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With the general introduction of JavaScript in the first course, this course will focus on JavaScript libraries, specifically jQuery. The scripts will be geared toward Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation. Learners will describe the top JavaScript libraries and differentiate which would work best to implement and accelerate development of web page animation. Course objectives include being introduced to the end product of the course – a landing page style website using jQuery elements to manipulate HTML documents and enhance user experience. Diving deeper into the landing page that will be created and break it out into individual jQuery projects. jQuery events and effects will be covered while exploring more jQuery’s relationship with HTML documents. Finally, a focus on plugins and continue to breakdown jQuery's ability to manipulate HTML and CSS....



1. Sep. 2021

The concept may be a difficult to understand and follow for a beginner, but the instructor did a nice job in explain everything and walk us through the script.


12. Aug. 2022

This course was very good. i recomended it for beginners!!!... in this courses i learnt so much about jQuery and javascript!!!

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von Nikolai H

17. Juli 2021

It teaches what it says it will and I like the instructor, so I can't really fault it. But I will say I found it demotivating when the instructor talked so much about jQuery's weaknesses and the fact that it's going out of fashion and that CSS is better to use for animation than the jQuery library, and then seemed to spend more time on jQuery solutions than plain JavaScript. I was considering completing the JS specialization, but it looks like the next course is also heavy on jQuery, and it sounds like my time would be better spent studying plain JS.

von Robert F

31. März 2022

Good course, good introduction to JavaScript and JQuery. Solving the same thing using one and then the other really illustrate how the usage differs. The only improvement I'd suggest, is while the instructor does advocate best practice (e.g. use of let/const, and IIFE, he does not consistently use them, which may be confusing to new programmers)

von Duncan H

28. Sep. 2022

This course was great. I like the setup and how it works on Coursera. Bill Mead is a very good teacher. This series is great for people who don't know any JavaScript, but you do need to know a certain amount about HTML and CSS first. The first course in this series is good for giving you assignments to practice, and the first part of the second course too. With these assignments, you are asked to figure out a problem on your own, then Bill Mead shows you how he figured it out. I find doing these assignments is where I really learn and remember how to code in JavaScript. For the latter part of the second course, there weren't a whole lot of these assignments, which is my only beef about these series so far. To give Bill Mead and Coursera credit, I haven't come across any other online JavaScript courses that do better when it comes to giving assignments. I've tried Codecademy and Free Code Camp too, and I like Bill Mead's style of teaching better than Codecademy and Free Code Camp approaches. I tried a few books also, like Eloquent JavaScript, which went above my head some of the time.

von Jansenio A

30. Nov. 2022

Animation with JavaScript and jQuery is also another well-structured course in this specialization. This course focuses not only on manipulation and animation of web page elements and documents but also on timers and recursion. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to practice coding in JavaScript and jQuery - whether it's doing the challenge problems or following along. My only complaint is not having enough/more quizzes. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this course.

von 용스테피Yongstephi

4. Dez. 2021

This course gave me a lot of confidence in javascript and jQuery. As a designer (and preparing my own business), I never learned anything about programming, but the professor gave me an opportunity to make JavaScript easy for even non-majors to understand.

von Thanapon S

2. Sep. 2021

The concept may be a difficult to understand and follow for a beginner, but the instructor did a nice job in explain everything and walk us through the script.

von Miguel M

13. Aug. 2022

This course was very good. i recomended it for beginners!!!... in this courses i learnt so much about jQuery and javascript!!!

von Maryna P

28. Sep. 2022

Very detailed explanation of consequences at every stage of coding was provided by lecturer.

von Tyler H

12. Dez. 2021

Great intro to JQuery and exploration of different JavaScript functions

von Saja A

1. Mai 2022

Easy to follow, good pace, basics are covered.


von Vinay N M

16. Nov. 2022

Excellent! Learnt a lot!

von Кучин Е А

23. Feb. 2022

That was lit! I loved it

von Hifsa K

12. Mai 2022

Did this in 4 days


1. Jan. 2023

Really wonderful!

von AMAN R (

27. Aug. 2021


von Vaibhav S

19. Juni 2021

Awesome course

von Steve S

23. März 2022

Great course!

von Mohamed C

28. Sep. 2021

Good teacher.

von Shekoufe P

6. Mai 2022


von Nilesh P

16. Feb. 2022


von Lê H A

18. Juni 2021


von kitty z

4. Nov. 2021

The course is well organzied and has the complete content where we can follow and understand thoroughly

von Jakob S k

26. Jan. 2022

I really actually came a big step closer to have usefull javascipt coding skills!

von Robert P

13. Feb. 2022

The lack of resouces and response when you need assistance greatly detracts from some strong content. If you are not going to respond when students need assistance, you could at least provide a functional copy of the scripts reviewed in the modules after the student passes the quiz. I understand the subject matter, but I sometimes cannot get my scripts to work, no matter how meticulously copied. By that, I mean you should provide scripts you can cut and paste into your editor, not images of the scripts in a PDF forms. I poured over some scripts for hours, used all the available resouces, and I still could not locsate the minor error in a script I worked very hard on.

von Nitish

12. Nov. 2021

Things are not easy to understand as they seems