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This course is designed to provide a full overview of computer networking. We’ll cover everything from the fundamentals of modern networking technologies and protocols to an overview of the cloud to practical applications and network troubleshooting. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: ● describe computer networks in terms of a five-layer model ● understand all of the standard protocols involved with TCP/IP communications ● grasp powerful network troubleshooting tools and techniques ● learn network services like DNS and DHCP that help make computer networks run ● understand cloud computing, everything as a service, and cloud storage...


23. Feb. 2021

This course was amazing and helped me understand so much more about networking, things I never thought I would know or understand. Very fulfilling and I can't wait to use this knowledge going forward.

8. Nov. 2020

Great overview of the technical aspects of networking that, once again, started from the very "I know nothing basics" and moved to more advanced topics at a rate that this beginner could keep up with.

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von Ken L

4. Apr. 2020

So many terms and so little explanation. The courses are like dropping a term after another.

von JMF

7. Juli 2018

I wish this course had a more professional name-- all the courses in this series have cutesy unprofessional names and I don't like putting them on my resume like this.I feel like the spent more time writing puns for the lectures than they did on the actual material or the assignments. It's hard to follow the path the material is taking, it's extremely wordy (so it's easy to zone out before you get to the actual facts and info you need), the puns don't help (especially if you're struggling with learning disabilities or if English is not your first language), the rattling off of IP address after IP address becomes impossible to tease out the actual facts, and heaven forbid you have a little dyslexia. There aren't enough useful slides/diagrams/visual aids in the lectures. The quizzes (especially the interactive exercises) aren't helpful, and are slow or don't load properly, and when they do load, they're hard to use with a high magnification setting, and often the color choices aren't great if you're colorblind. The phrasing of the questions in the quizzes tested you more on whether or not you followed every lecture rather than the actual material. I honestly expected a lot better from Google and this course is not the same quality as other Coursera courses I've taken, and this course needs a lot of work before I'd suggest it to anyone. Less puns, more quality, please.

von Grechykhin A

21. Mai 2021

During the course we see some guy, reading networking documentation from the TV sufler. And that's all. The same information you can read from Wikipedia for free, or you can even listen it from Wikipedia. So why you should pay for image of some guy, reading the same information? :-)

von Brandon M

2. März 2018

Some of the interactive quizzes could have been better explained and administered in a more efficient way. For example, the final quiz converting IPv6 to IPv4 shortened address - you should not have to continually redo answers that you already had correct. The way the quiz is administered is 10 random IPv6 numbers. It should have been done in such a way that once you get one correct, it won't generate again. A lot of the interactive quizzes were given this way and it just made them more time consuming. Imagine getting 9/10 right and you make a small error on the 10th. You then have to redo all 10 again despite having gotten 9 right previously. It's just inefficient. Other than that everything else was great. I'd like to see a mix of multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank on the quizzes instead of just one way or the other but that's not that big of a deal because there are flaws with both types of questions. I'd also consider doing away with the peer graded essays. I get the purpose for them, but I also don't think people were grading them fairly or thoroughly. I know for a fact that I did not include one of the items that was asked and 2/3 people gave me a passing mark on that particular item which shows flat out that they did not take the time to read through my submission. Overall great job, I'm enjoying the courses so far.

von D D

30. März 2021

This course is a big step up in difficulty from the first course. They will throw a lot of terms and definitions at you all at once. That being said, the information is well-organized.

I passed this course in just over a week. All I did was watch the videos, and pause every time a new definition came up. I would copy the definition into a google document along with notes and screenshots of the visuals. I read over some of the supplemental reading out of curiosity, but most of it wasn't relevant to the quizzes.

If you come across a concept that you find difficult, just pause the video, and read the transcript carefully. Sometimes the choice of words are very specific, but could be misinterpreted. I read other reviews where people mention they had to learn the material elsewhere; but all of the questions on the quizzes are in fact covered by material in the videos.

