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In a very competitive workplace, demonstrating your ability to turn challenges into opportunities is an important to way stand out to hiring managers and to your existing management/leadership. In this course, you will learn how to utilize the knowledge and skills needed to leverage left- and right-brain thinking, analyze problems, spur creativity, and implement innovative ideas for your workplace. Using the power of design thinking and Creative Problem Solving models you will work toward data-driven solutions to workplace challenges. You will engage in an active process of identifying/defining a specific challenge, generating a plan to address the challenge, collecting and analyzing data/information in order to sell your solution to your leadership, implementing your data-driven solution, and evaluating success of the solution. Course Outcomes: 1. Understand Design, out-of-the box, whole brain thinking, Your workplace strengths 2. Apply Qualitative and scientific research method for workplace problems, Setting priorities and analyzing for outcomes 3. Apply Creative problem solving and creative thinking, using creative techniques to overcome challenges and bring about innovation 4. Create Action plan, Learn to implement innovative ideas and present ideas...


2. Okt. 2020

Thanks to both the Faculty for such a wonderful and exploratory concepts through out the course. Really helped refresh some of the topics learnt long back and new ones put into practice straight up.

31. März 2020

It is a wonderful course. A lot of good exercises. Feeling of Self-discovery and there is a lot of takeaways. Thank you for the course. Look forward to see more such courses in a time to come

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von Paolo B

5. Mai 2020

This course was very helpful, giving a wide range perspective on the workplace environment and providing some useful tools to be used on the field everyday. I recommend it.

von Shivagami E

12. März 2021

This course was extremely useful. Great presentation style and informative course. This has more than met my expectations. both personally and professionally.. Thanks

von Pradeep k t

9. Apr. 2020

This is a great skill converting challenges into opportunities. This course is very helpful for and i can solve any problem if occur in my life or business.

Thank you

von Munther A

3. Juni 2021

Great course, it gave me a new perspective into solving problems and how to focus on the opportunity rather than wasting time thinking about the obstacle. Thank you.

von Mharela A T

31. Mai 2020

Great course! Teaches a lot about both critical and creative problem solving which can definitely help you with your career and even with your personal challenges :)


13. Juni 2020

Excellent course to understand how can we convert challenges into opportunity through creative thinking, developing alternatives and systematic decision making

von Hamada A M

24. Mai 2020

This course is truly unique, it has greatly affected the change of my life and the knowledge of what I want to be, I will always return to it again and again

von Iván A T G

14. Juni 2020

This course is inspirational. It is not heavy because it is based more on learning and not on mental exhaustion. I loved the content, videos and lectures!

von Kaustubh J

24. Apr. 2020

Very helpful and gives a good perspective. Good quality interactive videos to explain certain concepts. Interesting Quizes and assignments. Recommended.

von Bhavya B

20. Apr. 2020

This course has opened up doors to innovation by blending creativity and delivery, making us aware of possible barriers and how to break through them.

von Ghanaseharan M

5. Juni 2020

The course provided some. insights on research methods and creative problem solving techniques which I have used in my job. Thank you to the staff


28. Apr. 2020

I enjoyed the course. I have learned a lot of methods and techniques on how to convert challenges into opportunities. Great job and God bless.

von sangram K K

19. Juli 2020

This course give me lot of knowledge about how to convert challenges into opportunities and increase my strong mental positive attitude level.

von Didiugwu C v

10. Juni 2020

This course helps one develops positive attitude towards life and helps one assert confidence in him or herself.

Didiugwu chinualumogu victory

von Sreedevi C

30. Okt. 2020

I am interested in pursuing this course, but due to some technical issue my payment is not successful. So I am unable to continue this course


30. Sep. 2019

Excellent course that helps us create a framework about design thanking and come up with innovative possible solutions to the problems at wor

von Nourhan F S

25. Apr. 2020

I'm so proud for being a member in converting challenges into opportunities and I want to thank all masters for their excellent explanation!

von Débora P P

12. Juli 2020

The course brings great techniques to improve self-acknowledgement and knowledge of others, interactions with others and problem solving.

von Sudhakar R S

8. Juni 2020

Converting Challenges into Opportunity is very good learning online course, I recommend to complete this coarse to every professionals.

von dipendra k d

16. Mai 2020

It is very important subject or course it should teach in our college or schools because of this students try to think out of by box.

von Nicole S

26. Juni 2020

This course is for all " out-of-the box" thinkers a treasure chest of methods an strategies. The videos and articles are inspiring!

von AptHouL A

31. Aug. 2020

This is very interesting course and helped me to attend my aim...

100% I liked this course and great appreciate to my instructors.

von Maximiliano L

28. Apr. 2020

A very complete and interesting course. Useful for anyone looking to develop management skills and a creative thinking approach.

von Heath A

28. Apr. 2020

Great class. Instruction was good. As were the videos and articles. A few of the linked materials did point to a dead site/url.

von Tom L

21. Juni 2020

Great course! Take yourself the time to find out how you work best and how you bring new Innovations in this world. Loved it.