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In this course, you’ll learn how to apply automation to manage fleets of computers. You’ll understand how to automate the process for deploying new computers, keeping those machines updated, managing large-scale changes, and a lot more. We'll discuss managing both physical machines running in our offices and virtual machines running in the Cloud. We'll start by looking into an automation technique called configuration management, which lets you manage the configuration of our computers at scale. Specifically, you'll learn how to use Puppet, the current industry standard for configuration management. We'll look at some simple examples, and then see how we can apply the same concepts to more complex cases. You’ll be a Puppet-master in no time! Later on, you'll expand your automation skills by understanding how to use the Cloud to help scale your infrastructure. You'll check out some best practices for handling hundreds of virtual machines running in the Cloud and troubleshooting them when things don't go according to plan....



25. Jan. 2021

Great course! Lots of information and useful knowledge! It has helped me hone in my skills, and see what I need more work with. Excited for this new career opportunity! Teacher was pretty good too!


10. Okt. 2020

the instructor is really great and the labs were for the most part easy to follow and practice your skills. Alot of concepts were covered were well explained for someone who is a beginner

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von Via A

12. März 2021

Thats great

von Aulia A F

21. März 2021


von Alfian A H

5. März 2021



28. Juni 2022


von MSSadhasivam

24. Nov. 2021


von Jonas B

16. Dez. 2021

With the limited time available in this module, it can only touch on a few of the large number of cloud technologies in use, and can't go into depth with any of them. The course could be improved by including more links to resources for further study. It would also be great if the course was updated with some material (or at least links to material) on containers. The foundations of a good survey course are here - but require some fleshing out. I also was disappointed that some of the links in the reading section were to Wikipedia articles - both easily discoverable by students on their own, as well as a poor substitute for actual articles/tutorials on the subjects

von Bikash K

1. Aug. 2020

The content is well explained but for the part of the code I couldn't understand most of the new command that just dropped from somewhere. It would be much better if some reference to them are also given. Because I found it much difficult to switch between tabs and go through documentations and just got my time wasted in a few pages where explanation wasn't good enough.

von Peter T

9. Dez. 2021

There is a lot of information, but I hardly actually learned anything. Most of the course you just watch the instructor explain stuff, which gets boring quickly. Most of it is too complex for a beginner, and apart from the guided Qwiklabs there are no exercises. Moreover, too bad it is a part of "IT automation with Python" specialisation when there is no Python.

von Isaac M

26. Dez. 2021

Content in the lectures is pretty nice and useful information, a good exposure to configuration management principles, but unfortunately the labs are way too surface level and short to really provide any sort of value. Just exercises in copy/paste the code. More challenging labs and quizzes would really elevate this course

von Denis R

25. Jan. 2020

While topics and content were really interesting, last two labs (exercises) were way too confusing and overly simplistic in some cases... Feeling was like reading the title of the manual, not even first few pages... Not speaking about anything serious here. Otherwise, thanks a lot for great videos!

von nithin m

24. Apr. 2020

This Course teaches How to manage a Fleet of Servers using Puppet which is a little bit higher level.. But the way he teaches GCP is just amazing and wouldn't miss it.

von Andre C

28. Aug. 2020

This is a common theme in all the courses but I don't find the curriculum very challenging. Great course for getting your feet wet in cloud computing.

von Guna S

13. Jan. 2022

Course is very much over view and no deep insight on the topics. Nothing to do with Python. This can be removed from the package

von mcvean s

5. Juli 2020

A good course, but not at all easy as we have to deal with a lot of jargon that beginners might not understand

von Asmaa A

28. Aug. 2021

The puppet part was quite interesting but the cloud & moniotring part was a bit boring for me

von Andrew M

9. Dez. 2020

What does this have to do with Python

von Chakradhar K

12. Juni 2020


von Alex H

22. Jan. 2021

The first part of the course about Puppet is good and this is the type of thing I expected more of. The second part is too broad and shallow, glossing over topics. I would prefer the scope to be smaller and the content to be more detailed and hands on with more Python practice. The second half of this course reminded me of the previous Troubleshooting Debugging course which was the weakest course because it is so "wishy washy". So far courses 1, 2 and 3 have been very good and useful to me, but with 4 and 5 not so much.

von Vernon K

6. Sep. 2021

T​he word Python was mentioned once during the entire class. I would have liked to have seen automation examples using Python. This seems more adept to be in a class providing an intro to Change Management rather than part of this course. That's why it received a two. If it had been in an intro to change management, it is more like a 5 star class.

von Morten B I

5. Nov. 2020

Worst course of the series. It gave some introduction to Google's cloud services, which felt like a blatant advertisement.

von JOSE A A L

17. Juni 2020

A lot theorical and nothing practical

von Pradeep S

29. Jan. 2022


von Задойный А

30. Juli 2020

Очень плохо.

Задания не соответствуют лекциям.

Лекции оторваны от предыдущих курсов.

Хотя темы по идее сложные и интересные, но похоже на мем "рисуем сову". =(

von Kanhaiya P

20. Aug. 2020

I want unroll this course

von Dhruv R G

5. Juni 2020