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The workplace is more diverse than ever before. As the world population grows and our connectivity increases, it is common to work alongside colleagues from different generations, life experiences, cultures, genders, orientations, and religions. The increased diversity coupled with the shift toward remote and hybrid work environments means it's more critical than ever to develop appropriate communication strategies and practices. This course will teach you to identify and adapt your own communication style to not only increase team productivity, but also build bridges with colleagues from all backgrounds. By the end of this course, you will be able to: 1.Identify your own communication style 2. Describe methods to increase effective communication 3. Discuss how changing demographics affect workplace communication 4. Differentiate between the five working generations and their communication preferences 5. Identify the communication benefits of different work environments, such as in-person, virtual, or hybrid 6. Discuss effective techniques for communicating with a diverse workforce 7. Implement a flexing communication strategy to better communicate with one’s workplace team...



1. Dez. 2020

I learned new strategies to effectively communicate with peers, direct reports, and executives. This same strategy I can also use in communicating with other people besides the people you work with.


26. Apr. 2020

The content of the course was good. Lectures were effective which iincluded joint discussions. . I especially liked the last statement after every lecture "where ever you maybe have a great time"

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von Lena L

11. Nov. 2017

The information is very good. However, the course is poorly put together.

Every week has a number of required reading links, some of which are broken or behind paywalls. Quizzes pull from those broken/paywalled links. The quiz questions themselves are poorly written, with it being unclear what answer is expected, and when you get the answers wrong, you get no feedback on what material to review to learn the answers. This is especially frustrating because it's one of those courses that gives you only one chance every 8 hours.

To make things worse, there are no discussion boards where you can get help, which I've never seen on Coursera.

If this course were better put together, I would give it five stars. As-is, it's extremely frustrating, which sucks because the rest of the specialization so far has been fantastic.

von Wesley K

19. Apr. 2016

Overly-remedial information, but that is not what earns this course such a poor evaluation from me. The poor evaluation comes from the composition of the review quizzes: The end-of-section quizzes ask questions to which there can be more than one correct answer, yet only a single response will receive credit.

Example: "A recommended solution to a problem is valued by an executive because..." Followed by four possible answers: One of which is clearly incorrect while one makes an awful assumption. These two choices can be eliminated easily. However, the final two options are BOTH UNARGUABLY CORRECT, but only one was briefly mentioned in the material (reading or video), and thus only that one receives credit.

Unfortunately, this demonstrates the course creators' desire to value a student's memorization of the instructor's own unique words over the student's assimilation of the course content and ideas.

Course-takers beware, this course seems more tailored to stroking Ms. Bravo's ego than to you actually learning anything of commercial value.

von Tony S

21. Apr. 2016

Margaret Meloni was constantly looking down to read directly from a poorly-rehearsed script while trying to stumble through phrasing and lecture points. Considering this is a course about communication, this was very disappointing. The quizzes were vague and either didn't have clear correct answers or didn't feel applicable to the module to which it was assigned. After reviewing the material, I had to complete the quizzes by trial-and-error since the answers were not reflected in the lectures.

von Eric B

25. Okt. 2019

Most of the course content is on external website articles. I can get that for free.

von Alexander F

23. Aug. 2019

Not as good as the other Coursera courses I've taken. Very uneven presentation (two different instructors, plus guest speakers, with no explanation of why), required reading assignments that linked to articles behind subscription paywalls, and very poorly-worded quizzes made for a frustrating learning experience.

von Agung B A

12. Apr. 2020

This online course is superb. I had the opportunity to explore 4 communication techniques which will be useful to enhance the way of my communication either verbal or virtual. I am so delighted and enthusiast to practice and try in the real situation with my executive, manager, peers and direct reports. AWESOME !

von Marinelle F

20. Nov. 2020

This course is really helpful for me. It helps me understand better how important a communication in a workplace is. This course covers different scenarios that are related to communication.

von Muntasir A E

1. Feb. 2016

The content of the course was good. Lectures were effective. I specially liked the last statement after every lecture "where ever you may be have a great time"

von Patrick

4. März 2020

lots of required reading on other websites that want you to create an account and log in. for me it seems to takes away from this sites credibility

von Noor A

11. Apr. 2016

This course is really helpful. I would recommend it to my friend to learn how they can improve their communication skills at workplace and can be a good employee and a great manager.


9. Juni 2020

I learn Communication skills very well and speakers also teach in specific order to enhance their skills thank for providing Such a wonderful Lecture series.

von Kristine P V

1. Dez. 2020

I learned new strategies to effectively communicate with peers, direct reports, and executives. This same strategy I can also use in communicating with other people besides the people you work with.


27. Apr. 2020

The content of the course was good. Lectures were effective which iincluded joint discussions. . I especially liked the last statement after every lecture "where ever you maybe have a great time"

von Chutikarn N

22. Mai 2020

This course can give me a knowledge of communication in the 21st Century Workplace. I think it is very beneficial for people who are work in the organization. To make me know how to use effective communication, how to use verbal and non-verbal, how to work with other people in the team, and etc. Thank you so much

von Udok A

19. Dez. 2022

I totally had fun learning this course. It conveyed in clearly simple and relatable terms. I gained extensive knowledge on how to communicate better in the workplace especially in this century. I enjoyed the learning process. Thank you Coursera!

von Mario J R M

30. März 2017

Communication in the 21st Century Workplace

Congratulations on the platform

Congratulations on the administrative order of the course

Congratulations on the Success of the Course

von Amani A

16. Juli 2020

Very practical! I enjoyed learning techniques and tips. Although I have started applying what I learned in my personal life, I can't wait to practice that in the workplace!


8. Dez. 2020

Thank you, the course is very helpful and timely for the pandemic where such needed virtual meetings is needed skills in this given scenario.

von Kofi B

13. Sep. 2020

This was a fun and practical; learning ways to communicate efficiently with basically anyone and everyone at my workplace. Thank you!

von Syeda K z

20. Jan. 2023

it was a great journey of dong this course. i have learned a lot through it. everyone must do it.

von Camille P

28. Dez. 2022

This course really helped me communicate better and more effectively in the workplace.

von Onyinyechi c u

7. Dez. 2022

Very enlightening course. I enjoyed it and have learnt a lot. I highly recommend it.

von Walker, B

14. Juli 2022

It really showed me the things I need to consider in my ways of communicating with my teams and other people.

Thank you

von Elaine W

25. Sep. 2018

This course is extremely content light, with quizzes that pick out very small points that frankly, don't make a lot of sense. Most of it was a waste of time.

von Tien C B

27. Dez. 2022

Even though the content is clear and concise, it should be elaborated with examples and real-world practices.