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This course explains the general principles of chicken behaviour and welfare, and the behavioural and physiological indicators that can be used to assess welfare in chickens kept in hobby flocks through to commercial farms. The focus is primarily on laying hens and meat chickens (broilers) although many of the principles are relevant to other types of poultry. The course is likely to be of interest to people who own chickens as pets or keep a small hobby flock, commercial egg and chicken meat producers, veterinarians and vet nurses. Learning Objectives: at the end of this course, you will be able to - - Describe avian sensory perception and motivation - Explain the main behaviour patterns of poultry - Define welfare and explain the bases of welfare standards - Assess chicken welfare, using behavioural and physiological means - Understand common welfare problems of chickens This course is taught by staff from Scotland's Rural College (SRUC), University of Glasgow, and St David's Poultry Team. You can follow us on Twitter! #chickenmooc © University of Edinburgh and Scotland's Rural College 2016 CC BY...



30. Juli 2021

Thank you very much to the instructor at Duke University. This course has taught me a great deal of information. Things that I never knew before, it was interesting and rewarding. Thank you very much.


30. Juli 2019

Great information about chickens' instinctive behaviors and the advantages and disadvantages of various means of caring for them. I learned a lot about the various systems used throughout the world.

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von Hector L J

1. Juli 2020

There should be more images videos of concepts explained in lecture videos, e.g. welfare problems, stress

von Kirsty W

23. Juli 2016

Can be taken by anyone with an interest in chickens! Good references and interesting variety of topics!

von Edie L

26. Dez. 2016

Fascinating general information on commercial and backyard chicken welfare and behavior course.

von Vivekananthanathan D N

22. Aug. 2021

This course is very useful to me. questions made me very clear. I thank you.

von SG

12. Okt. 2020

Quiz in French please

More information on organic breeding would be better..

von Afra A R

8. Feb. 2022

V​ery informative course, variety of material. Week 4 quiz is very tricky

von Patricia E

28. Nov. 2020

Recommended for people interested in starting poultry production

von Alexis B

6. Mai 2020

was a little repetitive but i learned a lot over chicken welfare

von mohamed

4. Mai 2021

Wonderful course. I learned a lot of things.

Thank you so much.

von Omar H

10. Nov. 2017

Good course, a little eurocentric but useful none the less.

von Santiago E d

18. Apr. 2020

buen curso, pero le falta un poco de informacion tecnica

von Andy W

10. März 2018

Very interesting course for the home chicken-keeper

von Diego F R D

15. Feb. 2019

Great information i learned a lot. Thanks everyone

von Muhammad Q

26. Feb. 2020

That is very helpful and good learning platform

von K S

13. Feb. 2018

Very well explained and pleasant to watch

von Summer S

8. Dez. 2020

If was informational and interesting.

von Anne b

12. Apr. 2018

Very interesting, if a bit short.

von Elizabeth W M

22. Juli 2020

Great course! Very informative


10. Mai 2017

Good course. Congratulations

von Simone P

24. Feb. 2017

Informative and interesting.

von Richard K

18. Aug. 2017

very informative


15. Sep. 2021

thank you (: !!

von Marie J

29. Apr. 2020

Very intere

von Colin C

1. Aug. 2017

I would say this is a very helpful course for those interested in intensive/ factory farming chicken production. It touches on the basics of keeping backyard chickens, but does not offer many recourse on this topic. I would like to see a course similar to this one but more information on small scale organic/ free range set ups. I would also have appreciated a more in depth look into the economics and marketing of chicken products. Why is it that large scale operations tend to be more economically viable than their small scale counter parts. I would like to hear from more small scale produces and the problems/ benefits of their systems. Thank you for the free course non the less it was interesting to see how the different style and size of the operations operate and perform!

von Emma W

14. Sep. 2017

I learnt a great amount about chicken behaviour (except their calls which I would like to know more about). However the course is too aimed at commercial breeders, so it wasn't as relevant to my backyard chickens as I would have liked. Weeks 1, 2 and 3 are quite relevant and helpful to backyard breeders (week 3 particularly for those who want to breed chicks). Weeks 4 & 5 I feel like they are justifying factory farms, more than educating about chickens. More information about backyard housing and specifics about diet (percentages of protein/carbs/fats & where to get these) would be appreciated. Well worth paying for if you would like proof of knowledge for the industry. Or even for weeks 1, 2 and 3, if you'd like a certificate to show your girls.