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In this course, you’ll learn how to apply automation to manage fleets of computers. You’ll understand how to automate the process for deploying new computers, keeping those machines updated, managing large-scale changes, and a lot more. We'll discuss managing both physical machines running in our offices and virtual machines running in the Cloud. We'll start by looking into an automation technique called configuration management, which lets you manage the configuration of our computers at scale. Specifically, you'll learn how to use Puppet, the current industry standard for configuration management. We'll look at some simple examples, and then see how we can apply the same concepts to more complex cases. You’ll be a Puppet-master in no time! Later on, you'll expand your automation skills by understanding how to use the Cloud to help scale your infrastructure. You'll check out some best practices for handling hundreds of virtual machines running in the Cloud and troubleshooting them when things don't go according to plan....



25. Jan. 2021

Great course! Lots of information and useful knowledge! It has helped me hone in my skills, and see what I need more work with. Excited for this new career opportunity! Teacher was pretty good too!


10. Okt. 2020

the instructor is really great and the labs were for the most part easy to follow and practice your skills. Alot of concepts were covered were well explained for someone who is a beginner

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von Marcelino D H

29. Apr. 2020

very poor course in terms of content. It has nothing to do with Python but it is one of the specialization courses. Too poor and too basic labs

von Sacha v W

10. Mai 2020

I am not sure there even was one python code snippet. It is really an overview and the material is not really repeated, programmed along or anything else. So it will not stick to memory. The labs refer to a bunch of UNIX functions that were mentioned in Course 4 on somewhere between the 100 functions tha where briefly mentioned not practice. If you are looking for a high level overview on automation in using cloud technology without sufficient practice this give a very nice and structured over view. I give it 2 stars because there was too little practice and too little repetition.

von Thiago F N

24. Feb. 2020

Course was too slow, too few labs and examples....

The instructor was pretty good, but I honestly expected a few more exercises and practical examples...

von Taha E B

4. Juli 2020

This course a great course for beginners to learn about cloud computing concepts, Infrastructure as code and configuration management systems. I loved taking this course till the end.

von Tom D

17. Feb. 2020

The instructor is an export of the field other than the regular trainer. He explains the concept very clearly and make good sense. Love this course.

von cullyn

7. Juli 2020

Pretty good! Will probably come back one day and reference material in this course. I can totally see myself using gcloud

von Harshit G

29. Mai 2020

Nice knowledgeable content, although more practical knowledge could be given by contacting students like me and giving them Job at google and teaching them the office day to day work.

von Mijael M

9. März 2020

Very interesting module! There is a lot of material, and a lot of further reading and practice. I'll have to come back to those for sure.

von Leo H

8. Juli 2020

there were some difficult parts, some easy parts, and a lot that was interesting to learn.

von Raul J

12. Juli 2020

It would have been better to see a bit more depth to the subjects

von Michael E

17. Nov. 2020

Great course, very knowledgeable instructor who was able to convey his knowledge in a very clear and concise way.

However, the course could have been much more interactive (please see my input in "Learners Journey" for a suggestion). While I could see that it was not easy in "Troubleshooting" to come up with true interactivity because you need to replicate errors in a meaningful way to make it work, here it is really super easy:

Build the while course around each participant setting up VMs on GC, implement Apache, set up a simple, website. After the end of the course you could even give a user the option to keep the GC account and to maybe work some more on their website.

von Deano

21. Sep. 2020

This course is a VERY clear overview/conceptual level grounding in Configuration management and the cloud. It is not a great preparation for a specific job doing cloud configuration management or automation, but that is by design - there are simply too many possible combinations of roles and platforms to cover easily - that would be worthy of a full Certification in its own right. But it's a great starter, and I feel much more confident about why and when to apply automation and the cloud than I did before, even with 20+ years in IT.

von Sevket E K

13. Nov. 2020

This was by far the best designed course by Google. And I took like eight different google courses.

It teaches practical aspects as much as the conceptual parts. The extra reading section had very useful and relevant links.

Overall, very useful and well designed course. The other google courses can use this course as a template by chancing the variables.

Thank you all. Just the beginning of the long journey to the IT world.

von Vlad Z

6. Sep. 2020

Great course. Enjoyed learning about possible ways to manage multiple devices in regular networks and in the cloud. The course caught me off guard a little because it seemed to me like an understanding of configuration files and overall environment was needed. However, it made me look up many things on my own. I did not become an expert but it was a great introduction to the concepts. Thank you!

von Adriel N S C

24. Jan. 2023

The discussions on both configuration management and the cloud are great as it explained the basics of these topics and its applications. Personally, I still do not have a use or a plan to use the cloud since I am still not part of a development team or such, but I already get its usability. Meanwhile, configuration management can provide me with advantages in migrating between devices easily.

von Harim H

7. Jan. 2022

I struggled to understand the new concepts at first, but as the course advanced in the topics, I was surprised that, after all, I was able to learn the best practices on how to use these tools and apply them to deal with automation at scale. I'm so grateful with Google and Coursera for giving me this opportunity, it will certainly be an essential skill in my IT toolkit!

von Timur U

23. Mai 2020

I have found the most interesting scenarios and essential information for me with this useful course. It is a debuffing problem on the Cloud. I will use these techniques for my daily IT working life. Thank Phelan for clear instructions and tips on how to catch up with some complicated definitions and aspects for debugging problems in the Cloud easily.

von Luis

30. Aug. 2020

This course was great, it gave me ideas on how to use Infrastructure as Code and how to monitor and automate configuration of systems. I also enjoyed the modules on Load Balancing and the tips and suggestions for continued availability. Of course all of these things are just an overview, but enough to help you see the possibilities.

von Itsido C A

29. März 2020

One of the best resource on Configuration Management. The course provided me valuable knowledge, techniques and how to use this skill in real world scenario. The instructor give an overview on the state of the art on the topics and give a deep dive on how to handle real world use cases. Thanks to Coursera, the Instructors and Google.


12. Sep. 2021

Although I took the course in rush, I certainly learned bunch of very useful things from techniques, to tools, to concepts, and I applied some in my machine.

**If I can give 4.5 stars I would. Because the course needs more challenges of using Puppet in Qwiklabs, and generally more challenges than the 4 courses before it.

von Z A Z A

5. März 2021

I love how Phelan instructs us in this video with great analogies and examples along with experience sharing plus hands-on lab, also with the tips for the problem that might occur or any possibilities that could happen in cloud management and configuration in every probability that exist. Thank You, Phelan!

von Karsten S

27. Sep. 2020

Yet another great Google course. This course shows you the shift from hardware to software. Good news: what you have learned as sys admin can be used in a cloud environment. You don't need hardware to apply your skills. However - you need to learn and unlearn certain things in a cloud environment.

von Ahmad A

14. März 2021

This course really taught me a lot of new knowledge especially on sys-admin work and the cloud. This is super useful even though you're not going to be a sys-admin. Once you understand the concept, it all started to make sense. Good job Google! Keep more awesome educational courses coming!

von Steve M

16. Aug. 2020

The instructor was very good. Clear and to the point on what we needed to learn. It was the most I have learned about the Cloud topic. From spinning up a new VM to configurations to troubleshooting issues. This is a perfect introductory level course for anyone new to the Cloud concept.


20. Jan. 2023

Hello, my name is Agung Pambudi. My hope for taking this course is to gain new experience and knowledge. My goal is to adapt to the current era's changes. where cloud computing has become a business necessity. My hobby is traveling to places I've never been. I come from Indonesia.