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Welcome to Course Two of Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR! Now that you have a broad understanding of the various types of cameras, the importance of setting up Menus and Functions to gain control in your photography, and the difference between Auto and Program exposure modes, you are ready to move into even greater Camera Control! In these 4 Modules we will concentrate on gaining the knowledge necessary to make use of Exposure Modes, Light Metering, Effects of various ISO settings, Lens options, using Shutter Speeds to convey aspects of Time in both documentary and creative ways, and exploring the controlled focus effects that Depth of Field Principles make possible. You will also continue to make new photographs and, if you are a subscriber to the specialization, continue interacting with your fellow learners as you share photographs for Peer Review. You will also confirm your knowledge through completion of quizzes and written responses. Let's get started with Module One!...



12. Feb. 2018

The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable. The projects are instructional and test you to learn, try, etc. It made me think of new ways to capture images and inspired me to photograph every day!


1. Dez. 2017

Great course structure. Great Professors and Mentors. This course has really help me grow a lot as a photographer. I'm so thankful to Coursera & MSU for putting such a great course for learners.

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von Maya S

19. Okt. 2020

I love the course and I enjoy the thoughtfulness that went into providing us with the assignments. But I find it irritating to see how many submissions use plagiarized content. Yes, there is a tool for flagging those, and I used it often enough but considering amount of time I needed to provide the evidence (like writing down the names, searching the links, etc) I would have liked to get at least a partial credit for my effort since for every legitimate submission I had 4-5 that was either incomplete or was using plagiarized content. Because of it, what was supposed to be a rather straightforward assignment turned out to be a lengthy and tedious job for a detective or for a nasty schoolteacher.

von shorya s

27. Juni 2020

Many things are not useful for the photographer who is starting they are not telling exactly how to click nice shoot. It feels like a boring theory lecture which I don't think to be like this as the course is about photography it should make us learn some creative aspects too.

And half of the times they are explaining thinks like the student is an expert photographer. The person who is signing for this what to improve their photos I don't think it's helping.

I have already completed two 2 courses of there specialisation but neither is helping in my work.

von Lyneth R

8. Dez. 2020

This course discussed all about knowing your camera and how to control it to achieve great photos, however, I think this can still be improved in terms of the course outline and organization in such a way that it will highlight the key points rather than the usual "story telling" type of discussion. Also, the ways and manners the professors present the topic can still be improved.

von David T

12. Mai 2016

Sorry but yet again a potentially great course spoiled by the implementation, way too many mistakes in the quizzes, peer review grading systems which in places are nonsense . I hope things get better and I give the the course the 5 stars the content would merit if it had been properly QCed and delivered to best Coursera standards

von Clark D

1. Mai 2016

The glitches with Coursera itself are not excusable and should be taken as a black mark against the organization. They made the professors and Michigan State look less than average and caused confusion among the students. The material is good and it makes me learn about the camera that I use and try new things.

von R. J H W

3. Apr. 2016

The explanations are a bit and drawn out. For non-native English speakers, this is very difficult to understand as well at time difficult for native speakers. Also, the course for auditors is not very interactive and we cannot participate in some quizzes and work submission.

von roberta l

7. Aug. 2016

The content is helpful in learning to use the camera and understand terminology, but it is somewhat, if not totally, a false representation of interaction with the experts. There is absolutely none. Some seems repetitive from course one.

von José M G

24. Sep. 2018

It would be great if you can include o recommend some material or reading that supports the content of this course.

von Marianne C

10. Apr. 2016

problems..problems ongoing

von rania

4. Apr. 2018


von Ronald P I

27. Okt. 2020

Not really worth taking this class. The video production quality has horrible sound issues and there are a lot of bots that make the exercises a pain. I went through the entire specialization, finished the Capstone, and these issues only get worse the further you go. I'm sure there are other photography classes through Coursera that offer the same information in a much more organized way. Gave it 2 stars because there was some good info in here, but a lot of it is probably available through Google.

von Heather R

14. Apr. 2016

The course started really well and followed on nicely from the first course in the series but I'm really disappointed and frustrated with the video editing issues. Many were fixed but there are still some errors/omissions and the second half of the course was very short of content compared to the rest. Such a shame as I'm sure the writers really know their material and conveyed so well when the content was there. I'm looking forward to the next course and hope the material is all ready to go!

von Lesley L I

17. Apr. 2016

If there hadn't been so many hiccups with the videos and quizzes I would recommend this course. However, I lost a great deal of time viewing incomplete videos and trying to complete quizzes covering material that was not addressed or only partially addressed in the videos. Then had to go back and Review all the videos once they had been re-uploaded. It was a very frustrating experience. I lost momentum and even motivation and as a result am now behind with the assignments and quizzes.

von Ambar K

27. März 2016

I had really high expectations from the course, I believe but it wasn't upto the mark. All it went through was some basic though I would have expected to go in details esp. for Aperture, Shutter and DOF.

I am not sure if that i going to be covered in next unit but having gone though the basics in 1st unit, that was expectation in 2nd unit.

von David A

16. Mai 2016

Weeks 1 &2 were worthwhile. Weeks 3 & 4 were very thin, not really up to expectation based on first course or even first two weeks

von Supantha R

4. Aug. 2020

It was OK

von J K

12. Mai 2019

The instructors abandoned this course 3 years ago. The lectures are excellent, however, the student is dependent on other students to complete the course. There are almost no students and zero instructors or mods. Total scam to charge money for this.

von Rhian F

7. Apr. 2016

Got lost and left behind very quickly even after watching videos numerous times and doing additional research. There were videos missing even with deadlines approaching. Some videos were very well explained while others I didn't understand at all.

von Laura T G

4. Juni 2020

Totally useless, it is a waste of time

von Stafford S

18. Mai 2020

duddy and unmotivating

von Mohammed M

31. März 2020

very bad one