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Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling introduces educators to digital storytelling and explores ways to use digital stories to enhance students’ learning experiences. The course is designed to be comprehensive yet fundamental. By comprehensive we mean that the course provides a solid foundation for all of the components of a digital story and illustrates these components with tutorials, example stories, and links to additional readings. The course also provides a hands-on opportunity for learners to create their own digital stories. The course is fundamental because it covers the basic process of creating a digital story starting with just a simple script and as little as one image. This course is intended for K-12 teachers in all disciplines, although it is open to anyone with an interest in digital storytelling. Course participants will use WeVideo (, a free web-based video editing program, to create a digital story that could be shared both online and with students in the classroom. Teachers in the state of Texas may be eligible to receive Continuing Professional Education units if they complete the major requirements of the course....


15. März 2019

this course is amazing. it give formal and informal education. prof. Robin Bernard is an excellent teacher. He explains each and every step thoroughly and clearly. i enjoyed this workshop

1. Juli 2021

I found this course engaging and adequately paced with relevant assignments and ample course guidance to each session. The material was well explained and interactive to learn. Thankyou.

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von Raz W

7. Feb. 2019

I believe that the course should focus more on storytelling techniques and less about how to edit audio and video.

von Cynthia M

8. Sep. 2018

The beauty of this course is that it is highly practical - you move through and step by step you build your own digital story. While it was developed for and presented to educators, the skills are applicable to individuals who want to improve their own digital storytelling.

von Sathya S

15. Nov. 2019

It was a wonderful course. I enjoyed it a lot and learned many new things. It was awesome experience to know that i can make my own stories.

von Ligeia V

27. Sep. 2016

A great course, well presented with clear objectives and instruction that ensures successful outcomes. Well put together, engaging. I walked away from this with an in-depth understanding of how to apply the materials. Each area was fully and carefully explained and demonstrated. Most fun I've had with a MOOC. Such a good teacher who anticipates the questions and provide the answers.

von Sharif B A

21. Okt. 2018

An Interesting programme with easy to follow instructions. Glad that I enrolled and went through this programme.

von anitha

28. Dez. 2019

Very usefull course and very helpfull in upgrading ourselves with a new skill.

von Rose C

10. März 2021

This is a very basic course. Yes, it's intended for k-12 teachers, but I was under the impression this course could be somewhat useful to professionals who want to implement digital storytelling in their work (i.e. marketing, tutorial videos, etc). I was expecting more robust tools, resources, and projetcs, and what I found was basic tutorials (really basic, like how to install Audacity!) and very basic tips. Perhaps, for real young students it can be a good starter.

The course is a little dated, too (2014? 2016?) -- I did not find the publication year in the Course Information, but one of the last videos seems to have the year 2016 on it and one narration mentions 2014. Well, many things have changed since.

The lessons were too "easy" and overly explained, with an extremely simplistic didactic method and vocabulary (quite proper for small kids). Thus, it was a little boring to hear the narration of the videos.

In Week 3, Reading Material (PDF), Item # 2 has a broken link: • Audio for podcasts, digital stories, and class projects. It goes to "page not found". So, the material needs some revision from time to time.

On the positive side, creating a script in 10 minutes to use it in a storyboard was a fun exercise! And some of the resources provided can be handy, such as a few links to reading materials and to copyright-free music and sounds.

The course was well made and thought of. It's not a bad course in itself; it's just too basic for professionals such as coaches, marketers, writers, and artists.

That said, I'd recommend this course only to people who know nothing or very little about softwares, digital tools, copyrights, and storytelling.

von mohineet b

16. März 2019

this course is amazing. it give formal and informal education. prof. Robin Bernard is an excellent teacher. He explains each and every step thoroughly and clearly. i enjoyed this workshop

von Miriam F

11. Feb. 2019

Interesting and inspirational approach for producing motivational course material.

von chethan

15. Juni 2020

Best course for digital story tellers

von Jessie H

5. Apr. 2020

If you already have some basic ideas about digital storytelling, this class will take you to the next level.

von Vaishak S

5. Mai 2021

I am really glad, I took up this course. This course is so well structured. I prepare product video guides for my customers who are teachers. Despite that, I never used a storyboard. But, after coming to the course, I understood that there was a process called storyboard and that you have to prepare the script in advance. I learned about Jamendo, about WeVideo editor, and a lot of useful things. I would have missed it.. Glad I didn't. Only feedback is, the video stories on the digital storytelling website take a little time to play. And the interface looks a little old. Definitely a course for learning to make stories.

von Claire A

15. Juni 2020

This was a very interesting course !

It is great if you want to deliver information in an interesting way,by learning how to record audio, source music and visual images and touches on copyright laws

All this information will help to make a great video presentation

It is a self directed course . I would recommend this if you are motivated this way

von Anuttama G

14. Juni 2020

The Digital Storytelling Course is thorough, high standard and at the same time friendly to the beginners. It gives enough space to practice and learn at a comfortable speed. It is exciting and challenging. I want to recommend it for everyone who has an interest in simple and creative movie making.

von Pallavi.N P

27. Feb. 2018

I really enjoyed taking up this course. Initially, I thought creating a digital story is not my cup of tea, but this course has changed my perception. Now, I am feeling comfortable in creating digital stories. It helped me a lot in my career progression. Thank you :)

von Aasiya S

20. Feb. 2021

Excellent course, very practical and hands-on approach. You really do get to practice all the skills and knowledge which is shared in a real situation and so it will give you the confidence to use the tools of digital storytelling again in the coming future.


15. März 2021

I would like to thank you for providing me with excellent course. I really enjoyed the course. I can make my digital storytelling by myself. It was a great learning experience for me. Thank you.

von Oscar D D L T

19. Sep. 2020

Excelent course you have the opportunity to build a digital story telling during the course in an easy a practice way, personally im very excited to appy all the learnings in my profesional life!!

von Priya M

2. Juli 2021

I​ found this course engaging and adequately paced with relevant assignments and ample course guidance to each session. The material was well explained and interactive to learn. Thankyou.

von Doris G R V

8. Juli 2021

I really love the course. The tasks are presented in such a way that it is easy to understand the process of creating a digital story. I also love the tutorials shared in the course.

von Stephen K

23. Juni 2019

I've completed my course. It was not easy task. The system was very powerful with alot of guidelines. Materials are deep enough to make a learnersatisfied. Thank you for certificate

von Syamsul A A R

23. Feb. 2021

Great course. I learnt a lot especially the preparation of the DS script and video. The instructor is great. Wevideo & audacity are cool.

von Jason C S P

22. Okt. 2018

Strongly recommended for teachers/trainers who want to learn how to write a digital story for their learners.

von Susan O

6. Feb. 2021

Powerful course in learning how to create informative and interesting digital stories. Introducing you to a number of powerful tools to create your digital story. An excellent course for anyone that might not be technical savvy, provides instruction to make you overcome those technical challenges. Great course!

von Tong L F

17. Aug. 2020

I really like this course. If you don't have any knowledge on making videos - this will be perfect for you. Apart from simple step by step videos, the learners enrolled makes a difference in our online learning experience. I enjoyed receiving constructive feedback and viewing meaningful assignments.