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This course is the seventh course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills needed to apply to introductory-level data analyst jobs. In this course, you’ll learn about the programming language known as R. You’ll find out how to use RStudio, the environment that allows you to work with R. This course will also cover the software applications and tools that are unique to R, such as R packages. You’ll discover how R lets you clean, organize, analyze, visualize, and report data in new and more powerful ways. Current Google data analysts will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Examine the benefits of using the R programming language. - Discover how to use RStudio to apply R to your analysis. - Explore the fundamental concepts associated with programming in R. - Explore the contents and components of R packages including the Tidyverse package. - Gain an understanding of dataframes and their use in R. - Discover the options for generating visualizations in R. - Learn about R Markdown for documenting R programming....



28. Feb. 2022

Excellent course with lucid explaination. The way instructor covers the course makes you fall in love with R. All the topics are covered beautifully. Thank coursera and Google for this awesome course.


13. Feb. 2022

Carrie's enthusiam for R was contagious. She provides clear and easy to understand explanations, and she is pleasant to listen to. It was easy to follow up. I am myself an R enthusiast now. Thank you!

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von Raphael P

14. Sep. 2021

An easy to understand way of introducing a Programming language to a non programmer. The Instructor did a good job of preparing ones mind of the possible fussy time when it seems confusing using R but will be clearer with much practice. I can say for a fact that the Course delivered on point. I just feel like using just R for my analysis, no more excel or SQL. Kudos to the Course instructor and those who created it.

von yannic c

7. Mai 2021

Good introduction to R programming, for data analyst. Includes the basic filtering and use of ggplot2 to visualize data. Also introduces markdown. Out of all the courses in the Google Data Analyst Certificate, this course is the most technical. The pacing seems to be alittle off, sometimes it is really slow and other times it is rather fast. But could just be me, who already has extensive experience with R.

von Pham G

13. Sep. 2021

The structure is easy to follow and understand, gradually from easy to difficult but don't worry, you can do it. Carrie is one of the best instructors ever and I learn lots of things from her, her advice is really useful and powerful that has encouraged me a lot - to keep learning, and finally, I completed this course, that's amazing. Thank you, Carrie, and wishing you good health and happiness always.

von Alexandra L

11. Juli 2021

This course was great. Carrie was a great instructor, and all the subjects were very well explained, with no advanced content shown as it was clear for someone who was looking at R for the first time (as it happened in some SQL queries, in the previous courses). I still think you need to practice a lot on your own, to really master R, but I could keep track of the classes as they went by.

von cuneyt b

9. Dez. 2021

It might be a bit fast paced for beginner or first time programmers but with some perseverance / repeated visits of the videos and material, you will certainly gain a lot. Do not forget to ( 1 ) take notes during the video sessions, and ( 2 ) patiently practice with all the hands-on exercises if you want to get a real benefit from the course. Instructor is great.

von Shilpa R

24. Apr. 2022

I​t is very interctive course, I learn a new language and visualization . The way to provide the session and activity is awesome because all these things let us know that whteher we are going in right direction or not , how much we learned . The weekly challenge is also awesome , it makes us to remind and revise all the things that we studied. Thank you !

von Aya N R M

30. Juli 2021

I loved this course so much. It was easy and wonderful one and the instructor was awesome. I didn't love programming languages but during this course and after completing it I love programming languages and seek to improve them by learning more about R and Python to be a great data analyst in the future. Thanks so much for this course and the instructor.


30. März 2022

Comprehensive guide for beginner to learn R Programming.

There are links to a lot of readings, of which, recommend to make it mandatory, and to be included as part of the sylabus to improve the quality of candidate completing this course. Nevertheless, this will increase the time required to complete this certifications substantially.

von Medonlakador S

1. Apr. 2022

A terrific course introducing us to R and its use in Data Analytics. I was a bit nervous about learning a new programming language but, the instructor and all involved provided a great and well organized course from the beginning to the end. Making the readings accessible to download as pdfs is a plus for future revisions. Thanks!

von Menas M

28. Feb. 2022

It was an interesting course where I learned the pretty interseting programming tool which is R, I am delighted that I took this course and completed it till the end, and would like to thank all instructors throughtout these courses for their efforts and their great way of implementing the information needed to be as data analyst.

von Ajmal V

24. Dez. 2021

I liked the way R Programming was taught in the course. I'm from a non-tech background, and it is my first experience in coding. The course instructor effectively taught the course with examples and hands-on practical based lectures. It ignites my curiosity to learn more about R and other programming languages for data analytics.

von Srungaram S

5. Nov. 2021

Enjoyed the course & Challenges all through the course , I understand that this course is beginning of my journey into the fascinating world of data analysis. what all that i have learnt will only let me to understand and try solve the problem at hand.

