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By now you have definitely heard about data science and big data. In this one-week class, we will provide a crash course in what these terms mean and how they play a role in successful organizations. This class is for anyone who wants to learn what all the data science action is about, including those who will eventually need to manage data scientists. The goal is to get you up to speed as quickly as possible on data science without all the fluff. We've designed this course to be as convenient as possible without sacrificing any of the essentials. This is a focused course designed to rapidly get you up to speed on the field of data science. Our goal was to make this as convenient as possible for you without sacrificing any essential content. We've left the technical information aside so that you can focus on managing your team and moving it forward. After completing this course you will know. 1. How to describe the role data science plays in various contexts 2. How statistics, machine learning, and software engineering play a role in data science 3. How to describe the structure of a data science project 4. Know the key terms and tools used by data scientists 5. How to identify a successful and an unsuccessful data science project 3. The role of a data science manager Course cover image by r2hox. Creative Commons BY-SA:
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Sep 10, 2017

This is a great starter course for data science. My learning assessment is usually how well I can teach it to someone else. I know I have a better understanding now, than I did when I started.


Jan 02, 2018

It is a very good course even if you are familiar with some aspects of data science work. If I have to make a suggestion, I would remark the importance of design skills during a data product,

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von John L

Oct 22, 2019

The course was very enlightening. Very well structured and examples very straight-forward and easy to understand. The only thing I would suggest, and I suspect this is more of a Coursera thing rather than from the course itself, is that when you are following along with the transcript in a lecture, the video window becomes unworkably small. If there was a better split between text and window, that would help immensely.

von Li X

Oct 03, 2019

Definitely connected the dots together for me. Easy to understand and shed light on how to making progress on more learnings. Now I am not afraid of any data science questions because I have a good big picture.


Oct 03, 2019


von Kyle M

Oct 06, 2019

Good Course, very in depth

von Ye M Z

Oct 05, 2019


von Megan B

Oct 24, 2019

Great job!

von Hemal S

Oct 30, 2019

An excellent course for someone just starting out their career in Data Science or are an aspiring data science enthusiasts. The technical terms are easy to understand and presented in such a way that it provides good understanding of Data Science and it is applied in various industries to for business benefit

von Michael A S

Oct 12, 2019

Good for a brief intro to fundamentals


Nov 04, 2019

general but super interesting

von Deitek

Oct 15, 2019

Simple, and made for people that needs to understand the general context quickly

von Andres J

Nov 07, 2019

Awesome intro

von Milling, T

Nov 12, 2019

The course gives a good general understanding of Data Science and to understand some of the tools and techniques used to acquire data, analyzing data and to answer questions to determine if the data acquired is beneficial.

von Henk W

Nov 14, 2019

Very nice!

von Alfredo S F

Dec 12, 2018

a good start point on data science!

von Самигуллин А

Dec 03, 2018

Fast introduction

von Michel G

Dec 27, 2018

Knowledgeable professors. Had to spend some extra time researching some of the terms not covered in course.

von Clara A R

Dec 26, 2018

I really liked the course structure


Jan 12, 2019

Some hands on would have been really appreciated in this course.

von Ajayeswar R

Jan 16, 2019

this course is not-technical as I was hoping for.This is an overview.But it was presented very beautifully.

Thank you

von vivek p

Feb 15, 2019

Good course for the start of data science.

von Rishi B

Feb 19, 2019

Good insights for a beginner

von Maurice H

Feb 27, 2019

Too short

von Steven B

Mar 24, 2019

Decent intro. It still uses a lot of terminology that is not defined and may be beyond the beginner.

von Elimane N

Mar 24, 2019

A very interesting course and useful for beguiners

von Rufat A

Feb 01, 2019

Good introduction to the data science field, although a bit heavy on the theory side.