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  • Explain operation and modeling of switched-mode power converters

  • Model open-loop transfer functions and frequency responses

  • Design closed-loop regulated switched-mode power converters

  • Verify operation of switched-mode power converters by simulations

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Stufe „Mittel“
Ca. 16 Stunden zum Abschließen
Untertitel: Englisch


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Lehrplan - Was Sie in diesem Kurs lernen werden


Woche 1

6 Stunden zum Abschließen

Modeling, Control and Simulation of Switched-Mode Power Converters

6 Stunden zum Abschließen
12 Videos (Gesamt 86 min), 5 Lektüren, 5 Quiz
12 Videos
Synchronous Buck Converter: State Equations4m
Buck example: Averaging and Dynamic Modeling Principles11m
Point-of-Load Application Example1m
Synchronous Buck Example: Control to Output Transfer Function5m
Evaluating Frequency Responses Using MATLAB3m
Review of Closed-Loop Control Principles6m
Review of Feedback Loop Design Principles6m
Design Example: Synchronous Buck POL Voltage Regulator18m
Introduction to Spice Simulations2m
Spice Simulation Example14m
Spice Simulation Example: Discussion3m
5 Lektüren
Introduction to the Specialization and the Course10m
Access MATLAB10m
MATLAB Tutorials10m
Course MATLAB files10m
Spice Resources5m
5 praktische Übungen
Practice Problem: State Equations15m
Practice Problem: Magnitude and Phase Responses using MATLAB30m
Practice Problem: Boost Voltage Regulator30m
Practice Problem: Spice Simulation30m
Introduction to Modeling, Control and Simulations2h

Woche 2

4 Stunden zum Abschließen

Techniques of Design Oriented Analysis: Feedback Theorem

4 Stunden zum Abschließen
10 Videos (Gesamt 84 min)
10 Videos
Derivation: Part 17m
Null Double Injection3m
Derivation Part 211m
Solution Using the Feedback Theorem11m
Closed-Loop Voltage Regulator, Introduction5m
Output Impedance9m
4 praktische Übungen
Practice Problem: Null Double Injection10m
Practice Quiz: Feedback Theorem30m
Practice Problem: Gvg using Feedback Theorem
Feedback Theorem2h

Woche 3

6 Stunden zum Abschließen

Averaged Switch Modeling and Averaged Circuit Simulations

6 Stunden zum Abschließen
12 Videos (Gesamt 108 min), 1 Lektüre, 5 Quiz
12 Videos
Converter Analysis Using Averaged Switch Models6m
Simulations using Averaged Switch Models13m
Design Verification12m
Including Losses in Averaged Switch Models9m
Alternative Averaged Switch Networks6m
Averaged Switch Modeling in DCM12m
Combined CCM/DCM Averaged Switch Model10m
Library of Spice Averaged Switch Models3m
Simulation Example: Loop Gain in CCM and in DCM12m
Small-signal ac modeling of DCM converters7m
DCM Converter Transfer Functions3m
1 Lektüre
Solved Problem: Averaged-Switch Model Including Switching Loss Due to Diode Reverse Recovery3m
5 praktische Übungen
Practice Quiz30m
Practice Problem30m
Practice Problem30m
Practice Problem: Output Impedance of Converters in DCM30m
Averaged-Switch Modeling and Simulations2h

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