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This course is an introduction to ecology and ecosystem dynamics using a systems thinking lens. Through a case study on Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park, learners will explore how scientists study ecosystems, and investigate the complex array of factors that inform management efforts. At the end of the course, learners will be able to grapple with real-world conservation questions, such as whether an ecosystem can recover from anthropogenic disruption and what role humans can, and should, play in that recovery....


1. Juni 2019

This was particularly in-depth on the sciences of ecology, and having it based around a particular conservation project made it easier to follow each progressive lecture and concept that was explored.

3. Jan. 2021

One of the best course, I have ever taken. The materials is not hard to follow and the in-depth explanation gives you a proper new perspective which is still open to debate due to conservation topic

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von Carol P

22. Dez. 2020

I really enjoyed the course. It is so well sub-divided, which allows equal emphasis on each module and each topic. Examples have been provided wherever necessary that helps support the argument and enables to understand the situation better. The videos are very informative and the professors have explained the models and the hypothesis clearly. For a student like me who wishes to choose Restoration Ecology as a career, this course is a great start. Thank you to the AMNH and HHMI.

von Nicholas F

10. Juni 2020

This was such a fun and informative course that reinvigorated my love for conservation science and ecology! I'm now fascinated with Gorongosa NP, as well as the two professors from Princeton that study there. I highly recommend this for any conservation professionals or students looking for a course to refresh your knowledge of ecology, while learning about patterns and processes that underlie this field of study as well as strategies for being effective in this field.

von Daniel J

6. Mai 2020

Se pueden aprender aspectos muy importantes para entender la dinámica de distintas especies dentro de un ecosistema. Asimismo, cómo cada parte (seres vivos y elementos climáticos) está interrelacionada y debe ser conservada. Una de las partes más valiosas se encuentra en las semanas finales, donde se evalúa la participación del humano en los procesos de conservación y que en efecto es posible establecer una relación de beneficio mutuo entre ambas partes.

von Miahuatl K

4. Okt. 2020

I took Ecology and Evolutionary Biology introduction class at UCLA as an undergraduate about three years ago and this class was a quick effective review and summary that also added new and important information I had yet to learn. The years and images were very enjoyable and made it better to digest, understand, and visualize. The combination of lecture, video, and articles was a great approach. The quiz questions were all appropriately challenging.

von Tejas K G

16. Juli 2020

Was a nice course and I get to learn much more new new points on biodiversity conservation and the changes which are occurring in our surrounding. Random methods and experiments which we can do to to study what Are changes occurring is biodiversity due to our activities. And thank you To ecology : system dynamics and conservation team. Also thank you to coursera to provide such a great cause to us.

Thank you 😊.

von Shah M A R

15. Sep. 2020

This was not the first time I have attended a class in this format .I really enjoy the whole time and wondered how effective it would be. It was very effective and therefore I would definitely be interested in attending other classes in Ecology. The instructor was very knowlegeable and provided a wealth of information about the ecology topics . Also the readings,quiz material and others are very good enough.

von Erick C S

20. Dez. 2020

Amazing course, I especially liked the lectures included from 2015, and the video about keystone species was on another level, so interesting and so crystal clear. If you're thinking about giving this course a shot, go for it!

I joined this course expecting it to be good, but at the end I was so engaged that I'll gladly continue learning more about the subject, and I have a different vision about this world.

von BMC

1. Juli 2020

I realy like the course. I love Ecology and I think this course is very simple and easy for everyone to understand the foundations of ecology and conservation. I liked that they structured the course in the form of a case study. I didn't know Gorongosa National Park, such a beautiful park, and I found the project developed on the site very interesting. Then I recommend the course to other people.

von Lucia S

4. Okt. 2019

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to learn from such knowledgeable and commited researchers and educators about ecosystems since I believe it is the most necessary knowledge to aquire right now in order to understand and save ourselves from ourselves. This course is extraordinary and if I could of course I would buy the certificate. I hope I can get it later if it is possible for you.

von Aukse J

11. Juni 2020

I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot! I found that the reading times for me were not quite accurate, I don't consider myself a slow reader, but each paper took around 20-30mins to get through, therefore each lesson took much longer than the suggested time. It's just something to keep in mind, either way I highly recommend it if you want to find out more about Ecology and ecosystems.

von Matej B

2. Apr. 2020

Very well structured course, the main distinctive features - heavy use of real world scenario of conservation in Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique which showcases many of the theoretical concepts explained; lectures by established experts from best universities; systems thinking lens; first-seat look into how conservation science works in practice. Strongly recommended!

von Milena H R

3. Apr. 2020

Este curso brinda una visión integral de cómo afrontar las problemáticas ambientales y da a entender la importancia de un enfoque claro para iniciar una investigación y cómo el mismo proceso puede modificar las necesidades y los retos.

