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This course will give you an overview of client-side web UI frameworks, in particular Bootstrap 4. You will learn about grids and responsive design, Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript components. You will learn about CSS preprocessors, Less and Sass. You will also learn the basics of Node.js and NPM and task runners like Grunt and Gulp. At the end of this course, you will be able to a)Set up, design and style a web page using Bootstrap 4 and its components, b) Create a responsive web page design, and c) Make use of web tools to setup and manage web sites. This course also includes an honors track that enables you to work on your own project developing a website using Bootstrap 4. Students enrolling in this course should have prior good working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript....



4. Apr. 2020

This is course is amazing given ou already know some html, css and javascript. People say Bootstrap is easy but after this course I realized many wrong things I have been doing. Recommend it for sure!


10. Okt. 2018

Excellent course for anyone who is familiar with html, css, but cannot organise the subject in their mind. This course excellently teaches you the what is what, and how to do things in the correct way

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von orientalboyli

23. Mai 2019


von Kalive P K

1. Okt. 2018


von armin

6. Sep. 2017


von Samad K

21. Dez. 2020


von Elias Z D

8. Aug. 2020


von Gerardo B J

18. Mai 2021


von Zainab Z

17. Sep. 2020


von Asad M

26. Aug. 2020



23. Aug. 2020


von Estrella P

20. Juni 2020


von Talha A

15. Okt. 2019


von Адилбеков А

2. Juli 2020


von Arnab D

6. Apr. 2020


von Vinod B

18. Juni 2019


von Edgar L A

22. Juni 2020

Great course, has a lot of good information, I just would recommend updating the videos, if you follow just the videos, you will get into trouble, because of old libraries or code missing, that is on the lectures but not on the video, I spend hours trying to solve issues that were solved on the lectures, or at least mentioned somewhere. Something that I have highlighted is that the forums for the course are very helpful, people post on them how to solve the issues you can encounter on the course, because of the outdated information.

von Haroldo M T F

31. Aug. 2017

Great points:

The content improved a lot from the previous version of the course. The explanation of navbars now is understandable and the presented code is much cleaner.

Suggestions for improvement:

The two last units of the last week are very very very confusing. Lot´s of code with few explanations (look at the documentation...). I don´t know what you wanted us to understand. The only thing I learned was Grunt/Gulp = too much complexity. Suggest a specific lesson about this topic or to summarize this content.

von Khawaja T T

6. Mai 2020

Instructor has covered some of the great details of Bootstrap. He has good knowledge of the Framework that he delivered in this courser. At the start, I was bothered due to accent but somehow with time I adjusted with it. Im giving four stars only due to reason at times in almost every video there are syncing issue of audio and video i.e. its like instructor is speaking ahead of what he's about to do and also sometimes keyboard tapping go so much annoying. OVerall Great !!!!

von Kwan S M

27. Apr. 2020

The course is very useful. Through the lecture materials (videos and readings) and exercises, we learn how to develop mobile first website. However, some contents of the exercises need to be updated. The software versions used in the lecture are quite old. Some software versions have been withdrawn and the command syntax of new version are quite different from the old version. It causes some problems to the students while doing the exercises.

von Shaik I

17. Apr. 2020

Good course!!! The instructor is a lot experienced and teaches in a great way. You will build a web application by the end of this course, and the instructor will take you there step by step putting all the pieces together! It's one good way to learn more Bootstrap. I actually had a previous knowledge on Bootstrap, but this course made it even more clear! Recommended for people with some knowledge about HTML, CSS and JS. Thank you sir!

von Jenny H

18. Aug. 2020

Very good instructor and material for the most part. I would like to see more on how to handle errors in Linux/Kubuntu which I got installing all the various node_modules. These errors took at least half a day to understand what went wrong.

I'd also like to see information on how to publish the final web site project using GitHub, as it is easy but it took awhile to even know that was a possibility for the honors project.

von sfoorti g

12. Feb. 2020

The course has been designed very nicely in depth covering all the major topics. The only thing i felt was not up to the mark were few of the last topics like Grunt and Gulp. They were a lot bookish and didn't exactly explain the need of all the steps performed. Also, the versions of most of the plugins are outdated now and the user faces a lot of errors because the instructor is using old versions.

von Nigel S E

10. Nov. 2017

Excellent beginners course for front-end development. If you already have programming skills you can focus on the concepts and not get tied down with coding "how to's". Lectures are well explained but exercises can drag on a little when watching the instructor type out code. It is recommended that you do know good coding practice before taking this course and it doesn't cover much of that.

von Riccardo P

31. März 2020

Let me say that I already knew Bootstrap and this course is rather basic than intermediate level but it is well explained and structured. The Prof is clear and straightforward while showing the framework features. A nice experience as part of the specialization (I was amazed by reactstrap introduced in the next course), not enough as single course.

von Vishal C

20. Juni 2020

The course was excellent, it included the core functionality of bootstrap in a concise manner. The assignments were not challenging, because bootstrap is very easy to use. I had prior experience with Bootstrap so it made the course very easy for me. The instructor did well to go over crucial stuff like the layout and other important components.

von Bill L

14. Nov. 2020

This course was great! The topics covered, the instructor, and the pace all were spot on. I think you'll need to update it to the latest technologies -- mostly the latest versions of all frameworks. In particular, the Gulp section didn't work with the latest libraries. I'm sure it's a challenge to always keep this up to date.