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This course extends object-oriented analysis and design by incorporating design patterns to create interactive applications. Through a survey of established design patterns, you will gain a foundation for more complex software applications. Finally, you will identify problematic software designs by referencing a catalog of code smells. You will be challenged in the Capstone Project to redesign an existing Java-based Android application to implement a combination of design patterns. You will also critique a given Java codebase for code smells. After completing this course, you will be able to: • Demonstrate how to use design patterns to address user interface design issues. • Identify the most suitable design pattern to address a given application design problem. • Apply design principles (e.g., open-closed, dependency inversion, least knowledge). • Critique code by identifying and refactoring anti-patterns. • Apply the model-view-controller architectural pattern....


17. Sep. 2019

I have never had a chance to study CS at the university so I am always looking for ways to improve my knowledge - to keep up with fellow programmers. And this course met my requirements perfectly. :)

26. Okt. 2020

This course was not easy, especially when you have zero knowledge on subject. But it is very helpful subject and will certainly be a plus for you career in software development.

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von Anuj A

26. Mai 2020

The demo could have been also possible with any simple IDE, as installing and configuring Android Studio could be irrelevant for some students.

von Pablo P

10. Aug. 2020

I really enjoyed how the concepts are explored. My humble suggestion is to increase the level of examples in the code smells section.


25. Dez. 2019

Very good course content and appropriate assignments. Having more examples before assignment would help little more in my opinion.

von Vishwas K

30. Sep. 2018

Well explained & organized. Good coding assignments to better understand & retain the learnt topics.

von Apurv A S

27. Aug. 2020

The course is excellent. It covers a lot of design patterns that we may use.

von Nagabushan P

15. Mai 2019

Very Interactive and like the way tutors relate to the real world examples!

von Wilson T M

12. Nov. 2018

It's a good course but you do not have the support of a coach (instructor).

von Davis A

5. Aug. 2018

Powerful though I think more updated example could give a richer expierence

von mugnaio

16. Okt. 2017

very good course, is a must if you are serious about Object Oriented Design

von Vinay K S K

19. Dez. 2019

Good Learning but too much to cover and easy to loose track of the topic.

von Sakshee S

17. Apr. 2020

very good teaching skills. i understand most of the things very fast.

von Hany S

10. Jan. 2019

Really useful course, it let me understand the patterns deeply

von Ignas P

2. Nov. 2020

Content was good, but some "starter code bases" were missing.

von Максим Р

21. Apr. 2020

Nice course, but slightly faster than I wanted it to be


21. Dez. 2019

There should be more explanation of code examples

von Gayathri

28. Juli 2020

Capstone challenge can be even more challenging

von JOHN P O

18. Sep. 2020

Very informative course.

von Andrés W

10. Dez. 2017

Great course

von Siddharth S

28. März 2019

Nice course

von nguyen d

14. Jan. 2018


von Isha J

13. Apr. 2020


von Revelo A

6. Juli 2020

Many of the explanations concerning design patterns are too abstact and there are not enough practical exercise to understand them deeply. For many topics you won´t be able to get a good idea about the practical application.

von Aurel M

27. März 2020

Forum is not useful, unfortunately. No involvement by teachers, just a bunch of guys asking for assignments to be graded. Grading by others is much too lenient, i.e. even if you make errors, you are awarded too many points.

von Raffaele M

8. Jan. 2018

Missing course notes, even though there are a lot of references about the GoF Design Pattern. Most of the UMLs and codes are poorly reviewed.

von George P

21. Sep. 2018

Very light course... I would say very easy and does not get into depth...