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We live in a globalised world of continuous change. Your ability to successfully manage change will allow you to have a positive impact on your work and your life. Via structured learning activities (video lectures, quizzes, discussion prompts and written assessment) this course will teach you how to effectively influence change by developing a ‘change mindset’, creating a productive change cycle, and leading yourself and others on the change journey. You will learn how to re-imagine change by redefining the change problem and developing a balanced and reflective change mindset. Change is inevitable but you can influence how it affects your organisation....



13. Aug. 2020

This course brought me a lot of insight to work transformation projects. This will be helpful in these days where companies and people themselves need capabilities to overcome uncertainty times.


13. Apr. 2020

It was a very comprehensive and interesting course. I couldn't wait to go through and listen to all the videos and readings.

I found it very useful for my personal and professional growth

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von Khadijah K A A

7. Aug. 2022



10. Aug. 2022

​الدورة ممتازة وتشكرون ع التميز

von WAFA M N M

7. Aug. 2022

جدا رائع ومميز واحترافي


10. Aug. 2022

ممتازة ومفيدة جداً


2. Aug. 2022

​رائعة ومميزه


8. Aug. 2022

دورة مميزة

von AMAL F A A

1. Aug. 2022

رائعه جداً

von AFAF H A A

29. Juli 2022

دورة رائعة

von سميى ع م ب م

7. Aug. 2022


von Andreas W

27. Mai 2021

V​ery good course so far (just completed Week 1)! However, I would've preferred to simply be able to purchase this course individually as opposed to having to subscribe to the program.

von Sarah S

27. Apr. 2020

Really great introduction to change management and leading transformation.

I liked the short videos, the recaps at the end of every video and the additional recommended reading!


10. Aug. 2022

It was useful

von MD I H K

5. Aug. 2020

Interesting course, definitely lot to learn and reflect from it. However I found the course to be theory heavy. Too many references of books, quotes and philosophy confused key learning of each lecture. No downloadable course material to study and reflect. Lecture sound quality was not good. Quizzes were either too contextual or philosophy focused. I thoroughly enjoyed week 4, which included a very interesting case based quiz.

von Rachel H

24. März 2020

I un-enrolled because it felt like a plug for something, but I was not sure what I was being sold. I especially felt this way because of the music. All weirdo networking event videos have that type of music. I made it through 2 weeks before I gave up on it.

von Cuauhtémoc G C

4. Mai 2022

G​reat course with up-to-date ideas, analogies, examples, and top-notch material. Recommended for all professionals growing into a leadership position, companies going under mergers or acquisitions, restructurations, down-sizing, exponential growth, or downsizing. After the Covid-19 crisis, the supply chain disruptions, inflation, war, new disruptive technologies, etc. Change is the new topic and the world will not be quite the same as it was just 2-3 years ago. This course will help you navigate through much of that.

von Ranil A

14. Juni 2020

This is a fantastic course that is extremely relevant to anyone grappling with change in a business environment. The course is organized well and the video lectures are excellent. Do read and watch the additional material, you’ll find some fascinating content. Upon reflection, I’ve learnt a lot during the last six weeks, and the course has helped changed my perspective about managing change, particularly around how I can influence the outcomes I seek. Highly recommended.

von Olga M H

13. Okt. 2020

One of the most inspiring trainings I have ever taken. All managers are normally trained on technical disciplines, but rarely on how to become and adaptative leader, how to inspire and lead people. Thanks so much to Dr. Richard Badham for the insights, the theory and the advise, but mainly for the well prepared and documented content and the clarity of the ideas behind Leading transformations: Manage change.

von Maria M R

4. März 2022

The learning methodology here surpasses the face-to-face classes. I was amazed by the depth and broadness of learning curriculum. Kudos to the team of harworking and best in class professors, editors, instructional designers and management of this Mooc. Professor Richard Badham, I admire the way you deliver the instructional materials. Thank you is not enough.

von Veeresh S

26. Dez. 2020

This course not only teaches and equips the learners with essential tools and techniques also helps to relate the learning with some of the best research, books, quotes and practical application. For anyone looking to learn Change Mgmt, probably this is the best course available online. Thanks Prof. Richard for wonderful insights into the world of Change Mgmt.

von Saurabh M

4. Juli 2021

A course not as just another. It will take a lot of focus and follow along. The one attempting to it most likely would have seen change fairly closely and would already know the pian points. This course will help address those pain areas as well as will equip/enhance your competencies to lead the change head on. Good Luck!

von mun c F

12. Juli 2020

This is a good course to start on the change journey. It does not tell you what to do, rather the why and how to start doing what works for you in your context. It is a high level approach to change, and it can help you start thinking about change in a different way before you embark on a change project.

von Alim J

10. Apr. 2022

S​uperior stuff.

I've already done APMG change management practitioner... but this course from Macquaire was just fantastic in making sense of how and when to use certain tools and overcoming expected barriers. This course should really be required for all organizational leaders and managers.

von Chloe C W

10. Juli 2020

This course was outstanding! I learned so much! Not only about how to be a good leader but also gleaned a ton of insight into how my managers and leaders have been successful or not been successful do to either applying or not applying these practices. The information was really valuable!

von WAN F B W A

5. Mai 2020

Very impressive and useful course in dealing with a change. We face a kind of human attitude and to mange them is not easy as ABC.. a lot of skill, knowledge and approach we need to study to get a better result in dealing with all of this. A very good course that everyone must participate

von Britt R

27. Apr. 2021

I don't typically learn much in online training courses, so I was prepared to have the same experience with this program. I am absolutely blown away by how wrong I was. What I learned in this course will be absolutely pivotal in my approach to leading change from this point forward.