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In a very competitive workplace, demonstrating your ability to turn challenges into opportunities is an important to way stand out to hiring managers and to your existing management/leadership. In this course, you will learn how to utilize the knowledge and skills needed to leverage left- and right-brain thinking, analyze problems, spur creativity, and implement innovative ideas for your workplace. Using the power of design thinking and Creative Problem Solving models you will work toward data-driven solutions to workplace challenges. You will engage in an active process of identifying/defining a specific challenge, generating a plan to address the challenge, collecting and analyzing data/information in order to sell your solution to your leadership, implementing your data-driven solution, and evaluating success of the solution. Course Outcomes: 1. Understand Design, out-of-the box, whole brain thinking, Your workplace strengths 2. Apply Qualitative and scientific research method for workplace problems, Setting priorities and analyzing for outcomes 3. Apply Creative problem solving and creative thinking, using creative techniques to overcome challenges and bring about innovation 4. Create Action plan, Learn to implement innovative ideas and present ideas...


2. Okt. 2020

Thanks to both the Faculty for such a wonderful and exploratory concepts through out the course. Really helped refresh some of the topics learnt long back and new ones put into practice straight up.

31. März 2020

It is a wonderful course. A lot of good exercises. Feeling of Self-discovery and there is a lot of takeaways. Thank you for the course. Look forward to see more such courses in a time to come

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von Jake C

29. Apr. 2020

I really thought that this would be more exciting than it was, but I was really disappointed. There was some good information presented, but it was really just a collection of articles to read, several of the links didn't even work. A lot of reading and very little instructor led learning. For me personally, reading is not a primary learning style, I am a much better visual and hands on learner, which is why I like courses that have more video interaction. I also really didn't like that one of the first activities was a self-assessment, where you are classified into one of four categories, however as they move through the course, they don't use the same category names, changing how they refer to them, which made things hard to follow and piece back to the original activities at times.

von Zeyad M C

29. März 2020

Needs more illustration videos most of the course is focused on reading.

von Bishal U

2. Apr. 2020

I was very much glad to take this course in the period of our country lock-down during recent Covid-19 pandemic and i have learned so many things that will be much more helpful for me in my coming future.

von Gaurav C

1. Apr. 2020

It is a wonderful course. A lot of good exercises. Feeling of Self-discovery and there is a lot of takeaways. Thank you for the course. Look forward to see more such courses in a time to come

von Sehresh M

29. Apr. 2020

It is a wonderful course. A lot of good exercises. Feeling of Self-discovery and there is a lot of takeaways. I was very much glad to take this course in the period of our country lock-down during recent Covid-19 pandemic and i have learned so many things that will be much more helpful for me in my coming future. if anyone want to know about " Challenges and Opportunities" I will recommend to join this course.

von Igor K

7. Apr. 2020

There are definitely better MOOCs out there on the subject! Majority of info is from referenced readings/videos, giving an impression that this course is just shy of taking credit for the material prepared by other individuals / organizations. There was no thought-provoking challenge. Take this if you want an easy certificate just for the sake of having an extra certificate. Otherewise, focus on something else, where you time will be much more valued than this course.

von Sudhaharan T

31. Mai 2020

This is an excellent course to understand yourself. The course instructor has done a fantastic job on deciding the course content. I would recommend to anyone who is keen to join this course.

von Dr. U F F

2. Mai 2020

Great course! I learnt a lot on personal management, recognizing my strengths, organizing, data collection and identifying problems. This course also taught me work skills, most importantly, creative and critical thinking and the presentation of ideas. The best in the subject. Coursera is an amazing platform that is both easy and fun to use. This platform has helped me build my career for 3 years. Keep up the good work, Coursera team!

von Selene S

22. Apr. 2020

I believe that having taken this course will give me the tools to do productive research by using qualitative and quantitative methodologies, as well as the art of creating productive problem solving techniques to come to a conclusion that would be a value add for all. Also the art of being able to tell a story about an innovative idea that will get me heard instead of shut out. There is a science to being innovative and this course has taught me that. i am greatful to have been able to have taken this course.

von El R L

20. Juni 2020

This course has been very useful to me, both professionally and personally.

