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Bewertung und Feedback des Lernenden für Fundamentals of the Chinese character writing (Part 1) von Saint Petersburg State University

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The course gives a concise survey of the Chinese character-writing tradition. You’ll master the fundamentals of the Chinese writing aesthetics; learn about the main phases of the characters’ evolution and about the great calligraphers of the past. You are going to distinguish 6 types of the Chinese written symbols, become skilled in history of Chinese scripts and possibility of their modern usage. You’ll get the explanation of the 214 Chinese character radicals (the first part in Part 1 of the Course, the second — in Part 2) and can practice their writing, using the animated and static samples given in videos and on pages. Elaborate tests are going to help you regularizing the new information and filling the lacunae. Welcome to the mysterious world of the Chinese characters! You will definitely love it!...


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von Milena D

17. Mai 2020

Course more suitable to students interested in calligraphy history, rather than fundamentals of Chinese characters. It would have been more useful to include Mandarin pronunciation for the radicals, rather than just going through the strokes. Maybe this format will work for some students, but it didn't suit me. Will continue to look for knowledge in the field though.

von Shashwat T

17. März 2020

Some of the exercises were unclear, but my overall experience was excellent. I shall even use the archived course in the future.

von Jessica R

5. März 2021

Super fascinating, though I would have titled it differently. It is more along the lines of the history of calligraphy instead of Chinese character writing. Also, more practice would be helpful. Taking the quizzes to determine which character has the radicals is great, but there is no practice or discussion beforehand, so those are pretty difficult and I have no idea what the correct answer are! Overall, worth taking the class just for the lectures.

von Joy S

12. Juni 2019

With practice, and the instructor gives you information and links to material you could use for the purpose, a person could actually do Chinese Character Writing. Also, the historical information is interesting..

von Jesse A

7. Okt. 2019

The grouping of the characters is thoughtfully constructed and useful. However, the teaching itself of the characters is sloppy and hardly more useful than Googling the characters oneself. The videos were also sloppily arranged, to the point where there are obvious mistakes in the videos themselves, including a section in one video where the language abruptly switches to Russian from English without explanation or rectification.

von Tracy T

19. Okt. 2019

Excellent course with detailed content and ample opportunities for practice. Rather than simply teaching character strokes, students are introduced to the history and some of the philosophy of Chinese calligraphy which provides a context for the strokes.

von Greg L

20. Juli 2019

Better camerawork and rear-projected displays would enable a much improved presentation