on stock/financial terms which weren't applicable to what I was interested in. Overall a valuable course however.

von hongyi l

7. Apr. 2018

This is a great course to help student who is not in business field to have a general picture of the metrics that involved in business, revenue, profit, and risk.

von Kianna

3. Aug. 2017

Great and easy way to know about business metrics, but I feel like it is just a light taste about business metrics for data driven companies, no deep going-through.

von Javier A h

11. Juli 2020

Es un buen curso para recordar y seguir aprendiendo sobre el mundo de negocios. Algo básico si ya tienes un grado relacionado o estudio universitario, pero bueno.

von Ralf G

5. Okt. 2020

It gives some good base to understand the topics of measurement. The given examples in the training are tough to digest when you have not some base in economy.

von jingjing L

27. Juni 2016

as a science student, I think the course is easy to learn. It provides a lot of concepts which I can only remember a little though I understand their meanings.

von veztylord

27. Juni 2019

It was good to learn about possible job positions and subtle differences between them, including business analyst, business data analyst, data scientist, etc.

von RAY N S A

31. Aug. 2022

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طريقه شرح المقرر واضحه

كان هناك بعض الصعوبه في جزئية الشركات واداره الايرادات والربحيه والمخاطر فأنا لست محبه للامور الماليه.

von Giovanna H

28. Dez. 2020

The professor is great and easy to follow but it would be great if there were more optional reading materials and if some of the information was more clear.

von Sreedharrao R

7. Jan. 2018

It gives general idea about different metrics , Every organization uses these things differently .There is no fixed standard way these are supposed to be .

von Yemu M

26. Okt. 2017

I learned a lot from this course. I am giving it 4 stars because sometimes the lessons were disjointed from one topic to another. Otherwise, good content.

von Mariia N

28. Feb. 2019

It is quite great for beginners, though the final task being graded by as clueless newbies as me, may not be very good. The lectures are good Thank you.

von Paul J L J

13. Aug. 2017

Good course overall. For areas of improvement, I would recommend a more cohesive content that is consistent with the rest of the specialization course.

von David V

12. März 2017

Good course however the test have difficult questions since are open to different points of views or judgements so it is hard to get the right answer.

von Dang P N H

12. Sep. 2022

It is quite good but I hope it could be better. Also, the knowledge in this course is quite basic, of course it is still interesting and important.