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Register for this free course here: COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has already resulted in hundreds of thousands of infections and thousands of deaths, with many more anticipated. This course is a go-to resource that will be regularly updated with all of the current information put forth by the CDC, WHO, and other leading agencies and covers the basics, personal protective equipment, diagnostics, and other material. As a healthcare professional, you can help to #RaiseTheLine by becoming prepared to treat COVID-19....



15. Juni 2021

It was an informative course. Most information was already being practiced by myself and others but reviewing in academic and clinical form was helpful to take it as true instead of street knowledge.


23. Juli 2020

The course was informative with the resources and information that was available at the time the course was completed. Since our knowledge of the virus is very fluid, a few things are not up to date.

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von María d l A M I

22. Apr. 2020

Este curso ha sido claro y conciso, amigable y muy útil para un abordaje inicial respecto al covid 19. Muchas gracias por el trabajo de todos quienes concibieron la idea de diseñar y compartir este material.

Todo para dar una mejor atención a nuestros pacientes.

von Muhammad A

2. Mai 2020

Ah! the most concise and spot-on information you will find in this course. quizzes are very well designed and makes you remember things. gives a brief overview of everything from history to future planning. Highly recommended. And you get a Certificate too.

von Nurul S A S

2. Mai 2020

Love the course! Its easy for beginner. Even though I am not working in the healthcare field, the course its design in such a way of fun and interactive. Full of important information for everyone. Important to stay calm and do not panic. Thanks again!


27. Apr. 2020

I am from engineering background, so it was informative for me about the medical terms and how the tests are performed to test COVID- 19.

I knew about SARS...

I knew about epidemic curve...

Overall, it was interesting, so complete the course in one go...

von KEE K X

21. Mai 2020

The course is good for introduction to non-biological viewers as well as biological workers. This is an important educational course for public to recognise the current threat of COVID-19 and enforce ourselves to do our part in fighting the disease.


1. Mai 2020

This course is very worthwhile in this adverse situation. The course is easy and everyone can learn it. I learned it not for the certificate but for my awareness. Everybody should complete the course for basic knowledge on COVID-19 for their safety.

von Rashi R

14. Apr. 2020

This is indeed a very informative course detailing the outbreak of SARS CoV-2 and the preventive measures that should be followed to avoid this viral infection. It also gives a insight on PCR and RT-PCR which are employed in detection of the virus.


15. Mai 2020

good course to gain a handful of knowledge about covid-19 and better for much more understanding about the topic. After all we need to understand that we don't have to panic! about this pandemic

von Pragathi K

9. Juni 2020

The Osmosis method of teaching has proved highly beneficial in my study of medicine. I recommend this course to anyone looking for a clear understanding of the pandemic and treatment modalities.


2. Mai 2020

Excellent! It was easy to understand with the video's and was very informative. Everyone should do the course as it is very important and could save many more lives!

von Paritosh B T

11. Mai 2020

A perfectly well documented course provided by Osmosis, easy to understand and helps in building the knowledge on the current pandemic for all healthcare personnel.

von Emma M T M

24. Apr. 2020

Me gusto bastante. Te explica con claridad todo sobre esta nueva enfermedad, y llena cada tema con la información más actualizada. Ampliamente recomendado el curso.

von MD S

21. Apr. 2020

Course contents are given in a very good way. I acquired a lot of knowledge about covid 19.

I am thankful to Coursera platform where I am enhancing our skills.


von Aditya S

18. Mai 2020

It was a great weekend for me because through this course anyone can take all the details of Covid-19 even if the student is not having any biological background.

von soniyaraninahak

18. Mai 2020

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von Rayane c

18. Mai 2020

This course is very informative and enjoyable! The presentations are direct to the point with no sophisticated medical terms. Thank you for offering such course!

von Dr. I M M M M

27. Apr. 2020

This CME helps me to enhance my knowedge.The methodologies which we have to be taken in order to fight agianst with COVID19 are explained in very good manner.


16. Apr. 2020

Very good video and animation. All the explanation is easy to understand and I love all in the ending video always had a recap about the course. Keep it up :D

von Nicky M

5. Mai 2020

This is a great course that contains concise and accurate information to help reduce the strain on the medical community due to the covid-19 pandemic!

von Foong Y T

7. Mai 2020

Is a easy and interesting course to follow and not so technical so even people with basic biological knowledge would be able to manage this course.

von Harsh M

5. Mai 2020

The course is very informative and nicely presented. Without going into unnecessary details, it covers all that non-healthcare workers should know.

von Hussain M

14. Apr. 2020

COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has already resulted in hundreds of thousands of infections and thousands of deaths, with many more anticipated.

von Saranita A

19. Mai 2020

This course is very informative but I have a problem in 2nd last course surve please guide me.. I've already completed this but it can't submit...

von Donald W L

15. Mai 2020

Great course on the COV 19 pandemic. I have learned a lot.

Please continue to keep updating the course.

So we can get ahead of this pandemic curve.

von Martin K

19. Mai 2020

It is a good course very educative and informative and I highly recommend it to everyone interested in getting more understanding into covid 19 .