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Bewertung und Feedback des Lernenden für Black-box and White-box Testing von University of Minnesota

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Über den Kurs

After completing this course, learners will have an understanding of a variety of black-box and white-box testing techniques. The learner will have put this understanding into practice, creating effective sets of test cases (called a test suite) to properly exercise software for defect finding. The learner will have examined requirements for testability, created an oracle for automated testing, assessed fault-finding effectiveness of test suites, and generated inputs using a variety of techniques. After completing this course, you will be able to: - evaluate testability of requirements - define testable units within a program specification - apply black-box test input selection methods - specifically boundary-value analysis, fuzzing, and random selection - and select the method most-suited to achieve the given testing objective - assess the fault-finding effectiveness of a functional test suite using mutation testing - use category partitioning to develop automated functional tests (with Cucumber) based on a given software specification - create an expected-value oracle from a program description to use within the generated tests In order to do well in this course, you should have experience with an OOP language (like Java), have an IDE installed (e.g., Eclipse), and be familiar with testing terminology (see Intro to Software Testing course within this specialization). we also expect a familiarity with the Software Development Lifecycle and the context in which the testing stage sits. This course is primarily aimed at those learners interested in any of the following roles: Software Engineer, Software Engineer in Test, Test Automation Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Software Developer, Programmer, Computer Enthusiast....
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von Budi S

16. Sep. 2021

Very good & well constructed course material, especially the introduction to Gherkin language part. The only thing needs improvement is the automated assignment validation, it does not provide sufficient information for the learner to debug

von Gerd K

13. Sep. 2020

The course is buggy and thanks to bugs impossible to complete, I have payed 150 dollars so far and I cant complete the spechialization now thanks to black-box and white-box testing week 4 assignment 1.

The staff are unresponsive and they dont answer questions on the discussion forum, the assignments are vague and look like they have been put together in a hurry.

Link to external resources for the course has been hijacked for months and it leaads to malicious websites.

For a course on testing they sure as hell havent tested their own course.

von Rakhi S

3. Okt. 2021

Do not get trap into this certificate "Software Testing and Automation Specialization" last topic is not available since march 2021, you will end up wasting your money.

This is a fraud.

von MD F H B

18. Nov. 2021

Course is very interesting but, i think there are some problem in the system where it graded automatically. Same file i submitted repeatedly but got different comments. Anyway, the course was very exciting and mindstorming.

von katterine r g

23. Aug. 2021

von Amfilohios I

28. Nov. 2020

It was a good and fruitful course, a lot of technical material is presentend and the knowledge is present.... but the assignments at the end of the course proved a bit more difficult for the given material. Thanks to the instructors for their excellent work though!

But you have to take under serious consideration the AutoGrader strange behavior!

The grader needs to be better and more detailed at feedback, since when you are left with one these tasks to complete your course this is extremely frustrating! To be more precise, you end up constantly submitting your draft assignment files (with trial and error logic) to be prompted with error messages for your many errors, that are quite abstract and you are walking blind!

von Marco A A M

22. Juli 2021

In this course you really learn what testing is, if you do not have experience it will cost you and I mean hat you should look for more theory and examples than those that come in this course, there is not much in the forums that you can verify more than the people who ask For the full course, some pogramming tasks are very simple (more thinking than writing) and others are really a monster if you want to get 10

In conclusion if you pass it you learn very, very well you could be at the basic intermediate level of Junit and cucumber tests

von Typical U

3. Jan. 2021

The final task is very difficult because It has uninformative feedback. I never knew which one of my tests is wrong. And I had to find errors in my package by sending a lot of combinations of my tests to the grader.

The most unobvious error in the buggy version was four recipes instead of three. It is not an error at all, because in this task we don't have Golden versions or requirements and even installation of CofeeMakerUI was written as if four recipes were a norm (4 recipes in the list).

Also, I don't understand why I have so small coverage. Maybe the issue is in the errors from mutant versions. On my computer coverage was higher than 90% in all checked classes.

von Chinemelu E

14. Feb. 2021

Week 4's test instructions is not clear and no easy way to tell if one is in the right direction or not. Maybe give more hints about what to test for or at least indicate which bugs are not caught in the results feedback or something!

von Tasko D

2. Sep. 2021

Complete dissatisfcation with this course. Platform for checking submission of the assignments is not relaiable at all. For empty files, you may get a mark of 5/10: complete disappointment and 0 support for the problems. No one is checking the feedback from the learners. Learners should find something else if they want to progress. They can wait for weeks, and no one will unblock them or provide any feedback.

von Marcela M

26. Dez. 2020

There is not support of the teachers, the material is old because now we have Java 14 and some configurations doesn't work.