It should be noted that English is not my mother tongue. It was not a problem at all during this course. In fact, everything is so well explained and in a more than simple way that I had the impression that I was taking the course in French.

Thank you so much for your efforts.

von Leyla R

1. Mai 2020

This course have showed me what i was missing, techniques that could be very useful and amazing background information needed to move on. Most importantly i learned how to pause and listen, patiently to other pierce and be more productive and fast in the idea pitching process.

von Catherine M K

30. Juni 2020

I learnt so much from this course. Drew Dougherty is very knowledgeable and generously shared his own professional experience with students. I will use the techniques I discovered during this course in both my work and everyday life. I highly recommend this course.

von Marian N

25. Apr. 2020

For me it was very helpful to put my plans in steps and organize the priorities of the ideas so that i can solve the problems in a simple way .

Also it is my first time to know all this types of collecting the data and creativity problem solving steps.

von Weeranut K

26. Apr. 2020

I have been working in an event organiser business for 7 years. It has been up and down time. There are problems to be solved day by day. This course help me understand how to see problems through the theory and given me a lot of the way to think.

von Aakashi S

6. Juli 2020

An amazing course which helped me get insight into so many basic things I already knew (but at very nascent stages) and a lot of new things as well. It's going to be really helpful in both personal and professional life.

von Amitabh S

4. Juli 2020

One learns a lot in the course but also gets inspired along the way. The methods discussed and taught can be incorporated not only in the professional sphere but also in our personal lives. Really good course.

von Facundo C

26. Apr. 2020

Este curso está muy bien hecho, me sirvió de mucho, pude detectar todos los problemas que teníamos en la empresa, conocer sus causas y las infinidades de formas que existen para afrontarlos. Gracias!

von Md. R I A

10. Apr. 2020

The treasure of this course is your choice to overcome your fear. This course is incredible. It will give you thriller activities where you will get your potential back. Go ahead.

von Vladyslav D

2. Mai 2020

Very good course fulfilled with a much relevant content! Thanks to all the teaching staff of University of Virginia that support the learners on their way of studying!=)

von Tanya d J

4. Aug. 2020

The course was well -presented and there were some excellent resources and opportunity for further exploration and development of these beyond the scope of the course. It took me much longer than 8 hours but I learned a great deal more too. Putting together the final presentation was well worth the effort to come up with ongoing solutions for my 2 work-related problems using many of the methodologies and tools from the course.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to participate in the discussion forums due to time constraints, and there was nowhere to post feedback when a link wasn't working eg. Week 3 Section: Overcoming Assumptions and Barriers 9 Ways to Challenge Your Assumptions (article) GOES to DODGEY portugese gambling site!

Overall, I would certainly recommend this course. Thanks!

von Jonathan O

26. Apr. 2020

great and very practical course. I like the topic and the self-reflection inside. I would have chosen 5 stars, if the instructor explains basic details of the literature and articles referred. I would estimate, that it's 70% own reading and 20% video of the instructor and 10% quiz and exam.

von Jennifer B

20. Juli 2020

The general course idea is good, but there are many links that are broken in the content and it often feels less like a typical Coursera course and more like a curated list of resources. I feel that more linking content would improve the course.

von Jorge A L

25. Juli 2020

Not very didactic. Most of it was going through articles without a specific course or introduction to the topics. Personally, it seemed more like a collection of videos and articles – which would be fine if this wasn't a course, but being one, it needs to be more organized and focused on a specific learning goal.

von Ezequiel

16. Mai 2020

The course seems to be a combination of unrelated material. There is no structure or end goal. The videos are not engaging and activities don't quite drive the point home.

von Nitin N

29. März 2020

it was quiet not engaging. and wasn't easy to grasp