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This course covers practical techniques to elicit and express software requirements from client interactions....



30. Jan. 2018

It is very good knowledge. But my English poor for that, was, sometimes. So was hard to understand and catch information. As a result 90% for grade. It is ok. But it is ok.

Viam supervadet vadens


20. Juni 2020

It was a fantastic course that gives a peek of the real-world problems and processes in product management. It was a great learning experience with peer-graded assignments and the graded quizzes.

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von Daniil M

22. Feb. 2018

I really enjoy this course. There were lot of benefit information : how to communicate with a client, how to elicit requirements and transform it in most appreciable case. I think this course is really good for all types of managers from different fields of working.

von Ruslan K

31. Jan. 2018

It is very good knowledge. But my English poor for that, was, sometimes. So was hard to understand and catch information. As a result 90% for grade. It is ok. But it is ok.

Viam supervadet vadens

von Thi V D

17. Apr. 2020

Very useful course for any one in the Software industry that currently working with clients. Help us to improve how to communicate efficiently with them and get the quality business requirement

von Arkadii M

6. Dez. 2021

Extensive, practical and digestable. The assignments require some thinking and diligence, but they develop skills readily applicable in practice. I believe it is a good introductory course for an IT project/product manager and for any developer who works within an Agile process. Note: although the course description says that it requires about 4 hours/week for 4 weeks, it took me something about 80 hours to work through this course carefully.

von Tim M

4. Dez. 2022

Of all the courses I've started and completed on Coursera, I find this to be one of the better and well-designed courses. From printed materials to links and a decent production, this course helped immensely. Recommend using the printed course notes and making some notations along the way, otherwise, this was great to just be able to watch and learn. Lots of exercises to help in practice, too.

von Igor D

16. Sep. 2022

The Course exceeded all previous expactations and was extremely hopeful. The authors of the course very organically combined theoretical material and practical tasks. The course was dynamic and exciting. And I would gladly recommend to anyone who is interested in this topic to take this one for study.

von Esther A

10. März 2022

Excellent course! So far, this is the most interesting course I've taken in this capstone. It's almost as if you're working on a real job when you're writing use cases, wireframes, and so on. I had a lot of fun with learning and reviewing other students' work as well.

von Daan B

19. März 2020

Although the literature is a bit dry, mainly learning terminology and subtle differences between complicated use cases, the course (and its teachers) explains everything very calm, consistent and engaging. Big recommend to all (aspiring) software product owners.

von Elena B

21. Aug. 2020

Very useful, well structured, full of examples to understand the topic and easy for everyone, especially for those new to this job field. Thank you coursera for offering the chance to change our careers when our jobs have been affected by the current situation.

von Andre L d A

3. Nov. 2016

For me, this was the hardest course, because I must to learn more about how to talk with clients. The U of A training supported me to understand a little bit about the beginning of project management, something unknown for me because my past was a programmer.

von Artem F

9. Mai 2020

The tutors and their way of explaining were very nice (that's why I want to sincerely thank them all!). Themes covered in course were interesting to me and will hopefully be useful in my future as the person's involved in software development. Totally great!

von Devdatta E R

1. Feb. 2019

Great course content, very well structured notes and very very systematic delivery of video lectures including timely quizzes. I have worked in Project/program/delivery management for over 1.5 decades but still enjoying the entire specialization immensely.

von Le T A

21. Mai 2020

It's quite tricky to complete this course as it provides so much knowledge & some of them not easy to be competent or fully understand. By the way, the course should introduce more about product vision & product roadmap, which are also commonly used today

von Oluwaseun A

3. Dez. 2019

This Course was very fundamental to building my knowledge based on User Requirement. It gave me a more holistic understanding of Requirement specification, various documentation approaches to Requirement.

Thank you to the facilitators and Resource Team

von Carlos A

13. Aug. 2018

Wonderful way to learn, its really exciting the passion and the solid knowledge shown by this extraordinary team of instructors, I really hope that they can help me to reach all the specialization.

Congrats Experts Team! You really did a terrific job!

von Gurava M

19. Aug. 2016

Amazing course. Very practical.

I have been working as a Product Manager/Business Analyst for last 9 years. I am happy i took this course. There are lot of details which i learned by going through this course.

I strongly recommend to take this course.

von MD T I

24. Apr. 2021

Thank you Coursera and for a complete Software management course. The course module is very organized and the course teachers are experienced. I would like to recommend the course to all fresh graduates since I am also a fresh graduate.

von Ashraful I S

3. Okt. 2020

Fantastic course. I learned very important things. I had trouble analyzing and create client requirements even in real projects. This course has taught me to exact things I needed specially the ambiguous terms. This is definitely going to help me.

von Maichatou K

18. Sep. 2022

Detailed and friendly course. It is one of the first courses to take before moving forward as a product manager because a clear understanding of client needs and knowing how to manage requirements is the root of building the right product.

von José C M M

8. Mai 2020

This course is excellent, it is too easy to understand, and the couches explain very good, they give you plenty of details in order to you can complete the course. Thanks to the University of Alberta and thank you for everyone.

von Jinoy K J

29. Juli 2020

Very informative and nicely described the contents very well. It was really a great gateway for me as I was able to learn many things from this course that will help me for pursuing my career and can apply it to the delivery

von Maaz

15. Juli 2016

Teaches you a lot about understanding problems. This course provides the basis of creating a comprehensive thought. Although it is about software requirements, going through this course will help you become a good listener.

von Guru P

11. Nov. 2017

Wonderful. Being a developer, I always found understanding requirements tricky. This course gave me a lot of clarity in understanding the requirements. Thanks to the whole team, for bringing out such a wonderful course.

von Kate S

28. Jan. 2018

It was great! The one thing in the tests - I was sometimes unclear about the question because the wording was vague. I took another class at the same time and did not encounter the same issue.

Thanks - I learned a lot!

von Keir J

30. Okt. 2016

Really enjoyed the presentations, tips, format, quizzes and resources. I work in software development, so it was nice to close my knowledge gaps and affirm my specific understanding of disciplines I'm less familiar with.