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Welcome to Cryptography and Information Theory! This course combines cryptography (the techniques for protecting information from unauthorized access) and information theory (the study of information coding and transfer). More specifically, the course studies cryptography from the information-theoretical perspectives and discuss the concepts such as entropy and the attacker knowledge capabilities, e.g., Kerckhoff's Principle. It also contrasts information-theoretic security and computational security to highlight the different train of thoughts that drive the cryptographic algorithmic construction and the security analyses. This course is a part of the Applied Cryptography specialization....



26. Okt. 2021

Great introduction to cryptography. Professor was clear and concise in his explanations and the work required was reasonable. Overall a good experience, looking forward to the next class.


3. Juli 2020

The course gave me very good basics in Cryptography. Especially, the attacker perspective, which is the most important aspect of Cryptography.

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von Edelweis H G R

3. Dez. 2017

It is ok. not a lot of math. Ok for busy people.

von Shorya K

6. Mai 2020

perfect for beginning with cryptography.

von Tarasenko V

22. März 2018

too short explanations sometimes

von Nikhil Y

4. Juni 2020

a basic course to start with

von A. S

15. Juni 2020

Assignments are quite tough


13. Jan. 2018

Nice course and lectures

von H.M.Raihan E

17. Apr. 2020

Nice one for beginners

von Rohan L

6. Mai 2020

It's a good course if you are getting started in cryptography. But , for people having a rudimentary knowledge of math especially probability and the Alice-Bob-Eve terminology in cryptography may skip it and jump right into the 2nd course. But, the teacher is a really good communicator and the course is very good to get started with cryptography. I was able to finish this course in around 2 days with prior knowledge in crypto

von Paolo C

8. März 2021

Not the best I've followed on the the. Good enough but, IMHO, lacking of clear explanation on some concepts and some exercises are too generic and without a clear explanation (i.e. : many quizzes are difficult to do because the number of decimals to use is "revealed" only after a while.

von Aurelijus A

16. Okt. 2020

Slides are totally useless. Some questions are formulated not so easy to understand for non-native English speakers. Confusion how to properly type the decimal numbers - use comma or dot as decimal separator. Not all terms are properly explained.

von Mahmoud H

29. Jan. 2020

The instructor is not clearly showing his idea; however, the course is an abstract overview.

von Kody R

9. Juni 2019

It was ok but not as challenging as I would have liked.

von xin h

12. Apr. 2021

So easy!

von Dev B

1. Juni 2020

Entire course (supposed to be ~4 weeks) amounted to the amount of information you'd get in one college lecture session

von surendra c

26. Juni 2020

its a very good course for the starting in the Security field.

von Yasmin E

19. Juli 2020

The course is too short

von Justin K

16. März 2022

T​here is little to take away from this course other than the Information Entropy formula. The questions are poorly formatted (one of them asked to evaluate "the following true false statement" and the statement had no true false evaluation). The questions in the quizzes appear to have been given little though, and are primarily computation, or true false. There is little to actually unpack, and to even attempt to understand. The lecture styles aren't organized, or informative. The instructor either doesn't present enough, or presents too much, on a given topic, and when writing they often try to cram EVERYTHING at the end, rather than starting a new slide. I'd have apprecaited it more if, instead of cramming their handwriting, when they attempted to summarize a topic, like information entropy, that they'd switch to a slide that was neatly typed or written, which clearly expresses what they'd hope for us to take away from that series of slides.

von Yurii U

24. Nov. 2020

Very poor and waste of money and time