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Learn about the origin and evolution of life and the search for life beyond the Earth....



Oct 12, 2015

Very interesting and engaging course. There are longer and more in-depth courses if you want them but if you want a concise overview of astrobiology on your own time, then this course is perfect!


Dec 02, 2017

i have studied phisycs in syria and i have finish it after this great course i am realy thinking in master in astronomy or astrobiology master thank you very much for this amzing course :D

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von Dirag B

Nov 17, 2015

Interesting, But Monotonous. Great Resources And Loving It! :)

von Francine

Sep 18, 2016

Very interesting stuff!

von James I C

Sep 04, 2015

A very interesting course

von Siddharth P

Jan 03, 2016

Loved the brief lectures and well structured layout. Definitely a must for those stepping into this wonderful area of multidisciplinary research!

von Padraig C

Feb 28, 2016

course kept wanting me to verify and give them a picture of me

von Anandita K A

Sep 15, 2015

I love this course, it gave me the basic idea of how life could and couldn't start with one situation or another. The impact of some element in our life and how alternative elements have smaller chance to be the backbone of life is not a common thing to think in my everyday life (a fresh air for me)

I have difficulty to remember all the project that we all do to search the extraterrestrial life though XD...this course make me think that I now have a basic scientific facts to start build a new story about the early life in earth <3 oh my god, thanks a lot sir!! (^u^)v

von Amy C

Aug 24, 2015

I learned a lot from this course. It did feel like some of the videos were out of order in the first two weeks of the class. Overall, it was very interesting and I now know more about a subject I was unfamiliar with previously.

von Keith P

Nov 17, 2017

This is a wonderful course to getting started in Astrobiology basics, with solid facts on geology, biology, evolution and astronomy. The quality of the lectures, the pace and the instructor himself made these few weeks really interesting!

von Luciano D

Nov 17, 2015

A very good course, very well presented and didactic.

It would be interesting if it were upgraded to the latest results (2013-2015)

regardless, I recommend it to everyone interested.

von Rohan S

Sep 24, 2017

It is necessary to include the recent findings in Astrobiology and outcome of recent space missions. Probably a new module that includes these topics can be added to the course.

von Tom N

Apr 23, 2016

While a decent overview, the course is a bit dated (2012), One thing that would be nice, is having the key topics that are being talked about, show up on the backdrop. Sometimes, there too much information being presented too quickly.

von Tyler D

Oct 19, 2015

A lot of g

von Ajinkya G

May 13, 2017

A very high level introduction to the field...hope they add more advanced courses on this topic

von Juan R O

Feb 06, 2016

Excellent course, I learned a lot but I think it should have some peer reviewed assignments, like a little research on some topic, so that you have to look for information and learn a lot more in the process.

von Ricardo V

Aug 27, 2015

Almost perfect (for the intro level it was designed for). I would suggest that next time, if possible, instructor image could be a little smaller and the actual images illustrating the points he is talking about a little bigger and more diverse. But that is a minor, please, don't get me wrong. The course was very very good, thank you a lot. Also, the off-line written forum-style discussions were very very good.

von Paul P

Aug 13, 2016

Very good introductory course that embraces a broad range of topics. The depth of coverage, however, is somewhat shallow in comparison to other scientific courses aimed at beginners, such as the outstanding 'Origins' course from the University of Copenhagen.

von Gunnar H

Oct 07, 2015

Thank you very much for this course.

I think I now have a good understanding of what Astrobiology is and how it is possible to look out for life on other planets.

Hopefully some of the big questions of astrobiology will be answered :)

von Michael Y

Dec 08, 2015

Great course, ta!

von James L

Jun 28, 2016

Very intensive course, definitely very well detailed and thorough. The tests often rely on paying attention to the smallest details of the lecture, which while frustrating, forces you to learn. Its one of the hardest courses on here, but also the most rewarding when you finish it.

von Swarnalakshmi L

Mar 28, 2018

I wish it would have been more updated. The new astrobiology primer would help.

von Merve Ö

Feb 23, 2018

Great lectures, always engaging and well explained!

von Teddie J

May 06, 2017

I found that this course covered the main topics of astrobiology. The course was a little dated, but not by much.

von Merjem B

Sep 28, 2017

Fun and informative. Great use of time.

von wilfried b

Oct 28, 2017

Clear explanation by Charles Cockell. The course gives a nice introduction, an overview of the history and latest developments of this area, which covers numerous subjects. Charles places them in the right context. What I miss are some references (books, web site links, articles) to dig into some more details.

von Alan Y

Feb 10, 2017

Very interesting stuff. Nice use of static imagery, but might have made more use of video.