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In this course, we dive into the topic of child development. You will learn that child development is complex and is influenced by a surprisingly rich number of factors at many different levels of organization. You will see that development can be studied in various domains and at various levels of understanding, from different angles and disciplines. Importantly, you will come to understand that processes within and between the various domains and levels of organization continuously interact to shape development. This implies that understanding development requires taking an interdisciplinary approach. In order to help you organize your thinking about this complexity you will learn more about the developmental systems approach and theories related to that. We will look, amongst other things, at the brain and motor development, cognitive, language and social-emotional development and all the factors that have an influence on development. To illustrate how an interdisciplinary approach helps to understand child development you will see how researchers from various disciplines and backgrounds study child development at Utrecht University. These scientists will give a look in their field of knowledge and their collaboration with colleagues, to illustrate how the theory you will learn translates to practice. In sum, we invite you to follow us on a journey to understand child development from synapse to society!...



19. Feb. 2020

excellent explanation of the subject. But....... not at all easy... if you want to choose this one, you should be ready to spend more time than prescribed... surely...



17. März 2021

This was an amazing time for me learning about child development . Really an eye opener to aquire more knowledge about children , their behavior and just how they see the world .

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von Irina S

4. Apr. 2019

The content of the course is very good, however, I highly recommend you not to buy a Certificate. The assignments of this course are graded by peers. That's what happen to me in the end: I did all the assignments on time, but in the end of the course there were no people to check it. As it is recommended in FAQ, I've written in the forum for 3(!) times asking people to grade it. There were about 5(!) moderators, but no one paid attention. Even though I did all the required work, I didn't get the Certificate, that I really need. Your final result basicly depend on other people's mood (not even teachers, just the students). So don't waste you money, just listen to the content.


18. März 2019

I was looking to boost up my childcare profile. I learned a great deal of new areas relating to how child development is studied. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn more about child development processes.

von Abigail M C

12. Mai 2020

I completed the course, but it barely scratched the surface and instead focused on introducing topics and showing examples of research that the university is conducting rather than going more in depth. It felt like an advertisement for the university rather than a course with the goal of educating.

von Zahra T

21. Feb. 2020

It was mostly like a encyclopedia! The professor does't teach, It's like he is reading a summery of a textbook very fast.

von Rose F M

14. Okt. 2018

I have absolutely loved this course. Challenging but accessible. Every week has been engaging. I enjoyed the variety of research papers, video lectures and interviews.

von Thomas G

6. Juni 2020

Challenging but very interesting, well informed, entertaining, and covering for real development "from synapse to society". I thought the title would be too ambitious, or that the aspects of development covered would be too superficially approached considering this ambition. But I was wrong. This is a really good introduction to child development, especially for those who seek to understand it from various disciplinary perspectives, or, to sum it up by using the teacher's own words: understanding how development is influenced "by various factors, at various levels of organization, both within and outside the individual child".

von ratnakar r

19. Feb. 2020

excellent explanation of the subject. But....... not at all easy... if you want to choose this one, you should be ready to spend more time than prescribed... surely...


von Sylvana C v Z

27. Jan. 2020

I had great difficulties following this course, as it lacks of images. It is too much spoken words and it would really have helped if the lessons had more images to explain and show the content. Also I had difficulties following and understanding Dr. Huijber through the course, because of his way of speaking (really dutch-version of english) very annoying :(

von Neha K

7. Okt. 2019

Thank you Utrecht University and Coursera ! Its my good luck to study with Dr. Huijding, i would appreciate if he will make another course on child psychology too. This course helped me to see a big picture of child development. Child development cannot be understood in isolation, it is influenced by various factors. I learned so many new facts, terms and theories related to this topic . And now I feel confident that i know right approach to understand child development.

von Gulus G

7. Mai 2018

“Development from synapse to society” -reflecting its name very well- fulfilled my expectations. The fact that it combines subjects like the human brain development, media literacy, sociocultural theory, language development and the relationship between emotions and culture provided me with answers to many questions in my mind. This course makes it clear that development cannot be understood without combining researches in several fields of knowledge.

von Natalie G

28. Feb. 2018

The professor gives a lot of detailed information quickly in the lectures and also lets us see interviews with researchers to assist in the learning. We read good papers too throughout the week which are interesting. The difficulty of the course is just right and the knowledge we gain from the course is fantastic. You feel like you are actually learning the information rather than just gaining facts for a quiz.

von Felicity G

12. März 2020

The course led me through the stages of child development and enabled an appreciation of how complex it is. I learned that environment and genetics are intertwined and that it is imperative that we collaborate with experts in other disciplines if we want a deeper understanding of the journey from synapse to society. Thank you Utrecht University for showing us the way.

von Ramila G

11. Mai 2020

This course is simply amazing! I enjoyed receiving such complete, interesting, and significant information. All parts of the course are interconnected. Video interviews allow you to plunge into the development of the child completely. These videos are very informative and the work of the University of Utrecht is wonderful.

von Latha K

1. Juni 2020

The journey of understanding child development though challenging and engaging I enjoyed learning the theories facts,interviews,videos ,research work which were linked with each other.This course was very much informative.

von Vernesia n

18. März 2021

This was an amazing time for me learning about child development . Really an eye opener to aquire more knowledge about children , their behavior and just how they see the world .

von Tofail A

27. Sep. 2019

Present world is competitive. People don not have time to think about children. This is mostly time demanded to me. I am thankful to be a part of it...

von Eva

13. Sep. 2018

It's a really helpful course to lead you understand develomental psychology.

von Priyanka C

7. Juni 2020

Systematic content, amazing videos! Very helpful research articles. The assignments are well planned. Very well designed course content. A thank you to all the professors. A great learning experience! Highly recommended.

von jorge e r g

19. März 2019

I think it is an excellent course to understand a little more the development of our children. As a teacher I think it is a foundation to understand and support our students in their training process.

von Ramya B

13. Mai 2020

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to this course. It was very well designed and it was informative in easy way..

von Stynke D

6. Okt. 2019

the course was very interesting, and I gain knowledge that I can use in my job as a pediatric Physiotherapist.

von Khadija L

17. Aug. 2017

It was very interesting and I really enjoyed this course. Thank you very much.

von Sneha C

7. Juni 2020

It has helped greatly in understanding child development on different levels.

von novayuandini g p

20. März 2019

Amazing course, I learn a lot about child development in the past 6 weeks!

von Ana P S J

6. Juni 2020

Great course, I´d definitely would take another one from this university