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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Managing Big Data with MySQL by Duke University

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This course is an introduction to how to use relational databases in business analysis. You will learn how relational databases work, and how to use entity-relationship diagrams to display the structure of the data held within them. This knowledge will help you understand how data needs to be collected in business contexts, and help you identify features you want to consider if you are involved in implementing new data collection efforts. You will also learn how to execute the most useful query and table aggregation statements for business analysts, and practice using them with real databases. No more waiting 48 hours for someone else in the company to provide data to you – you will be able to get the data by yourself! By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of how relational databases work, and have a portfolio of queries you can show potential employers. Businesses are collecting increasing amounts of information with the hope that data will yield novel insights into how to improve businesses. Analysts that understand how to access this data – this means you! – will have a strong competitive advantage in this data-smitten business world....



Nov 06, 2016

It was an Awesome course. Really enjoyed doing all the exercises. Now I feel quite confident to write any queries.\n\nSpecial Thanks to Professor Jana Schaich Borg for teaching so wonderfully!!!!!


Feb 01, 2016

Great course! It takes you from zero knowledge of SQL to being able to write quite complicated queries, and being ready for most of standard SQL questions in job interviews. Strongly recommended!

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von Yannan C

Nov 07, 2018

Students need access to Teradata to complete the course, BUT the page providing login information is BROKEN. I have to quit in the middle of the course. That is a waste of our money and time!


Sep 03, 2018

The course content is good but its very poorly arranged. I am doing exercise and often find before continuing exercise 6, please watch 'that certain' video without providing any link. I tried to find the the link and finally gave up.

You must improve your contents in a better way.

von Schwinn C

Aug 29, 2018

The data sets are very hard to understand. The teacher should spend more time to explain the data set before assigning excesses and quiz with them. It took me two courses to understand what Dognition is doing (the video from the CEO is a very bad introduction, he did not explain the company very well).

When you ask questions in the course discussion forum, NO ONE answers your questions.

von changhao L

Aug 08, 2018

The Teradata cannot be accessed

von Zhu Y

Aug 04, 2018

one star for the certificate;one for let me learn basic knowledge of SQL;the website often breaks down,so is the Teredata system ;the problem-solution system is also troublesome,hard to get the solution on time, maybe it is better to set a all-time online problem solver. No answer for teredata exercise also trap me for the hint in the teredata excersise sometimes not clear. Hope advancement for this course and the better experience of users.

von Ana C

May 11, 2018

I finished the course because I had to (I was exerted of paying fees) and then you agree on finishing the course. If I could I would have changed to another similar course some where else. Sorry but it is the true :)

I learned a lot not because how good is the teacher or how the course is taught but because reading a lot on internet.

I have taken many courses in coursera, so when I say this I have a reference to compare

von Milad R

Jan 24, 2018

The Jupyter notebook of the course had been not working for two days and I could not even see the course material in the notebook.

von Franklin D

Dec 14, 2017

I thought it was good overall for teaching SQL and I enjoy Jana a lot... however

biggest issues were the time taking much longer than expected and the Junyper Notebooks not functioning, giving me even more time issues.

Also some typos in the quiz answer sheets and lack of clarity in questions (when clarity is extremely important for the answer!)

von Justin G

Oct 09, 2017

Sorry, I need to give this a course a 0 but since the review won't let me submit without scoring it, I'll give it a 1. It was designed beautifully and to maximize skill building. I really like the idea of using two different databases. However, the Teradata database was down way too long, much longer than it was up. People had to pay extra than planned to continue taking the course as a result. The instructors planned everything beautifully-except developing a backup plan in case the third party Teradata server went down, which it did. If the instructors or the university with they are affiliated have no control over this additional server, leaving the students helpless, they really should reconsider their use of materials outside of which they have direct control.

von Venkat M K

Sep 13, 2017

pretty useless seriously

von Zhang J

May 27, 2017

too long for the practise and just getting too long to finish one week

von Eva

Apr 11, 2017

Really bad course. Badly taught, strange choice of assignments and quiz questions. Unfortunately, I did the free trial and Coursera didn't process my cancellation so that I had to pay for a whole month for this.

Complete waste of time AND(!!!) money!

von Neal D

Feb 05, 2017

Poor performance of Jupyter and the wildly underestimated time commitments really sunk this one for me. The latter, especially is inexcusable. The syllabus is lopsided and, while organized, not enough thought has been given to the exercise workload.

von Adam B

Jan 23, 2017

My experience with Teradata has been awful. Connection issues, latency, time outs. What should have taken 45 minutes took nearly two hours because of the load times for datasets. No clock or indication of progression for the queries.

von Luis A A

Dec 15, 2016

Nunca pude hacer los ejercicios porque mi Jupiter Notebook estaba vaciá y nadie me pudo ayudar

von Anca V

Dec 11, 2016

I think this course if poorly organized. The instructor is really trying to show us that the real life data sets and databases are messy, but providing only written instructions for me it proved useless. I, for one, need to see what other people are doing and not read long pages of horrible written explanations.

I paid for the course just to be able to do the exercises, which I also think it's a minus.

All in all it didn't "ENHANCE" my career prospects, mostly because nothing useful was taught here. Wouldn't recommend anyone to pay for it.

von xun y

Jul 11, 2019

Great SQL course. I think the course overall is well structured and let me stretch myself week over week. It's a little difficult to write long query in SQL scratchpad though.

von Anil K N

Jul 09, 2019

great course, great instructor!

von Christine D

Jul 08, 2019

The exercises force you to think deeply about what you're doing, and use a variety of useful sql logic. However the environment works against you: both environments lack the syntax highlighting that would make these questions so much easier in sql server. The Teradata environment only allows you to view about 10 lines of code without scrolling, and has no tab or autocomplete. This was fine up until the last test where some of my queries were 30 lines or more. The last week was so painful that I would recommend other learners find a different course. Such a shame because the exercises are thoughtfully designed and I did learn a lot.

von Aditya V

Jul 06, 2019

This is one of the awesome course that I studied. A tutor is also very nice she has good knowledge of the subject and hands-on increases my knowledge

von Edgar M A F

Jul 04, 2019

The final exam is very, very difficult

von Lizzie Z

Jul 02, 2019

Great courses. I learned a lot about sql queries through this course. Thank you so much Coursera and thank you so much my instructor

von rajnish k

Jun 27, 2019

content is good

von Sachit K

Jun 24, 2019

Rigorous but very insightful course !

von Joonsung P

Jun 19, 2019

It is a hard but amazing course.