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Welcome to an Introduction to Breast Cancer! In this course, we’ll learn a bit about the leading cause of cancer in women worldwide – from the basic biology of the disease, to risk factors and prevention, to treatment modalities to survivorship. We’ll talk to leading experts, explore some of the milestone studies that have pushed this field forward, and have interactive discussions on discussion boards and social media. You’ll even have an opportunity to let us know what topics you want to cover on tweetchats, so we can try to make the content fit your interests. There is something in this course for everyone – if you’re a breast cancer survivor or the friend/family member of someone with this disease, this course will help you to better understand this disease, and give you ideas for questions you may want to ask your doctor. Maybe you’re a healthcare provider or studying to be the same, this course is a great refresher on where the state of the science is. If you’re a healthcare administrator wondering about how the interdisciplinary components of breast cancer care fit together, or an entrepreneur thinking about unmet needs in this space, or someone in public health interested in prevention, this course is also for you! Are you ready to learn a lot, and have some fun while we’re at it? If so, I hope you’ll join us! Let’s get started!!!...


15. Juli 2017

Dr. Chagpar is fantastic . the way she presented the information made it enjoyable and easy to be understood. the course material is very valuable and cover most of the topics about Breast cancer.

9. Sep. 2020

i am absolutely amazed at how well structured and well described this course was. i would like to extend a heartiest thanks to dr. Anees chagpar for the great teaching and better understanding.

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von Alyssa K

22. Nov. 2016

I REALLY appreciated this course! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April and have been working to learn as much as I can in the interim. I actually learned that I need radiation from this course (none of my providers had mentioned it), so I am really grateful to have participated in this. Really good information, engaging professor, and well organized content.

von Esmaeel G

25. Apr. 2020

Dr. Anees Chagpar was just amazing, not only for her great mastery in teaching, but more importantly the way she konw how to connect to the students' mind and keep them on the edge of the table!

It was my pleasure to participate in her online class and I would like her to become my PhD professor for my thesis. Because I am going to work on breast cancer for my PhD.

von Pooya F

2. Sep. 2020

Dear Professor Chagpar,

I hope this message finds you well. I really enjoy it and like your teaching. If all goes well, I intend to enter the yale university. it's my big dream. one day, I hope to work with you.

With Kindest Regards,

Pooya Farhangnia

Iran University of Medical Sciences, School of Medicine, Department of Immunology, Tehran, Iran.

von Vrushit A

27. Sep. 2020

An amazing course with a lot of interaction and great communication with different types of people all over the world and knowing a lot from the interviews of respectful doctors at Yale University. It was fun and very helpful learning through this course and would love to learn more and interact more from Doctors at Yale. Thank you.

von Julie K

2. Jan. 2018

Dr. Chagpar gives an excellent overview of many aspect of breast cancer. Starting with anatomy and building upon this base, doctor delves into surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, survivorship and many other aspects of breast cancer care. Not novice in its content nor, good information delivered with enthusiasm and engaging

von দাস এ

23. Juli 2020

This course is love. I want more courser from Dr. Anees Chagpar <3 I want to tell you that, I am a computer engineer. But I love biology since my college, I was thinking about studying biology again, Dr. Anees made me think more that I may change my subject and switch to biology *_* I want to join you Yale University!

von Julia S P

12. Aug. 2020

O curso é bastante completo, abordando desde aspectos introdutórios do câncer de mama (o que é, classificações, modalidades de tratamento, etc) até questões atuais, como ensaios clínicos e a correlação com o covid-19. Recomendou muito a todos que trabalham na área ou gostariam de se aprofundar por questões de ensino.

von Loïc J

29. Dez. 2016

Introduction to Breast cancer is an excellent course ! Anees Chegpar is an awesome and entertaining teacher. She speaks clearly and efficiently.

