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The workplace is more diverse than ever before. As the world population grows and our connectivity increases, it is common to work alongside colleagues from different generations, life experiences, cultures, genders, orientations, and religions. The increased diversity coupled with the shift toward remote and hybrid work environments means it's more critical than ever to develop appropriate communication strategies and practices. This course will teach you to identify and adapt your own communication style to not only increase team productivity, but also build bridges with colleagues from all backgrounds. By the end of this course, you will be able to: 1.Identify your own communication style 2. Describe methods to increase effective communication 3. Discuss how changing demographics affect workplace communication 4. Differentiate between the five working generations and their communication preferences 5. Identify the communication benefits of different work environments, such as in-person, virtual, or hybrid 6. Discuss effective techniques for communicating with a diverse workforce 7. Implement a flexing communication strategy to better communicate with one’s workplace team...



1. Dez. 2020

I learned new strategies to effectively communicate with peers, direct reports, and executives. This same strategy I can also use in communicating with other people besides the people you work with.


26. Apr. 2020

The content of the course was good. Lectures were effective which iincluded joint discussions. . I especially liked the last statement after every lecture "where ever you maybe have a great time"

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von Anindya B

25. Aug. 2021

von Rahulkumar S

14. Juni 2021


von Motilall M

24. Jan. 2021


von Omar A

11. Okt. 2020


von Pont P C

23. Mai 2020


von Moein k

10. Apr. 2020


von Adnan A A

2. Dez. 2018


von Sonia S

13. Aug. 2018


von Stella K

21. Jan. 2021

The content of the course was great, the lectures were brief and to the point. I really liked the positive vibes of the main instructor and that we got the chance to see other significant speakers that discussed some important aspects of business communication.

Unfortunately, regarding the resources some links are no longer available. For example, in Week 1 in Resources for Working with and Managing a Virtual Team the 3-part blog series of "Cornell University study on virtual teams" are no longer available. Also, in the same week the link "for a fun infographic on sayings to keep a virtual team together" has expired. Regarding the Required Readings in Module 2 "The Power of In Person" directs us to another irrelevant link. Last but not least, the quizzes were a bit harder than usual. It is very disappointing that in case of wrong answer there is no feedback, especially when it is one of the courses that you have only one chance every 8 hours.

von Shreya K

25. Juli 2019

The course is very useful to get the complex question of "How do I talk to ---- in my work place in different situations?" answered. The instructors are great!

All in all this is a very useful course and I would definitely recommend that anyone who is relatively new to working (less than 3 years experience) should take it to learn the right way to communicate.

I took a star off only because a lot of the readings for the first and second week were not accessible because the website asked for payment. And some of the quiz questions could have been structured better.

von Dalton S

29. März 2019

Very nice skills to have and I am happy to have gone through it as, what may seem like an obvious subject, few people understand and actually use the skills. This could definitely get you more of an edge if you are looking to advance in your career. Rated 4 of 5 stars due to the fact that it is more of a surface level course then something to really dive into in itself. Otherwise, really great.

von Ijaz A

29. Sep. 2020

This online course is superb. I had the opportunity to explore 4 communication techniques which will be useful to enhance the way of my communication either verbal or virtual. I am so delighted and enthusiast to practice and try in the real situation with my executive, manager, peers and direct reports. AWESOME !

von K R K

19. Juni 2020

Although the course is very well paced and covered most of the aspects of communication, but I feel some important aspects of communication are missing. Yet the style of Prof.Patricia Bravo is very attractive and engaging.

von Monica A

17. Nov. 2019

The course is very beneficial to help improving the career especially facing the virtual communication era which is more and more utilized. This course provide a lot tips and trick for many types of communication.

von Bassam D

6. Dez. 2015

Good tools, approaches, and guidance on communication with different people within an organization. The only drawback of this course is that it relies a lot on additional readings rather than lectures slides.

von Danny G

14. Okt. 2015

I think this course did a nice job of breaking things down into manageable pieces. The required readings were very helpful, but there was one link that was unclear what I was supposed to read on the link

von Rizwan S

12. Sep. 2021

Its an excellent course for understanding communication skills across hierarchy, intra departmental and outside department as well. Also it helps in understanding dealing with clients and executives.

von Gulzar A S

29. Mai 2020

Good one to let you lead & adopt a practical approach to engage in virtual communication, avoiding common communication errors & lead strategically by building relationship with teams.

von Kendra P

23. Juni 2022

Good course. COuld use some more concise wording and better definitions of terms such as "buying habits" and flexing communication. Some parts are just a bit confusing for no reason.

von Sameeran J

21. Dez. 2015

More interviews were few real-life scenarios are discussed will be useful. Patricia is one of the most expressive tutors on Coursera and her energy & enthusiasm is infectious.

von Pelit M

4. Juni 2022

Gives some worthwhile points to consider (including in the linked TED talks).

Downside: lots of monotone reading & only few videos. Quizes are phrased vaguely in some areas.

von Katelyn T

3. Mai 2016

I enjoyed this course. I used it for personal development. It gave great tools and information to think about as a middle manager and how to properly communicate with

von Deleted A

6. März 2019

The study material is great and the extra reading material very useful, in general a great course. In my opinion some of the answers in the quiz tests are debatable.

von Octavian C

10. Okt. 2015

Good course. It will help both managers as well as direct reports to find a common interface for better communication, and more efficient business relationships.

von Govind S

7. Feb. 2016

Useful course for middle and senior managers. Helps with different perspectives and practical tips to be more effective at this. Highly recommended. Thanks!