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This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about modern astronomy. We will help you get up to date on the most recent astronomical discoveries while also providing support at an introductory level for those who have no background in science....



14. Dez. 2020

I really enjoyed working through the modules of this course. The material was interesting and enlightening. The self-paced format worked well for me and I will look for similar courses going forward.


12. März 2021

I really enjoyed working through the modules of this course. The material was interesting and enlightening. The self-paced format worked well for me and I will look for similar courses going forward.

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von Adith R K

17. Mai 2020

I really loved this course. This was the course I was longing to pursue since chidhood. It gave me the answers to almost all of my questions. It provided me great insights to the UNIVERSE. Moreover the instructor Chris Impey has done a superb job in providing us with valuable information. The assignments, quizzes, lectures, and other resources were very informative and special. Thanks to all men behind this course for doing their best.

von Patrick W

6. März 2017

Dr. Impey is skilled at covering a very broad range of topics and sciences that are all a part of "astronomy". The slides were clear. The transcripts helped to reinforce the information, although probably done with vocalization software as there are many sentence fragments, homonyms for the actual word, etc. I did not see a date done but I would guess this course was constructed in 2013-2014, so the information is certainly current.

von Elayine J

8. Juni 2020

Professor Chris Impey is one of the best instructors I have come across in many of these courses. He is clear with his information, is very knowledgeable, and has a sense of humour. The mentors are very helpful too. Subject matter is exactly what is expected. A perfect course for the basic astronomer wanting to learn the basics of Astronomy. Including history, how to observe, and what is new. Love this course, would highly recommend.

von Leticia S M

4. Nov. 2015

Amazing course! Chris Impey is a wonderful teacher. The lectures are captivating, but at a level that is appropriate for astronomy beginners. The quizzes are only easy if you were paying attention, and the writing assignments consolidate the material. This course has made me even more interested in the subject and since starting it I have even gone beyond the scope of this course and done my own investigations. Definitely recommended.

von Tom-Erik F

10. März 2022

An enormous travel experience for several weeks. Only objection is that some of the material is a little "old". Not exactly outdated, but updates are really of importance in this fast moving area. There were some updates/add-on's here and there, though. Perhaps some links etc. for self study would be possible to get in place?

But, these are no critical objections - all in all more than worth while the spent time! Next course, please!!

von pavitra d

1. Juli 2020

It's a great course to do. It gives a new perpective to look at the world around you and especially the cosmos and the universe. After taking this course, it will give you new eyes and enthusiasm to look at the open sky. Along with that it also gives you an overview of the human history and earth's history and universe history. It was very exciting and interesting to go through the videos and the assignments. Had fun and learned lot.

von Jim M

22. Sep. 2020

This introductory level course in astronomy was exactly what I was looking for. It was a wonderful survey course touching on every subject that I was interested in. Having said that, the suggested times for completing each part of a week's course work were silly. I spent hours reading the textbook and watching the videos, and I was happy to do it. I was seeking knowledge and understanding, not a quick way to get a certificate.

von Thamizhanbu E

23. Aug. 2020

This course is must for one's who are really interested in Astronomy and space science. It's a whole package which starts from the history of science to Black Holes till Drake equation and ends with a question are we in a simulation. Including videos and songs related to the topic is so good and holds me to the video. I thank Dr. Chrish Impey, who have inspired me through his delivery of details and by his level of knowledge.

von Kanchi P

12. Juli 2021

This course is phenomenal. I was so sad when I submitted my last quiz. One of the best online courses. Love the online textbook (wish it would work more often). Prof. Impey is a brilliant human and he just explains everything so perfectly. I wish this course was longer. I had a great time learning and the material was so easy to follow and nicely explained. Thank you Prof. Impey, you taught me the cosmos and changed my mind.


6. Juli 2020

I personally from my point of view, think that the course needs to be upgraded with the latest discoveries and theories. Additional information needs to be added to make the recent discoveries more interesting. And technically, the 11-week course would be quite short to learn and extrapolate knowledge in astronomy and astrobiology. Rest all its an incredible course and I am acknowledged with great information and motivation.

von Massimiliano Z

12. Mai 2021

Super course! i ve always loved what is above me...even if i understood very little of it...The course gave me many insights and the basics to understand it a little more...i reckon i have now a "knowledge" of 0.00000000000000000000000000001% of what is out there... i d like to get to an higher level (lets say trying to increase that factor by another i m in the hunt for a similar course. Thanks again!

von Prasanna R

13. März 2021

I liked this course very much and I like to thank Professor Chris Impey And mentor Christy Read for teaching me and clearing my doubts. Thank you Professor Chris Impey and Christy read.Through this course I can get introduced to Microobservatory and Galaxy zoo. Also I know about the Teach astronomy material from this course.And I would like to thank coursera for giving all these nice courses. Thank you all.

von Buğrahan Y

9. Okt. 2020

I really appreciate the effort and enthusiasm of everyone who has participated to create this awesome and really helpful course. Thank you very much. I recommend this course to everybody who is interested in space and especially the deep space and cosmos. I especially had much fun on dark matter and dark energy topics. I always wanted to take a course like that and thanks to the Arizona University, I have taken it.

von Wilk

26. Sep. 2019

an amazing course, starting from the history of the astronomy, leading towards the future of our existence, full of interesting notions about the universe.

