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This course provides an introduction to complex analysis which is the theory of complex functions of a complex variable. We will start by introducing the complex plane, along with the algebra and geometry of complex numbers, and then we will make our way via differentiation, integration, complex dynamics, power series representation and Laurent series into territories at the edge of what is known today. Each module consists of five video lectures with embedded quizzes, followed by an electronically graded homework assignment. Additionally, modules 1, 3, and 5 also contain a peer assessment. The homework assignments will require time to think through and practice the concepts discussed in the lectures. In fact, a significant amount of your learning will happen while completing the homework assignments. These assignments are not meant to be completed quickly; rather you'll need paper and pen with you to work through the questions. In total, we expect that the course will take 6-12 hours of work per module, depending on your background....



5. Apr. 2018

The lectures were very easy to follow and the exercises fitted these lectures well. This course was not always very rigorous, but a great introduction to complex analysis nevertheless. Thank you!


23. Jan. 2021

Derivations are generally clear and easy to follow, some are abit less intuitive but Dr Petra Bonfert-Taylor makes the effort to explain it in a way that is easy for me to understand.

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von Sandushan R

13. Aug. 2020

Really good course for anyone who interested in complex analysis. Explanations and presentations are very clear. Thank you Dr. Taylor for this wonderful course.

von Neringa B

23. Juli 2016

The course is very well presented. Great experience for those individuals who believe in purity and virtue of the ideas enchained by the mathematical consensus.

von David A I

30. März 2018

Outstanding class -- very accessible introduction for a non-math major, but covered all the topics I felt I missed in my undergraduate complex analysis class.

von Iñigo F

13. Aug. 2020

Every lecture was clear and entertaining, and I slowly got to understand very unfamiliar concepts at my pace. This course is really useful for math majors.

von Sean G

8. Juli 2020

This course is a great introduction for anyone who interested in complex analysis, clear explanation of the concept, not a lot of proves. Highly recommend.

von Anthony F

6. März 2021

Exceptional course! Very well structured, great exposure to the material, and excellent opportunities to practice what you've learned! Thank you so much!

von Jo S

30. Juni 2020

Very good tempo, and a lot of exercises to solidate learning. 10/10 would recommend if you want to learn the basics of complex analasys on your own!

von Stephen

17. März 2019

A comprehensive and tuitive course on complex analysis. The professor explains every detail very well and goes through the proofs step by step.

von thomas g

19. Dez. 2021

This course gave me a lot of practice tools for Complex analysis ! Thanks a lot to have created this course. This will help me for my studies.

von Sharang T

30. Aug. 2020

It was a very great intro to the entire field. As a maths student, I found this to be a very basic yet detailed course in the subject.

von Zexiang L

15. Juli 2020

Very good introductory course on complex analysis! No rigorous proofs, but the intuitions behind the main results are well explained.

von Simone C

7. Feb. 2018

Nice introduction to Complex Analysis, I really enjoyed the introduction to the Riemann Zeta Function and to The Riemann Hypothesis.

von Vishesh B

21. Sep. 2016

I hated Complex Analysis when I first encountered it. This course made me fall in love with Complex Analysis. Kudos to Prof. Taylor

von Saulo G C C

28. Jan. 2020

It is a great course! I subscribed because I wanted to practice my knowledge of Complex Analysis and the course was very helpful.

von Mehmet M G

4. Dez. 2021

Every topic is explained clearly and basics of complex analysis can be digested easily following the exercises and the lectures.

von Ruben A L V

24. Sep. 2017

It's a fantastic course, the lessons was very interesting, Thank you very much Dr. Petra,i've learned a lot in this eight weeks.

von Pieter V d d

30. Dez. 2017

Very nice introduction to complex analysis. Explains a lot about interesting theorems without digging too deep into the proofs.

von Sebastián M H

11. Apr. 2022

Me amplió en gran medida mi comprension del Análisis Complejo y me ofreció herramientas útiles para mi quehacer como docente.

von Paritosh G

30. Aug. 2016

Excellent course with interesting content, great self explanatory notes and a nice teacher who explains it all meticulously!

von Alessandro R

28. Okt. 2019

The instructor was phenomenal, and everything was exposed in a clear way. The different topics were always introduced well.

von Manuel G

21. Dez. 2021

i really liked this course, i got stuck in some parts but that's because i took this course only knowing math until calc 2

von Dr. R

2. Sep. 2020

Nice vedioes, contents of course, particularly

we have to value colleagues work, there by

coming to know different ideas.

von Chen N

1. Dez. 2018

Amazing! Professor Petra Bonfert-Taylor is a real master of simplifying complex conceptions. Very clear and inspiring :)

von Chung L C

16. Apr. 2018

Excellent to learn about complex analysis without burden of too much proofs; an introduction to Riemann Zeta function.

von Sai C M

14. Nov. 2020

This course is superb for understanding basics of complex analysis. This is a very good introduction of the subject.