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This course looks at where important materials in products we use every day come from and how these materials can be used more efficiently, longer, and in closed loops. This is the aim of the Circular Economy, but it doesn’t happen on its own. It is the result of choices and strategies by suppliers, designers, businesses, policymakers and all of us as consumers. In addition to providing many cases of managing materials for sustainability, the course also teaches skills and tools for analyzing circular business models and promotes development of your own ideas to become more involved in the transition to a Circular Economy. You will learn from expert researchers and practitioners from around Europe as they explain core elements and challenges in the transition to a circular economy over the course of 5 modules: Module 1: Materials. This module explores where materials come from, and builds a rationale for why society needs more circularity. Module 2: Circular Business Models. In this module circular business models are explored in-depth and a range of ways for business to create economic and social value are discussed. Module 3: Circular Design, Innovation and Assessment. This module presents topics like functional materials and eco-design as well as methods to assess environmental impacts. Module 4: Policies and Networks. This module explores the role of governments and networks and how policies and sharing best practices can enable the circular economy. Module 5: Circular Societies. This module examines new norms, forms of engagement, social systems, and institutions, needed by the circular economy and how we, as individuals, can help society become more circular. This course is brought to you by: LUND UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR INDUSTRIAL ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS (IIIEE) EIT RAWMATERIALS VITO GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF DENMARK AND GREENLAND NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS GHENT UNIVERSITY DELFT UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY...



7. Mai 2020

A great, detailed and informative course that I enjoyed learning about. Lund University you can do no wrong, from my semester spent on exchange in Lund to engaging with this fantastic MOOC! Thank you!


19. Apr. 2020

Great course!

Super interesting and very accessible language. It's a good entrance door to keep learning about this really important topics.

Thanks for giving us the chance to have it for free.

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von Julieta D l C

9. Mai 2020

It has been a very useful course in order to understand the importance of circular economy and how to develop new ideas for promoting the transition, I recommend this course, enjoy it!

von Talha B

28. Mai 2022

It was an exceptional experience where every instructor provided new knowledge and technological trends that can be implemented in developing countries to adapt to circular economy and reduce the burden on environment.

von Michael R

9. Jan. 2022

Very well explained, a good introduction to the concept of circular economy. The combination of videos and texts together with the assignments and the tests really helped apply the new knowledge.

von Jocelyne M E H

7. Mai 2020

A complete overview of Circular Economy.

Very interesting part regarding Circular Business Models, metal and mining management as well as legislative framework.

Highly recommended.

von Keshav a K B

25. Dez. 2019

great course. thank you creators. god bless you. the light of truth or knowledge offered here shines brilliantly in such pervading darkness i am really surrounded by now.

von Sabine P

25. Jan. 2020

Great insights and change the way I think about circularity in the business. Recommend to everyone, since this is how the future business should look like.

von Karla L A C

23. Aug. 2019

It was such an enriching experience, I´ve learned a lot and I´m more into a circular economy.

I really recommend it.

von Blanca L

11. Aug. 2019

It is a great course as an introduction to the circular economy. For me was a great first step into the topic

von Andrés F

13. Mai 2019

Great MOOC.

I had fun and enjoyed it.

The combination of lectures, videos and quizzes makes learning dynamic.

von Chris v R

12. Feb. 2019

Great course for a general overview for learners new to CE or a refresher for those with existing experience!

von Freja J W

12. Feb. 2020

Great course with material that is easy to understand, and pedagogically structured! I recommend it.

von Marianna A

16. Feb. 2019

Super! Very well structured and very inspiring! I learned a lot! Thank you to all the instructors!

von Jovana V

1. Mai 2019

Course with a really big diversity of information, awesome tools and I strongly recommend.


21. März 2019

It speaks to the required knowledge expected for a resource efficiency expertise

von Csinszka F B

24. Feb. 2019

Excellent and thought-provoking! I can now finally say I own the basics of CE.

von Ankit G

10. Feb. 2020

Very good course and i learn a lot about the different business models.

von gyanendra k

3. Aug. 2019

Structured excellently as easy to understood.

von Rachael E S

3. Mai 2020

Really enjoyed most of the content and it is a great introduction to the CE, along with thought-provoking assessments and helpful insights.

There were many typos throughout the first part of the course that were a little off-putting but this seemed less prevalent in the second half of the material.

I found the mining case-studies within the first section of the course quite long-winded and maybe a bit too much. But on the whole the course material was helpful and I have definitely learnt a fair bit.

Great course for free!

von Abhimanyu C

9. Sep. 2020

This course not only consolidated my existing knowledge on circular systems and waste management but also challenged my own deep-set ideas in more ways than one. Very informative, detailed and carefully-curated MOOC that will really push you to think critically about materials, consumption, production, and all there is to do with circularity. The course had lot to offer in terms of case studies, extensive videos, and further readings that truly build capacity and understanding the nuances in a circular economy.

von John D

23. Aug. 2019

Good course. Some of the videos could be better. Overall, worth doing to get a better understanding of the circular economy and stimulate ideas.

von Hanna J

1. Mai 2020

The overall course content was very interesting and quite good to understand with a basic knowledge. But I find it not very constructive that the assignments were peer graded without receiving any comments on why my peers decided for the specific amount of points. Also, within one weeks lecture was repeated several times, which is actually a good approach to really understand the topic but sometimes felt like not really making a step forward. Finally, the questions and gradings of the final quiz assessment were not really transparent and old-school. In my opinion the questions were stated unclear several times and an explanation why specific answers were correct was missing.

von Renata M

8. Mai 2021

It was an interesting course, but I was expecting more technical knowledge about environmental resources. To me, it showed in a negative way that the course was a collaboration: it seemed a concoction of elected themes rather than a comprehensive overview of the matter, like the one done by Catherine Weetman in her book A Circular Economy Handbook: How to Build a More Resilient, Competitive and Sustainable Business, for example.

von Pietro F

3. Juli 2019

I think that the course gives interesting tips to get started to circular economy. On the other hand I think that in the videos a lot of contents are repeated while others useful written in the lectures on pdf are not mentioned. I think that some contents might be treated with a more theoretical approeach, more similar to a university lectures rather than simply give some tips.

von Mujtaba H S

13. Feb. 2022

The course maybe is okay, but I found it to be not relevant. examples should be given about what things like ports and warehouses do about circularity (or if they are even relevant to the discussion), what is the role of fossil fuels in the circular economy (or if they should all be abandoned)

von Micah R

17. Sep. 2021

This course covers an important topic of environmental sustainability for our economy. For that I will it receives one star. It also has high video production quality and receives a second star for that. However, after that the course really breaks down. Many of the reading materials include low resolution images that are unreadable. The actual content of the course is either way too general (e.g., waste is bad and reducing waste is good) or specific case studies that are interesting, but often lack serious substance. Overall, I wanted to get more out of this course and did not. Another unfortunate area is that most weeks there is a short assignment that requires very little effort and is basically just a nominal exercise. Although the exercise themselves are very easy and good to enact some of the principles, you need to review three peers for each and this required me checking multiple times a day for almost a week to get my required reviews. I hope the creators of this course will at least upgrade the graphics in the reading materials to make them high resolution and readable.