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Bewertung und Feedback des Lernenden für Digital Signal Processing 1: Basic Concepts and Algorithms von École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

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Digital Signal Processing is the branch of engineering that, in the space of just a few decades, has enabled unprecedented levels of interpersonal communication and of on-demand entertainment. By reworking the principles of electronics, telecommunication and computer science into a unifying paradigm, DSP is a the heart of the digital revolution that brought us CDs, DVDs, MP3 players, mobile phones and countless other devices. In this series of four courses, you will learn the fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing from the ground up. Starting from the basic definition of a discrete-time signal, we will work our way through Fourier analysis, filter design, sampling, interpolation and quantization to build a DSP toolset complete enough to analyze a practical communication system in detail. Hands-on examples and demonstration will be routinely used to close the gap between theory and practice. To make the best of this class, it is recommended that you are proficient in basic calculus and linear algebra; several programming examples will be provided in the form of Python notebooks but you can use your favorite programming language to test the algorithms described in the course....



21. Juli 2020

very good course, but it require some math and a brief reading of a book in signals, there are only few courses in coursera that are challenging, this is one of them, 10/10


28. Nov. 2022

This course was a great refresher after not working with DSP concepts for while. It also went beyond what I had learned in school with good explanations and extra insights.

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von Benjamin M

20. Mai 2022

Good introduction, lots of the material seemed like review for someone who has taken signals and systems course, but it also seems like the course wouldnt really be accesible without that prerequisite knowledge. Overall, I liked the course and the emphasis on viewing signals and vectors and the vast use of linear algebra concepts.

von M K

14. Jan. 2023

I'm civil Engineer, I took this course to analyse ambient vibrations. Homeworks not enough and shoul be organized and assignment questions are may be easy but the enough education was not given to solve those easy questions Thank you

von Alexander Z

3. Sep. 2022

Pro: very detailed, a lot of useful material, clear way to convey information.

Cons: lecture notes in pdf format are not available, so each time you want to recall something from the course you have to go through all the videos.

von Jean-Philippe L

20. Juni 2022

The content is very interesting, but the stuff covered in the vlogs does not reflect the complexity or encompass the range of some questions in the graded homeworks. Reading the textbook was essential.

von Ivan V S

21. Sep. 2021

Very intersting and apply course, accompanied by cool and comprehensive python demonstrations but sometimes it's overloaded with usefulless and complicated math.

von Alla Z

20. Sep. 2020

Such a wonderful course, great instructors, and well structured.

However, a little bit too involved and the concepts can be a little tricky to comprehend at times.

von Sree H V

20. Mai 2021

Thank you! I got a basic idea regarding digital signal processing and why we prefer digital signals and real-life problems are really cool.

von Mo'men S

13. Dez. 2022

lack of many details, but it's very good for taking the introduced concepts in useful different perspective, and get its intuition meaning

von Naravich C

1. Nov. 2021

I material the very challenging, but with some time and effort it can be very fun and also rewarding

von Phuc L

10. Sep. 2021

This course helps me to gain basic knowledge of DSP.

von Kaustav S

29. Juli 2020

Concepts were slightly advanced, but well structured

von Maneesha S

7. Okt. 2020

Good course to get started with signal processing

von GALI S T

16. Mai 2020

excellence is synonym of this course

von david c

7. Okt. 2020

It is very good

von eduarda c

9. Nov. 2020

learned a lot

von siddharth j

26. Mai 2020

good course

von Barak G

10. Jan. 2022

Very good!

von Sridivya K

21. Nov. 2020


von David G

18. Sep. 2021

Below the standard of other courses, where assignments give some sense of why you're wrong. The expectation is that you are an expert in both calculus and linear algebra, high school level will .not cut it. The lectures and text will not really help you with the assignments, which is a shame because the lectures are clear, easy to follow, and interesting.

von Francisco

24. Apr. 2021

Frustrating graders don't waste your money/time here