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In this course, you will analyze and apply essential design principles to your Tableau visualizations. This course assumes you understand the tools within Tableau and have some knowledge of the fundamental concepts of data visualization. You will define and examine the similarities and differences of exploratory and explanatory analysis as well as begin to ask the right questions about what’s needed in a visualization. You will assess how data and design work together, including how to choose the appropriate visual representation for your data, and the difference between effective and ineffective visuals. You will apply effective best practice design principles to your data visualizations and be able to illustrate examples of strategic use of contrast to highlight important elements. You will evaluate pre-attentive attributes and why they are important in visualizations. You will exam the importance of using the "right" amount of color and in the right place and be able to apply design principles to de-clutter your data visualization....



1. Juni 2020

This course really changed my perspective in how to create visualization not just using Tableau but in every visualization application. I'm very happy I could take it and learned from it.


6. Apr. 2021

Great coverage of chart types and creating them. Step by step instruction with the "why" element helped me understand how to pursue the chart and understand why I would want to use it.

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von Ong X H

7. Juli 2021

The instructor made a lot of assumptions about our progress and did not give clear instructions for the assignments. Overall, the course was good, but I think that it will be better if the instructors can spend more time on the details and not go with the assumption that all of us do possess some basic data visualization skills. The order of the course is kinda messed up also, not sure if it's on purpose, pls check

von Tom W

26. Mai 2021

Desiree is a really engaging instructor and really seems to teach Tableau. My one issue is that for some of the assignments I have to create accounts on Twitter and Also, for the final assignment when reviewing classmate's work, the questions were not on the visualization itself, but more about steps required to post to Twitter.

I learned quite a bit and am eager for the next course.

von Dr R D

16. Okt. 2020

Great course - though I think Week 4 assignment could have better worded questions for the grading. E.g. is it important to stick to the brief and only use sales data? or does exploring other metrics mean that credit should be given to a more in depth data exploration? Or because this clutters the viz, should that be penalised as the Sales Manager likes simple visualisations?

von Vikas J

2. Okt. 2019

Well, structured course as knowing the fundamentals is essential for future buildup and implementation. However, a few things we're hard to follow as the presentation was in old tableau, and we are current newer and better versions.

We need more examples to play around and get the hang of the software.

von Maria M S

17. Sep. 2020

Great courses. Sufficient practice, and the quiz itself really challenges our understanding. Final project is fun. Not a great option for those who want to learn the technical skill, but suitable for those who has bad sense at visualization (such as me) to understand how we should design chart.

von Amy M

5. Juli 2021

The course is VERY heavy in theory of visual design and the instructors only open Tableau twice in all 4 weeks. While I appreciate the underlying principles and knowledge gained, I truly want to have more exposure to Tableau itself to strengthen skills in that area.

von Swati M

29. Juni 2020

The course is very good. The only thing I felt that there could be a case study at the end of each week to do the practice. We can find a lot of case study but practicing that at the initial level don't make us feel if we are doing it or analyzing it correctly.

von Larry B

21. Feb. 2021

Great course. I would appreciate a slower pace and clearer demonstration of Tableau features. As a beginning learner it is essential to see exactly how to use Tableau. That is difficult if the instructor is moving at a fast pace

von Oksana S

12. Okt. 2020

This course is rather theoretical one than to practice with Tableau. Nevetherless, it covers really important principles that should be known and used while working with data visualization regardless the tool which is used.

von Marcello B

17. März 2019

A valued view of the necessary principels to build a professional data visualization. Few Tableau, a lot of theory, but here it's necessary to leverage Tableau in the next courses of the specialization.

von Juan D N

29. Apr. 2021

Pros: you learn basic design principles that help you to make visual appealing visualization.

Cons: It felt way too theoretical and high level. It would be nice to do more exercises with Tableau.

von Carlos P

4. Apr. 2017

I enjoyed the class much, however I would suggest that a little more for feedback could be provided to questions raised by students. Also, PLEASE make the slides available for ALL the lessons.

von Prachi M J

6. Okt. 2021

More explanation and reasoning on why specific charts should be used during hands on session can help. Especially with control chart, personally found bit difficult. Rest the course was good.

von Ray A

11. Dez. 2019

I enjoyed the second course as part of this five-course data analytics specialism. I am learning that effective data visualisation goes far beyond having a technical competence of Tableau.

von Rasike J G

19. März 2018

The course covers and lays a solid foundation on Visualization profession. The subject matter is good mix of theory and practice. The course content is presented in a very good standard.

von Danielle V

25. Okt. 2020

I would give 5 stars overall IF the whole Week 4 Peer Reviewed project would have been better explained. 5 stars for the instructors making Tableau understandable.

von Christophe H

11. Dez. 2016

Very interesting to progess beyond a pure technical approach.

Then some modules are really to much verbose and may be much more effective with more examples

von Gabriel M

23. Okt. 2020

It is a good course, it invites you to think about the best ways of reporting information and to be aware of audience's needs when presenting information,

von Rachel G

10. Dez. 2019

Some of the quizzes were difficult, but I definitely learned and retained some information from this course. I liked the variety of infor

von Ricardo A

27. Juni 2017

Excellent Entry Level course for Tableau and Important concepts of visualization. Every engineer in my industry should take this course.

von Vaughn P

28. Nov. 2016

Very good at explaining design principles and to get the students thinking of making simple visualizations that convey a story.

von Carlos R

7. Feb. 2022

Los conceptos están muy bien, solo que es muy teórico. No hay nada de práctica, pero igualmente suma mucho como conocimiento.

von Manjunatha G

14. Feb. 2019

Essential Design Principles for Tableau Course is very useful in designing Tableau Dashboards by applying Principles

von Maggi R

7. Mai 2017

Great class, it would be nice to have more hands on work with Tableau throughout the course and not just at the end.

von Troy G

8. Aug. 2017

I really liked this course, I wished there were more graded projects to get a bit more Tableau hands on experience.