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Professor Nader Tavassoli of London Business School contrasts traditional approaches to branding - where brands are a visual identity and a promise to customers - to brands as a customer experience delivered by the entire organisation. The course offers a brand workout for your own brands, as well as guest videos from leading branding professionals. The aim of the course is to change the conception of brands as being an organisation's visual identity (e.g., logo) and image (customers' brand associations) to an experience along "moments-that-matter" along the customer journey and, therefore, delivered by people across the entire organisation. Brands are thus not only an external promise to customers, but a means of executing business strategy via internal brand-led behaviour and culture change. You will learn and practice the following skills: 1. How to build brands from a broad organisational perspective 2. How to lead brand-led culture change with human resource practices at the core (i.e., brand as a lever and not just an outcome) 3. How to build brands in multi-brand companies, across cultures and geographies 4. How to measure brand health in new ways, that is, internally in addition to externally 5. How to value and capture returns to brands across the organisation - introducing the new concept of employee-based brand equity - and how this is different from the valuation of brands as intangible assets. This course allows you to develop the following aspects of yourself: 1. Head. Gain a deeper understanding of the evolving practice of brand management, one that goes further than practiced in most organisations today 2. Heart. Be motivated to engage in delivering your own brands – regardless of where you are in your organisation – thereby creating superior value for customers and for your organisation 3. Hands. Translate learnings into action. As Confucius is supposed to have said: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”...



19. Apr. 2020

Professor Nader has been immensely helpful in bringing about a change in the way i viewed Brand Management. The course is well framed with lots of good examples and interviews. A wonderful experience!


16. März 2021

Wonderful! Professor Tavassoli did a wonderful job of breaking down the business, brand & behaviour alignment process.

Very insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. Thank you so much!

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von siham b m

15. Dez. 2020

I apreciate this course, it was useful to get news informations about Brand management, with good explanations. I really apreciate the interviews and how CEOs share with us their profesional experiences. It's was a mazing journey for me, and I'm sure that it will help me in my profesional life.


28. Apr. 2020

Very informative and well structured. I would say that the last week regarding value and valuation was a bit confusing as there were things that could have been explained better compared to the rest of the course but overall really good. Learnt so much from this. Thank you!

von Stijn v L

15. Apr. 2020

Really great explanation on the subject, very thankful for this course. One little tip: Sometimes the people who were interviewed spoke way faster than Mr. Tavassoli did. Since I'm not a native English speaker this made it a bit difficult to follow the interviews sometimes.

von Andile M

29. Dez. 2021

The course was an eye-opener for me. I will be using a lot of this in my business. I saw some of the mistakes I made on my side & I need to also be consistent on how I market my business & also make sure that all the employees also understand our brand.

von Alonso M C

1. Okt. 2018

In the end, the tests are very easy if you just copy/paste the responses. This should be more difficult so the student has to read more and watch the videos thoroughly. Other than that, the course is very well organized. The professor speaks perfectly.

von yasmin

23. Juli 2021

I think that the course included some huge key branding concepts and that's great. The instructor and host put goid effort to make it engaging. However, there was some boring parts here and there that needed more to be it more engaging. Thank you.

von Waddah A

2. Okt. 2020

The course was extremely comprehensive. I was able to grasp the meanings behind branding strategies. Although I would have loved if we were able to access "downloadables" like slides and resources used within the course. Four stars out of five!

von Mpho L

11. Dez. 2018

The lectures and interviews are great! However, the ability to submit late and the poor quality of submissions is disappointing, almost if the course is not taken seriously enough. One should only have 2 chances with the quiz, not several.

von يوسف ع ب

21. Aug. 2020

A not too detailed course, not exactly what I was expecting coming into it, definitely helpful though. The peer-graded assignments were especially great as they made you go back watch once or twice more to fully comprehend the content.

von Vivek G

2. März 2020

Very interesting course and very well presented as well. Its quite detailed as well in the level of information covered. Provides a lot of food for thought around the way in which brands can me managed and how customer journey matters.

von Ilodianya S

9. Mai 2022

​There is a comprehensive breakdown of the metrics, drivers, positioning and culture of branding, i.e the internal and external health of various brands and how they can appeal and be registered in the minds of ones target market.

von Dhiren S

24. Juni 2020

Wonderful insight into the different aspects of Branding. The facilitator professor Nadar Tavassoli made it very interesting with his crisp and clear pronunciations and wonderful examples. The videos were of an excellent quality.

von Elena D M

13. Juni 2020

I have learned a lot in this course. The explanatory videos are very useful and the final exercises after each MOOC help to better internalize what has been learned. In short, I really liked it and I recommend it 100%

von Suhani B

11. Mai 2021

I really enjoyed this course. Thanks to Coursera for providing such an amazing courses that boosts our knowledge. It was a great course and I'll suggest this course to those who are doing their majors in marketing.

von Johanna G S

1. Okt. 2019

The material is interesting and the professor has a warm presentation style. I felt that it gave a good overview of the main topics in Brand Management. The course is now 4 years old, so it's due to be refreshed.

von Margarita

8. Juni 2020

I learned a lot about this course, after working many years in marketing it brought new perspectives to me. However, some content needs to be updated (for example broken links, low quality videos recommended).

von Sophia D

28. Sep. 2020

It was a good course and I felt like I learned a lot. However, I didn't like that the Peer Reviewed Assignments had a word count. It seemed like the size of the text was more important than its quality.

von Massimo M

15. Sep. 2021

Different way to define Branding but definitely a great point of view that I really agree with.

the 3B's definition is something that fits the current business model and the future of brand strategy.

von Jana K

21. Apr. 2022

Professor Nader Tavassoli is very friendly and nice person with a pleasant demeanor. He used interesting cases for clarification and overall in 3B words, it was great customer "experience".

von Ofentse N

13. Feb. 2021

A course that is well put together, and clearly delivers the message on the importance of aligning Business, Brand, & Behaviour in order to produce amazing experiences for consumers.

von Nikita A

30. Sep. 2020

It is a great course. Well designed. I learnt a lot. I especially like that it makes you think and the assignments test your knowledge and your capability to apply that knowledge.

von Mantu L

20. Aug. 2021

Courser was very practical in nature and being student of MBA helps me understand the crucial concept.

Thank you professor @ Nader Tavassoli for desiging such a wonderful course.

von Kevin O

4. Nov. 2021

B​y far one of the best curated MOOC's I have had the opportunity to go through, I enjoyed every moment of the learning(s). Happy to get the certificate and on to the next one.

von Kevin B F

12. Juli 2020

its a good course if you want to get to understand your client journet and experience, it guides you to better understand your industry and internal and external customer

von Patricia G N

7. Juli 2020

Muy bueno para actualizarse en el concepto de branding con ejemplos claros. El Profesor se expresa de una manera muy accesible y lo hace entretenido e interesante. Gracias