Muy motivador ver el trabajo en la reserva de Gorongoza y todo el camino que han recorrido. Esto mismo lo hace un curso con aplicación.

von Ianina O

24. März 2021

I'm amazed by the clarity and depth of these lectures. It's mind blowing how the vision about what we need to change, clears out. Our approach and decision making is key to achieve a more sustainable way of life for this planet.

But then again the saying: "it's in its nature" becomes self-explanatory when we wonder why we struggle so hard to get there, right?

von Заплитный И Д

26. Mai 2019

Thank you very much for your hard but so fruitful work. For me, as a political scientist, it was extremely interesting to learn about various aspects of the formation, management and preservation of the environment, to get acquainted with the various theories and views of scientists-practitioners on such urgent and disturbing problems. From Russia with love.

von Shinad K

16. Mai 2020

I am a post graduate in zoology especially on the field of biodiversity conservation and management, so I am very interested in ecology and conservation of biodiversity. So, for that this course is an excellent one for people to get ideas about ecology and their conservation strategies. We can earn from the organisms level or species level to the biosphere.

von José

7. Juni 2020

i would like to state how much i enjoyed this course, and how motivating i found it. I believe it's very well organized and complete, meeting many key ecological concepts and taking into account the human roll in conservation, which is becoming more and more important. Many thanks and congratulations to the team behind this course, you did a great job!


von Micaela R

6. Aug. 2019

As an environmental manager, there weren't many new topics for me, but I did learn more details and acquired richness to knowledge I already had. I did, though, learn a lot about conservation efforts and system thinking. This is an amazing course, clear enough for beginners and rich enough for experienced environmentalists/ecologists to enjoy both alike.


27. Mai 2020

Ecology can no longer be termed as field of study for environmentalists and nature enthusiasts. As termed in the course, we are in the era called Anthropocene and we are the major players of the entire world. This also comes with the novel and pristine responsibility. We humans have to protect what is ours- the amazing biodiversity of the planet Earth.

von Ella M

20. Apr. 2020

I am a Scottish high school student currently studying biology and I wanted to learn more about ecology and conservation practices. I completed this course whilst at home because of the current covid-19 situation and it has kept me occupied and interested and left with the desire to learn more about ecology and human impacts on biodiversity, thank you!

von Nikhil D

13. Nov. 2020

Great overview of ecosystems, with captivating examples and fascinating lectures to keep the learner's attention. Not too technical in nature and broad enough to engage anyone, while it is contextualized for today's current challenges faced. The only assignments are multiple choice tests that are simple enough with a review of material. Great course!

von Theresa W

28. Juli 2020

I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot! As a current college student studying biology, I found this course very valuable for looking at ecology from a broader perspective and especially appreciated the numerous examples included. It would be hard to come away from this course without looking at at least some aspects of ecology in a new light.

von Dean B

14. März 2019

Excellent content, examples, and lecturers. Thought the breadth and depth of the material was perfect. Extremely effective use of Gorongosa National Park throughout course. Enjoyed the scenes shot in the park. Appreciated the inclusion of a little math/modeling. Very satisfied with this course, enjoyed it, and feel much more knowledgeable.

von Taylor H

28. Juni 2020

This course was extremely interesting and useful! I am a second-year veterinary student who hopes to practice conservation medicine once I graduate. I wanted to take a supplemental course that taught me about conservation and ecology. This course was perfect for that and was packed with useful information. I highly suggest taking this course.

von Eva B

20. Jan. 2021

I enrolled in this course to get a better understanding of ecology and the way conservation is carried out and ended up learning so much more than I could have hoped to! This course has taught me so much and was a brilliant thing to do in my spare time. The deadlines are flexible, and it was easy to understand. I would highly recommend it!

von Bhavya B D

21. Sep. 2020