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Über den Kurs

Named a top 50 MOOC of all time by Class Central! This course begins a series of classes illustrating the power of computing in modern biology. Please join us on the frontier of bioinformatics to look for hidden messages in DNA without ever needing to put on a lab coat. In the first half of the course, we investigate DNA replication, and ask the question, where in the genome does DNA replication begin? We will see that we can answer this question for many bacteria using only some straightforward algorithms to look for hidden messages in the genome. In the second half of the course, we examine a different biological question, when we ask which DNA patterns play the role of molecular clocks. The cells in your body manage to maintain a circadian rhythm, but how is this achieved on the level of DNA? Once again, we will see that by knowing which hidden messages to look for, we can start to understand the amazingly complex language of DNA. Perhaps surprisingly, we will apply randomized algorithms, which roll dice and flip coins in order to solve problems. Finally, you will get your hands dirty and apply existing software tools to find recurring biological motifs within genes that are responsible for helping Mycobacterium tuberculosis go "dormant" within a host for many years before causing an active infection....



Jul 30, 2018

This course is very very good. Challenging at times. It does not hold your hand at all times and sometimes requires research to solve some of the problems, but I like the community and the approach.


Apr 07, 2020

Excellent introduction to bioinformatics. They put a lot of heart and thought into the design of the course. I will continue to use the concepts I've learned in and out of bioinformatics.

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von John K F E

Jul 19, 2019

Great introduction to Python and Algorithms and its application to Bioinformatics

von Alina F

Jun 06, 2016

After completing only one Week I am absolutely sure that this course is amazing!

von Swaprakash Y

Jun 07, 2020

An amazing course to apply computer skills to a biomedical engineering stream!

von Liang Y

May 13, 2019

I can learn a lot from the simple samples but I think I still have a long way.

von Jussi R

Sep 18, 2017

Cool stuff, I didn't even realize how close we are computational linguistics.

von Adrien L

Jun 26, 2016

Excellent teachers, excellent assignments. My favorite MOOC so far, congrats!

von Fabio J F

Feb 17, 2019

Some activities were unnecessary but coding up the algorithms was a treat :)

von Sri M K

Dec 04, 2016

This course has been a lot of fun. However, I would like to experience more!

von Zack X

Jul 21, 2019

In depth and comprehensive coverage of the topics in genetic data analysis.

von ChenYuexi

Jun 22, 2017

Those pseudocode help a lot. And this course helps me start coding.

von Mare B

Jul 17, 2016

Very interesting course for those who want to learn new algorithms.

von Nicolas S V

Mar 24, 2018

Insightful and introductory course to the bioinformatics world.

von Dragica J

Sep 12, 2016

Very interesting course! I am enrolling to bioinformatics II :)

von Anil K P

Jan 10, 2017

I like the intersection of computer science and biology!

von Mousa J A

Feb 12, 2019

A really nice course that links biology and programming

von Ahmed N A

Jul 23, 2017

I can just say that this course is awesomely excellent!

von Pablo L C

Aug 29, 2016

An excellent course. It worths to take it till the end.

von Pavel O

Apr 12, 2019

Very good course to start learning bioinformatics

von Pantelis N

Mar 19, 2018

Great course to get started in bioinformatics

von Ahmad A

Dec 31, 2018

One of the best courser, I took ever!

von Rudramani P

Aug 24, 2019

It is really engaging course.

von Szymon T

Dec 29, 2016

This course is excelent!!!

von Matthew R

Aug 14, 2017

Really enjoyed the course

von Dimas D T S C

Aug 12, 2016

extremamente bem feito .

von Prateek B

Oct 11, 2019

Good course for a start.