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This MOOC describes by example how to build cloud services via the use of object-oriented design techniques; Java programming language features; Java Servlets, the Java Spring Framework; and cloud computing platforms, such as Amazon Web Services. Due to the importance of building secure and scalable mobile/cloud platforms, this MOOC will not only show you how to build cloud services, but how to do so securely, scalably, and efficiently. Security and scalability topics will be woven into discussions of cloud service creation so that students learn, from the start, how to create robust cloud services....



8. Sep. 2019

This is one of the courses that I would definitely recommend. Quizzes and especially programming assignments really helped my understanding. Plus Prof. Jules is one of the great instructors.


11. Sep. 2020

Great Lectures and explanation. However before taking this course need to have a good understanding on OAuth2 subject. The lecture does not cover OAuth2 but the assignment required this.

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von ashok C

6. Apr. 2022

I can definitley say I have gained more knowledge on the cloud and web applications development after I completed the course. I am from a non CS background. I have been able to understand things a lot better about web based and spring frame work based applications after the completing course.

thanks for the course.


28. Aug. 2019

This course has the basic acknowledge of spring boot help you build your own cloud service, but the course is too short that didn't include some advance such as spring-security, spring-message, etc. Hope professor could add more topic of this course.

von Ankit K

16. Juli 2020

Overall learning experience was great. Hard to find other online course related to spring framework of similar stature. Only complaint I have, building the project (during practical assignments) was little difficult.

von john e o g

16. Nov. 2020

the course is excellent but the subtitles on spanish is bad, this course have many error in traduction and errors in construction of the orations, thanks for sharing your skills and your knowledge

von Hardik T

9. Jan. 2020

There are minor issues while setting up the starter code for both the assignments. Otherwise, the course content is very good and everything is explained properly.

von Chaithanya H N

23. Mai 2020

Course content was very helpful to understand the basics. Thank you!

Assignments had some issues - it had some glitches.

von Sukumar N

8. Nov. 2020

Annotations and AWS Dynamo database instance are well taught. Thanks Dr. Jules White

von Andrew

29. Aug. 2020

I wish the course was longer and

more practice-oriented.

von Sridhar M

1. Sep. 2019

Contents are good but it's good for beginners only.

von Vinay V

4. Dez. 2021

Its a really good course to learn spring from

von Yashika V

31. Mai 2020

Some videos from Week 4 were missing.

von Ognian K

12. Dez. 2020

a good course. I would recommend it.

von Anamika k

7. Feb. 2021


von Josiah N

13. Mai 2020

The course itself i.e. the material covered is super useful. Very well taught and in nice bite-sized chunks. The assignments are also very relevant and are a nice opportunity to get the hands dirty.

But (and this is a huge but which I am sure will be in a lot of other reviews) the maintenance of the programming assignments could be a lot better. The assignments use older versions of different tools such as spring and gradle. As a result, certain things such as running the files and creating a submission become very difficult as they seem to use features which are now deprecated. The process of sorting through all this, though unintended, still had me learning a lot. It however made me take a loooot more time than I should have with the assignments. I easily spent 50% of my time fighting with the tools and the other 50% doing the assignments. The forums were however super helpful in this regard.

It would be great if the course maintainers accepted some of the pull requests on Github that would make the programming assignments run more smoothly.

I really enjoyed the course otherwise

von claudio m

31. Aug. 2020

The course explains some of the concepts of Spring and how it relates to its successor Spring Boot.

Some of the concepts that are required in the assignments are slightly mentioned in the lessons or maybe they are explained just from a theoretical point of view.

Overall is a good course that gives solid foundations to start coding in Spring Boot, even if not updated with the most recent Spring Boot versions.

von Dimitrios V

15. Feb. 2021

The course is really very informative as to introducing us to the Spring Framework. BUT, the support is totally left to the ...students of the course! Even the examples had to be manually adapted (the build.gradle files) in order to be successfully built in Eclipse, let alone the assignments!. This is NOT the proper way when you are asking from the students to pay for the assessments/certificate.

von kunal s

30. Nov. 2020

Although videos talk about cloud services and high level cloud concepts, the assignment fails short of the same. No cloud services related assignment. But definitely a good refresher of the spring boot.

von Anku G

26. Okt. 2020

The course is good, but no support from teaching staff on discussions at all.

von Chang-Tai C

15. Aug. 2020

Exam questions are more difficult to answer, and later learners will have a better learning effect. There are detailed answers for reference after submission.

von Saksham K

10. Apr. 2020

The videos are not well explained. They are of short duration and do not explain the topics well

von Apoorva S

14. Sep. 2020

Not helpful for beginners to Spring

von Konstantinos C

20. Okt. 2020

Avoid this course. The title looks promising but the course fails at many levels.

The lectures are quite good but not what the title suggests. It is more like a quick review of basic Spring features (in random order). The end result is that this is neither a beginner nor an intermediate-level course(and certainly not advanced).

The quizzes are too easy and some of them bugged. Not really useful in anything other than slowing you down.

The assignments are really problematic. Outdated and not offering any flexibility to apply what the course tries to teach. It is more 'hack your way' through the grading system than implement a service/application. You can actually get a perfect score without implementing a lot of stuff.

The end result is a huge waste of time. I would not recommend this course unless it gets a serious upgrade.

von Manoj V

15. März 2021

Boring course not at all interactive.

Even free youtube video are giving more information

von Pavan S

26. Mai 2021

This course is very bad , no one know what to do , really struggled lot to complete it

von Fabiano P

26. März 2022

Pessima didatica. Estou arrependido de ter entrado neste curso.