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This course explores the brain bases of bilingualism by discussing literature relevant to differences in age of initial learning, proficiency, and control in the nonverbal, single language and dual-language literature. Participants will learn about the latest research related to how humans learn one or two languages and other cognitive skills....



19. Jan. 2021

Amazing and I have learned a lot. I am a Bilingual myself and it really sheds light on how the brain works in terms of learning and being proficient in two languages or more for others.


17. Jan. 2018

This course helped me in understanding various aspects of how brain and mind works and how we can use these knowledge for studying different languages and also when we multitasks

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14. Nov. 2020

the course was very interesting thanks to that I have further enriched my knowledge.

von Monaliza M

17. Sep. 2020

Insightful. Explained the different associations of language learning across fields.

von Jennifer B

26. Juni 2018

Dr. Hernandez is wonderful! He gives such great insight into a bilingual brain!

von Paola P

27. Juni 2021

High quality course with a great professor! Thank you!

von Elena N

1. Sep. 2018

Very interesting and informative course. Thank you!

von Yernazarova G

23. Nov. 2020

Very interesting course! thank you very much!

von Andrea M P

20. Aug. 2017

Great teacher, great lectures!

von Hannah D

23. Apr. 2020

The videos were interesting, but the quizzes were not useful as they just involved memorising the questions at the end of each video.

von Amy J H

18. März 2022

Of all of the courses that I have completed using Coursera, I found this one to be the most fascinating. The information was extremely interesting, and it was presented in a way that I could understand. It was a great balance between technical information and explanations for the layperson. I joined the class originally because I am learning a second language as an adult, and I thought the content of the class would help me learn new ways to acquire a second language more efficiently. The course offered so much more! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for the hard work that was invested in this course. I highly recommend it!

von Sage T

24. Nov. 2022

Since I started studying English at the age of 12, I have been always wondering why I have come to be fluent in Spoken English. This course provided me better understanding from the biological aspect of language nature. Especially, it was enlightning to know that language proficienty can be applied intrinsiccally most of the things we do subconciously.

As an English teacher in Japan, I am excited to have more opportunity to explain why certain foreign study methods are valid and others do not function. Great thanks to Pr. Hernandez. Sage Taki

von Rafaela B M

16. Aug. 2020

O curso é muito interessante e acrescenta muito a quem estuda a área de linguística em Letras, principalmente aqueles que pretende seguir a linha de 'aquisição da segunda língua' com foco em Inglês!

Visto que contem vários termos técnicos, aconselho dar uma revisada em um matéria de biologia, e aprender um pouco sobre as partes do cérebro, como elas funcionam e se conectam. Não é necessário que seja nada muito aprofundado, mas irá ajudar a compreender melhor os conceitos e estudos!

von Ronit S

23. Okt. 2022

I enjoyed this course and learned a lot. I wish there were more visuals - it would have helped with comprehension and memory. I found the office hours meetings too long and tedious. There should also be a course map to organize the material better. All in all the instructor is effective, knowledgeable, and personable.

von Elena R

31. Aug. 2020

Muy completo, claro y enriquecedor. La división de los temas fue muy prudente, los cuestionarios reunían lo más destacado de las lecciones y la estructura del curso hizo que el aprendizaje sea progresivo empezando por lo más básico hasta lo más completo y complejo.

von Elizabeth R V

18. Aug. 2020

An interesting course that triggered my couriosity about brain and language. Dr. Hernandez gives a lot of practical examples and experiences to understand hard concepts. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in psycholinguistics, ESL/ EFL teaching.

von Barbora D

4. Okt. 2020

This was my first experience with online courses and I could have not chosen a better one to start off :) Professor Arturo E. Hernandez explains everything very clearly and I am very pleased with the content that I was provided with.


19. Feb. 2022

Excellent work and impressive findings. Very useful to understand how the brain works before, during and after the process of learning. Thanks so much for such a wonderful work. Greetings from Ecuador...

von Maruša G

21. Mai 2020

I had a lot of fun during listening of this course. I learned a lot about bilinguals and how they function, about age of acquisition and control and flexibility of the brain an language it uses.

von Ana A T F

21. Juni 2020

This course was an exceptional overview of the different aspects of what a Bilingual Brain can be developed since the childhood to adulthood. Thank you so much for the knowledge given to us.

von Sidorova A V

23. Mai 2022

Мне понравился данный курс. Я бы советовала его таким же студентам как и я , которые интересуются в области изучения обоих языков у детей и, которым будет интересно про изучение мозга.

von Paulina A O d Z

13. März 2019

Este curso es genial! No sólo aprendes del cerebro bilingüe, sino de cómo funciona el cerebro en general. Es la segunda vez que lo hago porque es realmente fascinante, muy recomendado!

von Raquel C

26. Aug. 2021

Really interesting, it helps understand how a bilingual functions (like me) and when someone isn't bilingual or has doubts about their functioning it helps have another point of view

von Christina B

5. Jan. 2021

This course was so interesting that I completed it in a lot less time than I expected. I really want to thank both the Coursera team and the University of Houston.


9. Okt. 2020

This course provide us with various aspects of how brain and mind works and how we can use these knowledge for studying different languages

von Shabnam A

20. Dez. 2021

This course was indeed one of the best that was offered by Coursera. Thanks to Dr. Hernandez for his profound knowledge. I learned a lot.

von Yuri T

16. Aug. 2020

It led me to a whole new world to see bilingualism from different point of view. It explained ideas that I had before scientifically.