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In this course, we will explore the nature of science and biology. We will discuss what the “biology everywhere” philosophy means and the history of the “biology everywhere” project. We will also discuss what science (and biology) are as a discipline of inquiry and how chemistry is foundational to understanding biology....



10. Feb. 2021

This actually makes Biology fun. It's a great start to this Specialization, no doubt. The assignments are engaging and the reading material is really good.


20. Sep. 2021

Annoying having to wait for others to review assignments, it can take quite awhile sometimes but otherwise good

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3. Okt. 2020

me gusto mucho el curso porque es muy interactivo, con los cuestionario sy las tareas para enviar.

von María E L B

6. Okt. 2020

me gusto muchoo

von Michelle D

13. Juli 2021


von Danielle B

22. Feb. 2023

I was excited about the content of this course and specialization but ended up disappointed. There isn't much science content in it, and the focus on what science is and isn't feels repetitive and too basic. Additionally, Dr. Peffer speaks so quickly that it's hard to understand what she's saying. I think in addition to speaking slower, a focus on a slideshow presentation, rather than the speaker, would help so that keywords could be visible. Lastly, while a lot of classes have a single peer-reviewed assignment at the end, this class uses so many peer-reviewed assignments that it's slow to get feedback and complete the class. And because a lot of the peer-reviewed assignments require a perfect score, if one person takes a point off, you'll have to resubmit. (And like every class, there are peer reviewers who will just give zeros for no reason, so again you have to resubmit once it's been graded.) The honors track takes even longer to get legitimate scores, and I'm still waiting on that to be completed.

I love being able to access free classes, and I appreciate that this course is a MOOC offered to the public at no charge, so I give the professor credit for sharing this. However, I think it could be improved for a better educational experience.

von Nakisha N

20. Dez. 2021

Although this seems like its a nice course, unfortunately, you really cannot audit the content. You have to upgrade to even really start week 2. I appreciate the work the content creator put forth, but compared to other comparable products/topics, this one doesn't offer to much. For example, I can get a full course from Udemy for $59.00 one-time fee, that is much more in-depth, or I can get this one by paying $49.00 a month. Additionally, it seems that alot of the courses on coursera offer more content and do not lock it as "honors" content. So unfortunately, I will disenroll, an start another biology course most likely on Udemy, unless I find one I like on Coursera.

von Daksh S

2. Jan. 2022

It didn't match my expectations. More like a philosophy course rather than biology. Nothing much was taught in deep. Very philosophical approach.

von Deleted A

17. Juli 2022

i was moreso just wanting to focus on biology