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Professor Nader Tavassoli of London Business School contrasts traditional approaches to branding - where brands are a visual identity and a promise to customers - to brands as a customer experience delivered by the entire organisation. The course offers a brand workout for your own brands, as well as guest videos from leading branding professionals. The aim of the course is to change the conception of brands as being an organisation's visual identity (e.g., logo) and image (customers' brand associations) to an experience along "moments-that-matter" along the customer journey and, therefore, delivered by people across the entire organisation. Brands are thus not only an external promise to customers, but a means of executing business strategy via internal brand-led behaviour and culture change. You will learn and practice the following skills: 1. How to build brands from a broad organisational perspective 2. How to lead brand-led culture change with human resource practices at the core (i.e., brand as a lever and not just an outcome) 3. How to build brands in multi-brand companies, across cultures and geographies 4. How to measure brand health in new ways, that is, internally in addition to externally 5. How to value and capture returns to brands across the organisation - introducing the new concept of employee-based brand equity - and how this is different from the valuation of brands as intangible assets. This course allows you to develop the following aspects of yourself: 1. Head. Gain a deeper understanding of the evolving practice of brand management, one that goes further than practiced in most organisations today 2. Heart. Be motivated to engage in delivering your own brands – regardless of where you are in your organisation – thereby creating superior value for customers and for your organisation 3. Hands. Translate learnings into action. As Confucius is supposed to have said: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”...



22. Okt. 2020

Professor Nader has been immensely helpful in bringing about a change in the way I viewed Brand Management. The course is well-framed with lots of good examples and interviews. A wonderful experience.


19. Apr. 2020

Professor Nader has been immensely helpful in bringing about a change in the way i viewed Brand Management. The course is well framed with lots of good examples and interviews. A wonderful experience!

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von Benoit B

30. Mai 2021

One the best quality course I followed online. Very inspirational teacher and examples. Clear structuration of thought. A must course to understand what the brand is, how to build, leverage but as well to protect it. Thank you M Nader TAVASSOLI and London Business School.

von Wes M

2. März 2021

I'm very glad to have experienced the Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour course by London Business School, University of LondonIt was both challenging, illuminating and perfectly 'on-brand' for LBS.Thank you and warm regards Professor Nader Tavassoli

von Borja G d D

17. Aug. 2021

Thanks, instructor Nader Tavassoli! This Mooc is extremely useful for beginners in marketing and explain a lot of different things about a new approach to Brand management. The videos are very instructive and clear with multiple examples related to the topic of each one.

von Lee A

31. Okt. 2021

This was an outstanding course. I would recommend it to any entrepreneur or anyone interested in marketing and branding. The professor was great and he had excellent guests. Very practical applications and exercises which were relevant made the course particularly good.

von Monisha s

26. Jan. 2021

The course was well structured and well paced. The interviews with relevant people from the industry helped to add practical insights to the course material. Prof Nader has a very calm voice without becoming monotonous and hence it is easy to finish the modules easily.

von Alyshah

16. Apr. 2020

Absolutely phenomenal course. Dives deep into the A to Z of brand management. Nader is an amazing professor. The best part of this course is the way real life examples were brought into theoretical concepts, especially via interviews of C-Level people at brand companies

von Lorrin P

16. Juni 2020

This course has opened my mind up to many things! Going into it with little to no knowledge on corporate branding and things of that sort I did not know what to expect. However, I come out of this course wiser and ready to take on new things! Thank you professor Nader.

von Saniya C

19. Juni 2021

I thoroughly enjoye this course, wish there was more of it! Prof. Nader Tavassoli has done a great job at designing and delivering the course and the modules. I have learnt some every interesting and eye opening concepts and I will apply them in my professional life.

von Vlada S

24. Nov. 2020

This was much more then I could imagine! So interesting! The course included so many interesting examples and the teaching level is very high. I was looking for more branding courses from London business school but couldn't find, hope there will be more in the future.

von Alla B S

2. Mai 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed learning Brand Management from the MOOCs of Prof. Nadar Tavassolli. Thanks to the University of London & London Business School for offering this course through CoursEra.

Thanks to Coursera for making this course and knowledge available as a MOOC.

von Safinaz A A

26. Feb. 2022

Professor Nader ,reallly has his amazing way of teaching. I truly enjoyed the science and the opportunity to get introduced to this fascinating course. Bringing the brand to life is a magic tenet I'll make sure to use forever. Thanks Coursera for the opportunity.

von Mikhail V

20. Dez. 2021

An excellent course that allowed me to take a fresh look at the interactions between business, brand and behavior in my company. Many thanks to Professor Nader Tavassoli for the new opportunities in understanding brand development and its interaction with consumers.

von Dheeraj K

30. Sep. 2020

Very useful course that has a holistic approach to cover all aspects. I am a creative and content professional but this course has opened my mind to think deeper about brands when building media solutions. The instructor tone of voice, pace and smile is pleasant :-)

von Michael E W

14. März 2022

Excellent course! Prof. Tavassoli presents the material in a very concise manner and delves into the heart of branding, brand management, the customer journey and employer strategies. The numerous interviews are a great way to get another perspective on the lesson.

von Arif U H

25. März 2020

I'm student of Entrepreneurship but this course was eye opening for me. It was very insightful and it sensitized me to key role of HR to deliver on the brand promise and provide customers delightful and memorable experience. Thank you LBS and Prof. Nader Tassavoli.

von Fernando V

29. Sep. 2020

After 5 weeks, just have to say a big thank you for professor Nader Tavassoli, University of London and Coursera for this great opportunity. Valuable and rich content, interviews, business cases. Happy to finish this challenge and looking forward for the next one!

von Octavio A

31. Aug. 2020

This is definitely a good decision for those wanting to expand their limits and overcome few old'style ideas in regards Brand marketing. A refreshment for the knowledge to acquire during these disruption times where everything is interconnected at a global basis.


5. Aug. 2020

The course is excellent. The concepts are explained really good with clearly examples. Also, I think the many interviews with employee from different business helps a lot to understand how the theory fit in the real world and how they have to adapt in each sector.

von Suee C

6. März 2020

I always wanted to take a brand management course while I've working for brand space. This course taught me clear perspective with refined words and explained the process how to build brand image. Thank you prof. Tavassoli. I enjoyed a lot throughout this course.


13. Jan. 2019

I am very much happy that I learned lots of

Things from this course.It will help my career in future. On the other hand, I am so happy that I got a certificate from well known and renowned university in England.I know this University of London since my childhood.

von David T

29. Jan. 2021

An exceptionally well structured, presented and very manageable introduction to Brand Management. Professor Tavassoli's approach really engages course participants. I work in international education and this has proven to be a very useful and interesting insight.

von Malik B A K

23. Aug. 2020

I really enjoyed this MOOC. I thought it was well planned and layed out, easy for me to follow. The work load (H.W. & Quiz) was just enough, so i could finish everything with enough time, learn about the topics and not feel over loaded and rushed. it was Awesome.

von Ivan B

24. Nov. 2020

Precious course, catered to seasoned professionals in marketing and executives. Deep-dive into brand value and brand management. Interesting concept of employee-based brand equity and filled with high caliber interviewees from some of the most admired companies.

von Liliana P

16. Nov. 2020

Thank you Professor Tavassoli for this amazing course and to share with me your knowledge. Great compliments for your preparation and professionality. I really appreciated your lessons and explanations.

Hope to have the possibility to follow many other courses!

von Holly G

13. März 2021

Really interesting course with a good variety of information on branding, marketing and business strategy. The inclusion of interviews with CEOs and marketers from a variety of different external companies really helped to add context to the subjects discussed.