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We live in a globalised world of continuous change. Your ability to successfully manage change will allow you to have a positive impact on your work and your life. Via structured learning activities (video lectures, quizzes, discussion prompts and written assessment) this course will teach you how to effectively influence change by developing a ‘change mindset’, creating a productive change cycle, and leading yourself and others on the change journey. You will learn how to re-imagine change by redefining the change problem and developing a balanced and reflective change mindset. Change is inevitable but you can influence how it affects your organisation....



13. Aug. 2020

This course brought me a lot of insight to work transformation projects. This will be helpful in these days where companies and people themselves need capabilities to overcome uncertainty times.


13. Apr. 2020

It was a very comprehensive and interesting course. I couldn't wait to go through and listen to all the videos and readings.

I found it very useful for my personal and professional growth

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12. Aug. 2022

von Ravi K

31. Aug. 2020


von Markos V

26. Apr. 2020

Overall I enjoyed the course! It helped me see things in a new way, changed my perspectives and helped me develop a new thinking when it comes to change management. Even though I liked the videos some times they felt a bit monotonous and not always connecting directly with the end of chapter quizzes ( which additionally had some typos here and there). I would recommend the course to others and specially if they work on Global projects they will see a lot of the issues they are facing being addressed in this course.

Thanks a lot for the great work delivered!

von Ian M

18. Okt. 2021

Well paced and very interesting and engaging course. Very thought provoking. Provided good opportunity to stand back and reflect at where I am in my present career and what might come next. Uses simple analogies to very effectively make critical points.

Supplementary case material also very well selected and some excellent illustrative videos.

Well worth checking out if you're interested in this topic.

von Adina C

17. Feb. 2021

Having a background in change and transformation, I actually found this course to be very helpful (and even a little validating at times). I enjoyed the extra reading and theory approach. I think a follow up, advanced course that focused on case studies or even managing detractor stakeholders would be a very helpful addition.

von Marissa S

13. Apr. 2020

Enjoyed course - looking forward to reading the forthcoming book. Felt some aspects of the quiz were not explained in lectures or supplemental materials. Overall great course highlights the importance of leadership and change within yourself to make change happen around you.

von Daniel P

18. März 2020

The course is fine, they abord a few good insights and methodologies to work on change management. I liked the way the create graphic resources to memorize concepts and ideas. Only remark (-1 star) the pace, language and quizzes made the course slightly slow and uninteresting

von Maria I H S B

20. Apr. 2020

I find the course really helpful and very informative. Learning wise it is a five. However, what bogs me is the peer review. We are at the mercy of others to get the certificate? Doesn't seem fair. I would have to extend deadline, pay for another month to do that.

von Eva-Maria H

19. Apr. 2020

I really enjoyed the well prepared videos and eye-opening stories and pictures, on how to lead change. Sad to see, that the main literature wasn´t available yet. However, I am feeling confident and motivated, to put the theory into practice!

von Karpagavalli G

4. Aug. 2020

It was an excellent course to attend. The concept of 5 M framework model will be really helpful in managing the change. I thank the Professors for making this course very interesting and informative

von Pablo C

7. Juni 2020

Quite useful to understand that the requirement and fundamentals are needed to lead a change... real change in organisations. The videos, exercises and tools showed are pretty practical.

von Eleftherios B

26. Apr. 2021

I think it was a bit too theoretical and abstract. I would prefer if it had more examples of tools to be better prepared for changes, like the tools on Lesson 3.

von Uwaje B N

24. Juni 2020

This course is definitely life changing, changed my perspective on how I see change and how to become a better leader. I advise everyone to hop on it!

von Carlos J R F

27. Aug. 2020

Great framework for leading change. useful approach, very comprehensive. Now I see why so many organizational change fails of starvation. Many thanks

von Hani S

5. Juni 2020

Great introductory course with many metaphors and anecdotal story which makes it even more interesting. The presenter also is great and engaging.

von crouse c

24. Mai 2021

Revealing, useful and challenging. The course offers guidance for persons on the sloping work play field.

#tellyourstory #manageurchange

von Miguel F

12. Apr. 2020

It is good, although a little theoretical and some parts really fluffy. The articles and videos shares along the course are good though.

von Adegbemi O

3. Apr. 2020

such an impactful course. The five (5) of managing change will be applies on my current and future change projects

von Alexander K

5. Dez. 2021

I​nspireing content, ideas and new hands on information. Sometimes a bit odd questions in the quizzes.

von Tracy G

19. Apr. 2021

Really amazing course with lots of authentic examples. Learnt a lot about leading a change initiative.

von Heba F

16. Feb. 2022

Very insightful contect that would help me develop the entreperneural mindset I aspire to areach


3. Apr. 2022

Good course with lot of insight. The images and examles makes it interesting.

All the Best !!!

von Effiong B D

25. Sep. 2020

I learned the underlying things about change management that is missing in most organisations

von Antonia M

2. Mai 2021

Great videos, explanation and storytelling. Creative examples and theories easy exploit.

von Dani J

7. Aug. 2020

Overall very good course. More examples are needed. Still seems very theoretical course.