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Do you want a job? A first job or a better job? Your dream job? This course is for you if you want to get a job in any English-speaking country (or in an international company that uses English). After 10+ years helping people in different countries get hired for their dream job, I decided to partner with Coursera to make career success accessible for a worldwide audience. After completing this course, you will know how to stand out from the crowd, how to make a great first impression and how to highlight your strengths. Step by step, you will learn: 1. How to find your ideal vacancy 2. How to construct a resume/CV targeted for your dream vacancy 3. How to compose a cover letter that makes a connection 4. How to strategically prepare for a successful job interview. But this is not all. I am glad to answer your individual questions. Please feel free to contact me by asking questions in the Discussion Forums. I aim to respond to 95% of questions within 24 hours. The examples and strategies I share with you in this course have already helped people find their dream jobs in top companies around the world. "Dr Peter J Mitchell is a real professional who cares about his clients and is always available to give important advice and support. I wholeheartedly recommend his services and even now, already as an employer, I engage him as a consultant!" - Simon, CEO of Expopromoter/Biletum, Shanghai, China "I have used Dr Mitchell’s services several times. He is a proven professional who always listens to your needs and precisely converts them to a result. It has always been a pleasure working with him." - Igor, Senior Consultant, PwC I would be delighted to help you on your journey to professional success. Sign up today to live your tomorrow! Peter J Mitchell...


9. Okt. 2020

Excellent! This course is an eye-opener. You will observe a significant improvement in your resume and cover letter writing skills after going through the contents of this course. Highly recommended.

13. Dez. 2020

like 👍 and sub done 🔔 supeb Wonderful video..... mind-blowing presentation.... Keep it up....I really liked the way you were presenting each and everything .... 🌺🌺💜💖...... I really enjoyed your

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von Кортик Д

24. Juni 2020

This course is a good choice for everyone who wants to get a dream job. Only useful information with interesting examples which might help you to write your own CV. 5/5!!!


15. Juli 2020

Thank you to Dr Peter J Mitchell for conducting this course. A lot of info and knowledge that i learn about the resume, design of resume, the interview tips and the design of cover letter. It was a great course indeed. Thumb up to him and a team of Tomsk University for conducting this great course. Thank you.

Hilary Hiew

Malaysia 16 july 2020

von Mitrofanov D

23. Juli 2020

The course's topic is of special interest to me. It answered a lot of questions I had on how to write a quality resume that will impress a recruiter and, perhaps, give you a much needed job.

von Klakovskiy N

23. Juni 2020

First of all, CV itself is different from resumes, for example, in Russia. So it is rather difficult to find a qualified source to learn how to write an appropriate, brief and informative CV. Moreover, exclusivity of information given in the course makes this knowledge useful in both personal and educational purposes. What I also learnt is a huge amount of professional vocabulary! It’s rather difficult to explore appropriate terms and expressions on the Internet because most of them are general-purpose and don’t make sense in such professional genres.Apart from the structure of CV, the course also provides information about aspects of behaviour: what are employers looking forward to see in you and how to respond on unstructured questions. This knowledge is truly unique because after the course you will be prepared in advance: I’ve learnt how to respond briefly, convincingly and expressively. Thank you!

von Егор Т

21. Juni 2020

Thank you for this course, it contains plenty of useful information enforced by examples. The course is professionally narrated and composed well. I'll definitely take your other courses in the future!

von Kanchan K

5. Aug. 2020

It was very good course, I have learnt lot of things during this entire duration of course. I would suggest everyone to go through this course.

von kausar m s

13. Juli 2020

I had a great learning from this course.I did learn how should i write a resume and how to attend the interviews.

von Dyshinevich M

23. Juni 2020

The instructor conveys the material of the course clearly and consistently. His smooth and measured speech help to absorb as much information as it's possible. The structure of the course is organized well (a little quiz after each lecture and at the end of a module - the final quiz). The questions don't appear to be complicated if you watch the lectures first. Besides, thanks to this course I've learnt about requirements of the 21st century presented to applicants and how to prepare yourself to meet these demands.

von Shoumik D

11. Juli 2020

The course is short but precise. It has provided me with solid information. So I surely recommend this course.

The instructor is good in teaching. I would like to thank him. Thanks to Coursera also.

von Syeda S W

17. Aug. 2020

This course provides a complete knowledge about the career planning. I have learned how to write resume, cover letter and how to prepare and behave in the interview. I recommend this course.

von Ryumin B

26. Juni 2020

I liked the course very much and can recommend it to everyone who wants to apply for a job successfully.

The information presented in the course helped me to write a great resume!

von Zhelezov R

23. Juli 2020

This course impressed me a lot. I have never seen such quality materials for job seekers on the Internet before. It contains all significant information for finding a job in an international company. I will definitely recommend this course to my friends!

von Sumana M

31. Aug. 2020

Very informative, explained in a very plain, simple and lucid language. This course is recommended for both freshers and mid-level executives who are looking to appear for interviews.

von Злобин С

24. Juni 2020

This course does a very good job of explaining the important points about writing a resume as well as making a good impression at an interview. All information explained in a way that is very easy to understand, and there is nothing unnecessary. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with applying for a job.

von Yurtaev N

25. Juli 2020

The professor narrates the material very clearly. Also he gives examples to explain. The structure of the course is well organised. Thanks to this course, I've learnt a lot of useful information and wrote my first CV by myself! I strongly recommend this course to all people who would like to apply for a job without any problem!

von Gerasimov G S

23. Juli 2020

The course is great. Besides learning resume writing I also gained irreplaceable knowledge of how to answer interview questions. What was also great were examples of resumes and covering letters and hypothetical situations when talking about an interview.

von Petrov N

23. Juli 2020

The course is well written and directed. All the information is given in an understandable form, the tests check the passed material well. The final task gives you an opportunity to see others' ideas and points of view.

von Ahmed E H

2. Aug. 2020

A very useful course to build up your CV and prepare well for your future job applications. I may say also, that this course is qualifying you well on how the hiring managers or the interviewers are thinking.

von Lisa T

4. Aug. 2020

This course was very useful and easily understood. I have been struggling with the skills needed to get my foot in the door for a new job but have renewed hope I have gained useful skills that will help.

von Mustafa A

14. Dez. 2020

like 👍 and sub done 🔔 supeb Wonderful video..... mind-blowing presentation.... Keep it up....I really liked the way you were presenting each and everything .... 🌺🌺💜💖...... I really enjoyed your

von Brittney A

18. Okt. 2020

This course taught me a tremendous amount about structure, action words and properly formatting content for my resume. I have gotten one interview so far and assisted a friend in getting a job.

von Andrey A

22. Juli 2020

The course is very informative and useful. The lecturer is really competent. I am sure that the knowledge that I gained will help me in my future career.

von Матвей Ф

6. Juli 2020

This course is very useful, good pesentation of information, I think that the knowledge can be succesfully applied in practise.

von Nikita S

8. Juli 2020

This is a very useful course. There is no unnecessary information, everything is brief and clear.


19. Juli 2020

A good tool towards your self-presentation in the competitive job global market.