Thank You for giving this course and look forward for many more like this

von Pavel H

10. Jan. 2022

This course set an example how the whole Google Data Analytics course should have looked like. Great delivery and skill of the lecturer. Long, quite demanding, well-thought. No bla bla, no opinions, no selling of Google products. I only wish that the Tableau and Big Query courses were equally good (the were not at all).

von StephanMalik

5. Feb. 2022

The previous courses was smooth and simple. However this course took more effort and a slower pace to truly understand what the code which was BRILLIANT. Having previous knowledge of Coding, it still took me a while to understand this different syntax that ws established for this particular language. LOVED IT 10/10 !

von Craig H

3. Feb. 2022

This was the most challenging course in the Google Data Analytics certification. However, it was presented and structured in a way that helped with the learning process as every week built on the last week. A great yet challenging course. My new found skills will definitely improve my employability. Thank you.


18. Nov. 2021

Completing "Data Analysis with R Programming" certificate course is the most significant step I have ever taken to learn computer programming and coding. The course was competently taught, The teacher often stepped aside, leaving the Hands-On-Exercises to take the learner through their paces. And it worked!

von Tessema K

7. Jan. 2022

Instructor Carrie easy approach of breaking down the R programming building block with the lab exercise gives a strong foundation to learn data cleaning and R codes to write, reuse, analyze data, generate report all in RStudio is powerful and efficient. Thanks for the excellent presentation and instructor.

von Abhijeet S

26. Aug. 2021

Coming from an industrial background and little to nothing programming experience, this course seemed daunting at first. But the instructor combined with the practice assignments were exceptional in laying the foundations of R. Easily the best course so far in the Google Data Analysis specialization.

von Maurício P d C

8. Dez. 2021

Apresenta a linguagem R de maneira simples, facilitando o aprendizado e focando nos comandos básicos o que favorece o uso do RStudio imediato em projetos pessoais e de trabalho de análise de dados. Apresenta ainda uma grande quantidade de material para complementar os estudos apresentados no curso.

von Juan M A

12. Jan. 2022

This course, together with the one on spreadsheets and SQL, was the best in the bundle.

The one setback that I had (that I wish the course had included a workaround) was that I could not install RStudio Desktop for some reason and that conditioned me a bit because of the time-cap on Rstudio Cloud.


2. Okt. 2021

This course is the best introductory course on Data Analysis and R programming. It has helped me to learn a new programming language that can be used for both data analysis and machine learning. The assignments are very helpful and makes it easy for me to apply my learning to real world problems.

von SIMRAN 2

21. Sep. 2021

This course is really fun and interesting. Getting to know about R for the first time and gradually diving deep into the concepts is completely amazing. This course explains R with so much clarity and easiness . I would highly anyone to take up this course and be the part of wonderful R community


1. Apr. 2022

It is a cool and useful lesson, follow the step by step inside lesson can really helps to to learn basuc R in relatively short time, the cons is that teaching speed is relative fast comparing a fullt R lesson, but is it understandable since this is a quick turoting to data analysis.

von Khushal K

26. Sep. 2021

This course was amazing! I took a free datacamp introductory course on R before taking this but I don't think it was that useful. Anyone with no prior knowledge about programming can take this course and learn a ton! Don't miss the previous courses though, please take them in order.

von Ellen G

3. Juni 2021

The Data Analysis with R Programming was a challenging program to be introduced but it was manageable. I enjoyed the challenge and I realize that it was achievable as the course was drawing to its conclusion. Thank you Google for introducing me to the knowledge of programming.