Overall, it was very enjoyable. I love this material. It's clear the presenter is passionate about the material and it prevents the detailed/mundane concepts from becoming too boring. I only wish there were more interactive troubleshooting techniques (more labs), but I'm thinking the purpose of this course instead is just to give you a detailed technical overview of how networks work.

von Moises A G G

22. Aug. 2020

I wish slides were included or per video. Would have been much easier than reading transcripts. To pass the course I had to constantly refer back to the videos and to Wikipedia. Maybe this was the intension. If so, I guess I should up my rating from 4 to 5 cause it did create that skill in me to go out there and research this stuff on my own

von Milind M J

23. Aug. 2020

OMG learned a lot, so many things got covered which i don't even know even if I in second Year in Computer Eng. Glad I found this course. Really Help a lot.Now im not the same person in my class. I have very solid foundation of networking. Yeahh

von Wm. T W

9. Nov. 2020

Great overview of the technical aspects of networking that, once again, started from the very "I know nothing basics" and moved to more advanced topics at a rate that this beginner could keep up with.

von Zoe Z

20. Juni 2021

I really found the instructors for this course great, and it was an excellent overview of networking. I have needed to do a fair amount of supplemental reading however, in order to get a better understanding of the material. I found this course briefly touches on a lot of really complex topics that are difficult to get your head around, but doesn't quite go into depth enough about how these different components will effect us as IT professionals. For example, I would love to see more information about troubleshooting at different layers in the model, and identifying where the source of the problem is. While this was very informative regarding networking, I'm not sure there was enough information about troubleshooting networking issues, which I would really like to learn!

von Iftekhar M T

3. Mai 2020

Thanks to Google for coming up with such an awesome course. If you're new to networking, you've got to stick to your guns & deal with the course patiently. Just one area of improvement, the course would've been x10 effective had they provided practical & more visual stuff. It's all theory & there's only so much you can remember. But anyway, I've definitely taken away a ton of value from this course. I would recommend it to any beginner just heading out with networking.

von Yunhua J

23. Juni 2019

Great contents, but I feel that the way these contents are delivered can be significantly improved in two ways.

1. For more than half contents of this course, it is delivered in the logic follow/pipeline of "theory followed by examples". However, I feel the other way around, i.e. "examples followed by theory" would make it way more effective.If theories are shown before examples are presented, students will be very confusing until they see the examples, which they are very familiar in daily life ---- Everyone is "familiar" with the Internet (in terms of examples).The other way, "examples followed by theory" will be way more intuitive. Through examples (that you have seen in your daily life) you will know what problems you need to solve, and then followed by the theories or methods about how to solve it. In this way you know your target at the very beginning through something you are familiar with. It will be more comfortable to look into the theories and terminologies afterwards.

2. Show the slides instead of the instructor for most of the time, and use clean background without characters/letters for the instructor. All the terminologies are very new to students, seeing them visually at the same time (especially when they have an inner connection) will make the learning experience for new theories/terminologies much smoother. Currently, the terminologies only occasionally show up in a distracting background with fancy lights of other characters, which is really confusing, making students lost until the slides with examples shown up.

von Anthony H

11. Apr. 2020

The quiz has excellent knowledge for beginners and covers a variety of topics that one would need to learn for either Comptia Net + or later down the road their CCNA. My issue with this course is with the graded quizzes. The wording of the questions act almost as if they are trying to trick the tester by playing semantics. For example there was a question I encountered covering DHCP, paraphrasing it asked what would the type of IP be classified if you attempt to assign it to the same machine every time. "This would be "Static" being the IP is not being selected out of a pool of IPs. but the answer was labeled incorrect. Also in Week 5 there was a "1" Question graded quiz that has you move the wifi frequency to prevent interference. 1" the instructions are out of date and do not clearly identify what the course sees as "Least frequency interference". Also while interpreting the instructions you are given only 3 tries which will prevent you from completing this course. Not only do I think this should have been a interactive activity no graded. This is not how you perform a site survey. If you have overlap you modify the channels broadcasting (1,6,11) or move the direction /type of antennas.

