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We invite you to the amazing trip to the skin. You will learn about the structure and functions of your skin, how does it change and interact with the environment. In our course, we will talk about different skin diseases, as well as how to treat them. This course will be interesting not only for people from the medical field but also for those who are interested in their health and their skin. Let's take a trip to the skin together!...


26. Sep. 2020

Completed very excellent dermatology trip to skin course from coursera.accept this course achievement would be challenging in current environmental situation.Thans me and thanks to coursera.

22. Feb. 2020

The course is very useful and very informative. It helped me to know the basics of the diseases and infections and how they can be managed. the instructor is very good.

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von Nicola

8. Mai 2020

I was excited to do this course but due to the difficulty of understanding the speaker I am not carrying on. What she says doesn’t always match the text as there are ‘inaudible’ words. She speaks too fast and her accent is too strong to understand.


von Eduardo A S

7. Apr. 2020

Well, the course content is very good. However, the questionnaires have much to improve. There are some open questions that do not seem to have an adequate answer. And the english subtitles are not quite good also

von Jana M

5. Juni 2019

I liked the course so much. It was very detailed and I learned a lot of interesting things. The tests are very, very difficult. This was the first course I had to repeat the test more times. I would like to say, that I do not like test where you can´t choose, not that I don´t know the answer, but because you know the answer and the system says - oh, that´s not correct. I didn´t know, where is the problem. You don´t have time to do it 10 times and try - big letter on the beginning etc. I think, that this course has many useful information and I would like to recommend this course.

von Kerry G

23. Apr. 2020

The course is very interesting, but I have a problem understanding what she is saying😞

I have to use the subtitles !

von Colleen C

29. Mai 2020

The course was full of valuable information but her accent and broken English was extremely difficult for me to understand.

von Eleaza K

29. Apr. 2020

The worst online course I've ever taken in my life. Could barely understand the Professor in the videos. Her spoken English is terrible. She could not even finish a sentence without any errors. Seriously would not recommend this website to anyone. A complete waste of time and money.

von Dr. P S

23. Feb. 2020

The course is very useful and very informative. It helped me to know the basics of the diseases and infections and how they can be managed. the instructor is very good.

von Sani S M

13. Feb. 2020

iam enjoying the course , And have learnt alot towards my career as a skin care consultant.

Dr Maimuna Sani Stores

von Donata R

3. Apr. 2020

For someone without a medical background this course was intense but manageable.

von Abadir S Y

14. Jan. 2020

excellent course that should be taken by all medical staff


2. Okt. 2019

The course material is very practical and useful.

von Gabrielė G

8. Dez. 2019

I think this course is very useful. Thank you!

von Hans G

8. Mai 2020

I Think that some of the presentaciones were not to clear. The speaker had dificulties with English, therefore hard to understand. The tests had Lots of wrong answers too. Overall it is a good experience but it needs to be corrected

von Karla A

1. Juni 2020

The course is not as structured and the information is not clearly understandable. I needed to search in Google some of the terms she mentioned to understand completely. In the end I didn't finish the course because I opted to read a textbook from here instead.

Saves me time from watching the video and searching about terms afterwards.

von khola A

7. Aug. 2020

it's has been a great pleasure to become a part of it and it helps me to clear my concepts and increase my knowledge in every aspects.

von Diana G T G

10. Juli 2019

Excelente, conciso y claro


23. Juli 2019

excelente curso

von fernando g u

13. Mai 2019


von Sobia A

15. Juli 2019


von Sophia D

26. Aug. 2020

I'm really disappointed, because as someone who suffers with acne, I was personally interested in what this course had to offer. However, it was really difficult to keep up with the instructor, due to English not being her first language. Not only that, but the video didn't have sufficient editing to at least edit out the parts where she stutters and struggles to say something. This at least would have made it easier to keep up with her. I understand that english isn't everyone's first language and I respect the instructor for speaking it, even with an accent, but some actions could be taken to make the class more easy to understand for those who can't understand the instructor.

This looks very poorly made overall and as though the lady is improvising what she's about to say.

von alice b

27. Apr. 2020

extremely hard to understand. As english is not first language it does not make sense. The transcript of it is also awful too. Lots of contradicting pieces of information - I believe this is due to the language. I am not completing this course.

von Adnan D

18. Apr. 2020

Very bad English. It's barely understandable.

von Aedrian A

16. Jan. 2021

This course is more comprehensive than I usually expect in Coursera courses, so I highly appreciate this offering as a medical professional-in training. I even think that the contents can be used in an introductory dermatology course in medical school. Nevertheless, casual learners and laypeople will still find the material useful as there are several practical tips well distributed in the sections. Typical of courses from the Novosibirsk State University, the visual aesthetics/presentation of the videos are excellent - obviously, great, intentional effort to generate a MOOC (rather than a typical PowerPoint presentation or a videotaped lecture presentation in a classroom) was invested here. The supplementary content (a special website with further information on the topic) is a nice touch as well.

As mentioned in several reviews, the biggest (yet forgivable for me as I have prior knowledge of the topic) issue with the presentation is that there are moments when it is difficult to understand what the presenter says without or even with the closed caption (that is, unfortunately, often inaccurate). One option that I can think of to address this is for the presenter to speak in her native tongue with the closed captions professionally prepared (rather than through volunteers) in English.

von Yanique D

30. Nov. 2020

The course was fun and I love the interaction with classmates during the forum. The Video and instructors were very interactive. I learnt a lot and I will sure going to miss this course even though I have completed it. I don't regret choosing this course!!It was just interesting from start to finish.

von Edna Y R U

21. Nov. 2020