The course is not too difficult to understand, it is well designed for patients, friends or family of patients and people simply willing to know more about breast cancer.

von Divya V

8. Nov. 2017

I loved the way this course was conducted. The passion with which Dr. Chagpar conducts her classes rubs off on you to pay attention and score well in the assignments. I learnt a lot through this course, and I'll definitely keep coming back to the course material, which will help me in my work in the future.

von Angela C

2. Aug. 2020

Dr. Chapgar is an excellent speaker, her tone of voice, the way of explaining the concepts was very enriching. It has become an inspiration and an example for when I talk to my patients and my students. very grateful for this opportunity. infinite thanks Dra Chapgar. I enjoy a Lot this course.

Angela Cala

von Sylvia C P H

23. Mai 2020

I am only a high school graduate so i thought this would be difficult for me t understand and comprehend fully. But Dr Chagpar made it so detailed and informative and somehow interactive as well. I understood almost all the lectures fully. Im super grateful i decided to enroll in this course!!

von Helen F

10. Okt. 2016

Mrs. Anees Chagpar has been an amazing course instructor. She managed to keep my interest captivated through lists of numerous NSABP codes and rather unfriendly data, on an issue that is much debated and triggers reasonable concern and controversy and is often viewed as a terminal condition.

von JoAnne F

16. März 2017

l really enjoyed this course. l have taken many courses through Coursera and l have loved them all. l found that Dr. Chagpar is an interesting and fun teacher. l found her easy to follow and understand. l highly recommend this course if you are looking to learn more about breast cancer.

von Ana D S

15. Mai 2020

I absolutely loved this course. It was really informative and made easy to understand. I personally took this course because I had a fear of the subject and thought it to be really difficult. But now I am motivated to learn more about it and I am looking forward to helping my patients.

von Amanda B

20. Aug. 2020

Dr. Anees Chagpar is an energetic and enthusiastic instructor. She is engaging and her passion for the subject holds your attention across the full seven weeks of the course. I really appreciated the supplementary materials, interviews and periodic updates to the course materials.

von Grainne H

18. Sep. 2017

Thank you for all your input into this course, I found this course really interesting and it helped me develop in my role as a nurse and believe I have a better understanding of breast cancer and also the fact that I can refer back to my notes and clinical trials is good to have

von Julieta G

9. Sep. 2020

Dr Anees Chagpar is wonderful. The way she simplifies such complex concepts with drawing and schematics is simply amazing. I truy feel that I've learnt so much over this course and look forward to keep learning much more about cancer related topics. Thank you Dr Anees Chagpar!

von aiena m

20. Nov. 2020

Dr. Anees is one of the finest in this field. She not only explains the topics well, but also shows empathy through these videos. Thanks to her and the entire team at Yale, who made this course possible.

It helped me understand what my mother and sister have gone through :-)

von Nicole M

1. Sep. 2016

I really liked this course. I think there was a lot of content covered in a short period of time and the way that it was presented kept me focused. I think the professor was able to present the information in an effective way. I would definitely recommend this course.

von Emilia M

11. Mai 2020

This course was amazing, I enjoyed every part of it. Anees Chagpar is an awesome professor who explained all the content in such a way that it was really easy to understand. I will always take with me the knowledge obtained from these lessons. Thank you Dr. Chagpar!

von Mickael T

9. Mai 2020

I'm working on machine learning applied to mammography, so I am looking on the breast imaging a lot. This course offered me a better overall picture of the disease and how it's managed from patient and clinical point of view. Thank you a lot for all this material.

von Mari C B

17. Juli 2020

Amazing course with an amazing teacher. She makes easy to understand such a complicated disease like breast cancer. Tissue is the issue!! I enjoyed the course a lot, I learned a lot. Totally recomended for everyone interested in health, cancer, breast cancer....

von Ummi C

18. Dez. 2016

Great course with a great instructor. The course was aimed at general pubic interested in Breast Cancer, so the it is structured to be very easily followed. While I was looking for a more challenging course, the course does a great job as an introductory course.

von Sara W

16. Aug. 2016

This entire course was very well done. I enjoyed learning all that I did concerning breast cancer and loved the integration of interviews to practically apply much of the knowledge learned to specific roles involved with breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

von Rifat T J

16. März 2018

I am a MS thesis student, currently researching on sporadic breast cancer. This course is helping me a lot in writing the dissertation . Dr. Chagpar is an excellent instructor, delivered her vast knowledge in the simplest way possible.