von Miljen A

25. Sep. 2020

While the first course was pointless, this one contained actual useful information... encapsulated in an excruciating avalanche of filler, time wasting intros, and the most obnoxious puns I've had the displeasure of being exposed to. And that's not even touching on the multiple tests and quizes that don't function correctly. If I had to rate my Coursera experience overall, I'd give it negative stars if possible. I'd absolutely demand my money back if there was anywhere else to get this information. Your service is an abomination, and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for contributing to its existence.

von Joshua C

18. Sep. 2020

Unbelievably disorganized. It feels like the instructors were simply told to type up definitions of terms on the fly with extremely, unnecessarily verbose and confusing wording. A huge sticking point was the fact that the instructor never pointed out the simple fact that subnets LOOK like IP addresses but are COMPLETELY different from them. This alone would have helped tremendously, but a friend and I taking the course were left in major confusion for a long time. There are other significant issues with this course, too, which has so far been easily the worst of the 4 out of 5 that I've done.

von James B

6. Nov. 2020

Seemed like a lot of information that I didn't need to know and the quizzes asked questions about very irrelevant things that weren't emphasized enough in the lessons because going back to find the answers proved to be a chore. I understand the information and what was presented but the quizzes were a nightmare because they asked you stuff that I'm sure even seasoned vets don't have memorized but it's stuff you would have to memorize when there's no benefit to committing it to memory or barely to even write in my notes.

von Adude601

18. Jan. 2020

Terribly formatted and extremely glitchy, which is very ironic considering this is an IT course. Tech support simply does not respond to any inquiries, even if they are as desperate as "this quiz does not function". On one of them, I literally had to drag boxes (which were either blank or had the text practically in another box!) at complete random until the quiz accepted them. The lectures themselves are horrible. You will learn more by just looking up YouTube videos on the subject.

von 221910310006 A N

14. Mai 2021

i have to get my cerificate. you people should not ask for account verfication for certificate.My university payed huge amount to you, i think.Please solve this problem quickly.I tried for multiple times to verify my account. its your problem that you are unable to verify my account. A part i am taking the picture correctly for multiple times.Beacuse of you my teachers are pressuring us to put certificate.

von Salvador D

9. Okt. 2020

The information is all over the place! Trying to understand the whole complex networking process based on the (rather poor) information provided this course, is like trying to solve a puzzle with the pieces facing down. The most painful course I've learned in years...I am just praying the rest aren't as badly organized and poor in contents, however much overwhelming "bla bla bla"...

von Deleted A

1. Mai 2020

total a waste of time, i completed this certification and in the end Coursera provided me a certificate with a strange name FAJOF .

tell me what should i do now .

a worst experience.

and there is no option of change your name.

i request Coursera to look upon my issue.

von FreddieS21

8. März 2021

The week 5 lab quiz on channel interference was a nightmare to to deal with even if you passed it would automatically fail you. after many attempts , and trying to troubleshoot I finally able to submit the lab completed and it finally accepted it and passed me.


20. Mai 2020

You won't get any certificate after complete this course. In catalog Coursera written you will get certificate after completion of this course, but actually you won't. Video of this course available on youTube. So don't spoiled your time in grade assignment.

von Gurpreet S

25. März 2020

Too many issues with Wireless Channels quiz. No one has fixed these issues in past 6 months. Support is very minimal.

I could have passed a while ago if I wasn't held up repeatedly trying to complete this one quiz, which in all, added no value to the course

von Marisa J

10. Apr. 2021

This is a class is instructed horribly. The material is difficult and requires a lot more coverage. I have had to do additional research on almost every topic that is covered in this course. Google really needs to take some Teaching 101 classes.

von Britain N

28. März 2020

As many others have stated, the material simply was not presented well. So much could be done to make this much easier to learn. I'm also glad to see that others noticed there are test questions that were not covered in the material.

von mike w

23. Mai 2021

I had to complete a lab twice and then at the end of week one I tried to take the final 16 question quiz and couldn't take it. I kept getting a message that the allotted tries were up even though I hadn't taken the quiz.