It's the perfect course for who does know nothing or very poor about astronomy and it doesn't require math or physics or biology knowledge in advance.

I really enjoyed this journey with professor Chris Impey and it really engaged me with the astronomy.

Many thanks!

von Denis B

25. Juni 2020

I fell in love with cosmology a few years ago and I am attending high-level conferences on the subject. However, I soon realized that I was lacking the bases of astronomy and that acquiring them would certainly alleviate my sufferings. The objective has been perfectly met, with this very comprehensive course. Prof Impey shows an excellent sense of pedagogy, which is not so obvious in the community of scientists.

von Hân B

10. Nov. 2016

In my opinion, This course is really useful for the people that have an extreme interest with astronomy and also the curious people want to exlore the masive universe. And i'm one of these people. In addition, I'm really happy when i found out this website while i was surfing my newfeed, Thank to this program, it's really lightful for a lot of questions always be held in my mind but know i have lighted up a lot.

von Hansha

21. März 2022

This course is long but very well planned and executed by Prof. Impey and his team. It is an excellent introductary college level class. Attending the live seminars from the Prof. Impey helps to broaden my knowledge of astronomy, and when I read about the James Webb telescope and the obsevations from it over the next ten-twenty years, I will understand the material much better because I completed this course.

von Sunil M

4. Okt. 2020

For those looking for an introduction to astronomy, this is a fun and fantastic course. Covering a wide range of material from planets and star life/death up through astrobiology and evolution, Professor Impey does an excellent job making this course fun and introducing complex topics in a manner that is easy to understand. A really great and worthwhile course...very happy to have completed it and thank you!

von Toni M

28. Juni 2017

This course has allowed me to enter the study of astronomy and space, opening a new universe for me.

The quality of content, materials, videos, examples and resources have made it very easy to understand something really complex.

I want to congratulate and thank Chris Impey and his entire team for their work, helping to spread this valuable knowledge.

Thank you very much.

Toni Mascaró

Muchas gracias.

Toni Mascaró

von Gibrán C

11. Jan. 2022

I started this course with all the motivation to update my (very rusty) knowledge in astronomy but I was also a bit afraid that I wouldn't be able to understand some difficult concepts. I'm glad that my fears were unfounded. T​he concepts and explanations are clear and easy to understad, and the side materials are a great way to get additional information about the topics explored in the course.

von Robin E

11. Juni 2021

This course was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed it immensely. Dr. Impey is an excellent professor and he uses examples, analogies and video clips to make the coursework both understandable and enjoyable. I look forward to taking his Astrobiology: Exploring Other Worlds course. Thank you, Dr. Impey! Your astronomy course was a delight to this 65 year old grandma! On to astrobiology! Woo hooo!

von Kobus K

17. Juli 2020

Exploring Time and Space brought me closer to how important it is for human life to exist in a habitable zone, from the thin vulnerable gas surface layer of a life supporting planet to beyond the bow shock of a solar system. We have access to a time machine. We are running out of time, discovering sooner than later the dynamics of our universe will assist human mankind's seed of propagation.

von Paul C

5. Sep. 2020

I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed this class. Initially I was concerned I could keep up, but I completed the class 4 weeks early. I think what worked so well for me was the delivery.... Proffessor Chris Impey has a commanding and in depth knowledge of, well, everything, and his video sessions, and his text, was fascinating and engaging. I cannot recommend this class highly enough.

von Roman M

12. Juni 2020

It is very informative and logically constructed course with good slides, examples and suitable movies and animations. Some of the information was familiar to me, but anyway it was very interesting to learn some interesting facts. I'll try to use the consequence of the topics and presentation of all the information in my aditional course on astrophysics. It was very exciting! Thank you!

von Abdullah A

17. Nov. 2017

It is really great course from all aspects. The course content designed to be very interesting and covering most aspects of Astronomy. With no doubt, I strongly recommend for everyone from whatever background to enrol to the course and learn as much as I learnt and see how great is our universe is and how much human do not know. Looking to the universe, tell us how great is our creator.